Utah Water Use Program

Revised: November 2, 2001

The Utah Water Use Program is a cooperative effort administered by the the US Geological Survey and the Utah Divisions of Water Resources , Drinking Water, and Water Rights. The purpose of the program is to collect and compile water use and water diversion data from public water suppliers throughout the state of Utah. These data are used by the above listed agencies for various purposes which include water resource studies and water management policy development. Additionally, this information has proved invaluable to consultants, engineers, attorneys, and others interested in quantification of water supply system characteristics and total water diverted and placed to use.

Water use data is gathered through an annual survey conducted by the Division of Water Rights. A water use data form is mailed in the first week of January of each year to public water supply companies capable of diverting significant quantities of water. The data form calls for the monthly diversions from each source operated by the respective water supplier and the purposes for which that water was used during the previous calendar year. In many cases the data submitted by water suppliers are estimated and the reliability of these data are unknown. Neither the Division of Water Rights nor its cooperators take responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the data submitted and provided herein. It is the responsibility of the users of this information to confirm all data.