How do I change my address on the Division of Water Right Records?
Click here to view instructions for changing your address with the Division of Water Rights. more...
How can I sign up to receive email notifications for water rights?
Click here to view the complete instructions for receiving notifications. more...
I want to build a house and need a well. What do I need to do?
You must have a water right to divert and use water in the State of Utah. Water well drillers are licensed and cannot drill a well unless permission to drill has been obtained from the State Engineer. more...
I understand I need to buy a water right. How do I go about it?
Water rights are classified as “real property” in the state of Utah and are bought and sold much like real estate. Many real estate agencies will have listings for water rights much as they do for properties. more...
How do I know if a water right I’m thinking about buying is a “good one”?
Some issues you should be particularly aware of when persuing the purchase of a water right are verification of ownership and water use. more...

Current Issues
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Public Meeting - Proposed Determination Nibley Park Subdivision - Area 57 Bk 5 more...
Cedar Valley (Iron County) Public Meeting more...
Commencement of Action for General Detemination of Water Rights Area 57 Book 5 more...
Public Meeting Oct. 15, 2015, Area 01 Appropriation Policy more...
Public Meeting Sep. 16, 2015, Within Harmony Park East Proposed Determination more...
Welcome to the Division of Water Rights

The Utah Division of Water Rights (DWRi), led by the State Engineer - Kent L. Jones, P.E., is an agency of Utah State Government within the Department of Natural Resources that administers the appropriation and distribution of the State's valuable water resources.

Proposed Rule Modification
Notice of Proposed Rule modification
for Reports of Water Rights Conveyance.

The Proposed Rule is available in PDF or HTML format.

Comments may be submitted in writing to the Division until May 2nd and the Rule may become effective on May 9th.

The mission of the Division of Water Rights is to provide
order and certainty in the beneficial use of Utah's water.
Office Hours
The Division of Water Rights office hours are from
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Our office is closed for Federal and State holidays.

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment if you need to come into the office for assistance.


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