Water Right Diversion / Depletion Priorities
Updated: October 10, 2007

Beryl / Enterprise Undeground Water Rights

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Water Right Priority Diversion Depletion Cumulative Diversion Cumulative Depletion Owner Name(s)
Year Month Day (acft) (acft) (acft) (acft)
71-22501860  17.0817.0817.0817.08 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-891870  0.450.0917.5317.17H. Bruce and Cheryl C. Stucki
71-3461874  0.590.4418.1217.62H. Kreg and Brooke Harrison
The Sales Academy, Inc
71-6621877  89.0517.99107.1735.61 Lucky 92 Inc.
71-24711880  482.1046.01589.2781.62Jack B. and Roma Kaye Holt
71-3711883  2.271.91591.5483.53LC Snow Family
71-2981888  0.530.17592.0883.71Daniel R. & Alta Mae Hafen
71-7421888  11.2011.20603.2894.91Oscar P. Sohnius
71-7451888  6.185.88609.46100.79 Jones 1990 Investment Partnership
71-45141888  1.001.00610.46101.79 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-1721890  52.1134.40662.57136.19Richard and Colleen Flinspach
71-3521890  0.230.05662.80136.24Charles Flinspach
71-3531890  6.554.57669.35140.81Richard and Colleen Flinspach
71-9211893  3.733.73673.08144.54 Murphy-Brown LLC
71-8291894  9.719.71682.79154.25Gerald C. Wood
71-2711895  28.0028.00710.79182.25Mathew Wood
71-36581895  4.000.80714.79183.05 USA Forest Service
71-831896  10.117.47724.90190.51A. Morley and Mary Ellen C. Wilson
71-14161897  4.884.88729.78195.40 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-6751900  2.491.70732.27197.10Margaret Sanders
Lee Verl Sanders
Daniel M. Sanders
71-24861900  221.63140.45953.90337.55Larry M. and Lynda S. Laub Living Trust
71-31581900  15.6815.68969.58353.23Orren J. Nash
c/o John Wadsworth Wadsworth Brothers
71-33541900  3.001.87972.58355.10New Horizons a Federal Contract Trust Dated April 27, 2004
Dalco, LC
Marilyn G. Bendeck Davis
Ricardo Gonzalez
Maricarmen Larreynaga
Jose Pantoja
71-41411900  1.000.62973.58355.72Daniel and Carla Britt
71-41421900  8.005.13981.58360.86Mary B. Hamm and Patrick G. Hooper
71-42881900  103.0064.181,084.58425.04 Charles and Juliette Twitchell Living Trust
71-44491900  1.000.441,085.58425.48Mark Taylor
71-44641900  0.000.001,085.58425.48William and Cynthia Steele
71-44861900  0.000.001,085.58425.48Kurt and Christy Mcewan
71-45061900  0.000.001,085.58425.48 Sipovy, LLC
71-45101900  8.004.701,093.58430.18Patrick D. and Enriqueta I. Rourke
71-45111900  1.000.001,094.58430.18Dennis L. Chambers
Naomi White
71-45211900  1.000.431,095.58430.61Kent Hyrum Prisbrey
71-45281900  2.000.001,097.58430.61 Duvall Family Trust
71-45461900  0.500.101,098.08430.71W. M. and Eloise White
71-45561900  0.000.001,098.08430.71 AI&Mel Properties LLC
Robert A. and Ana P. Chasco
71-45731900  0.000.001,098.08430.71Kevin D. and Susan L. Walton
71-45751900  0.000.001,098.08430.71Joseph E. and Jennifer L. Orison
71-45761900  0.000.001,098.08430.71Melvin and Ora Ann Leavitt
71-45791900  1.550.971,099.63431.68James Michael Madison
71-45881900  0.000.001,099.63431.68Debra Shawn Popejoy
71-45891900  0.000.001,099.63431.68Debra Popejoy
71-45971900  0.000.001,099.63431.68Richard E. & Judith R. Masterson
71-45981900  0.000.001,099.63431.68Patrick M. and Dennise L. Jones
71-45991900  0.000.001,099.63431.68Chris A. Anderson
71-46011900  2.001.251,101.63432.93Bradley N and LeAnn Jensen
New Horizons
71-46041900  0.000.001,101.63432.93Max R. Holm
71-46051900  0.000.001,101.63432.93Thomas J. & Roberta A. McCaffrey
71-46081900  0.000.001,101.63432.93Adam Frame
71-46091900  3.000.001,104.63432.93Jacqulyn Collier
Sharon Eagle
71-46101900  1.001.001,105.63433.93E. Vance and Alta Allred
71-46151900  0.000.001,105.63433.93 Little Shed, LLC
71-46161900  0.000.001,105.63433.93 Carter Revocable Trust
71-46211900  0.000.001,105.63433.93Jose P. Romero
71-46951900  0.000.001,105.63433.93 Sipovy, LLC
71-47251900  3.000.001,108.63433.93Bret D Bowler
71-47621900  1.000.621,109.63434.55 Whitelaw Inc.
71-48471900  1.000.001,110.63434.55Shelley Jo McCurdy
71-48701900  0.000.001,110.63434.55Gary S. Menaker
71-48721900  0.000.001,110.63434.55Chris A. Anderson
71-48781900  0.000.001,110.63434.55Susan S Nelson
71-49921900  0.450.451,111.08435.00Steven K. Adams
73-8061900  0.020.021,111.10435.02 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-181190005 3.171.991,114.27437.01Edward L. Bowler
71-3463190005 10.009.421,124.27446.43 Newcastle Water Company
71-861901  1.121.121,125.39447.55Joseph A. Terry
71-7731903  0.950.771,126.34448.32Jamie and Gladys Adams
71-12419030220113.0296.121,239.36544.44c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-331904  1.590.951,240.95545.39 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-8131904  16.9116.911,257.86562.30Ray H. Adams
Gordon and Gloria Bulloch
Roger and Patricia Murie
71-6741905  53.6836.021,311.54598.32Margaret Sanders
Lee Verl Sanders
Daniel M. Sanders
71-1271905063012.5011.631,324.04609.95c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-10831908  0.008.201,324.04618.16 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-22641908  0.600.601,324.65618.76 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-247019080205153.8843.911,478.53662.67Jack B. and Roma Holt
71-81191009010.890.371,479.42663.04 A. Morley Wilson and Mary Ellen Wilson Trust
Harry & Dema Randall
71-4790191009011.280.821,480.70663.87 Ence Associates L.C.
71-2351911  14.0014.001,494.70677.87Edison Phan
Carol Vuong
71-1831912  3.001.901,497.70679.76Morris W Carter Living Trust
71-3691912  4.984.981,502.68684.75Joseph W. and Anice T. Holt
71-6631912  2.421.401,505.10686.14June W. Simkins
71-6991912  0.590.231,505.69686.37 Huron Farm Management LLLP
71-7061912  7.495.091,513.18691.47Grant and Nellie Clove
71-32231912  2.581.621,515.76693.09Edward L. Bowler
71-33121912  0.720.261,516.48693.35 The Marchiano Living Trust
71-36381912  1.000.201,517.48693.55Joseph W. and Anice T. Holt
71-49091912  3.001.901,520.48695.45John H and Christine H VanRuiten
71-7419120201298.25190.821,818.73886.26 L & B Farm & Cattle
71-685191305154.984.981,823.71891.25Johnnie R. La Branch
Edward W. and Ellie Neighbors
Arland and Joan Smith
71-4168191305152.662.301,826.37893.55Robert J. and Jeanne J. Davis
John A. and Sherry C. Hoppe
71-4477191305151.001.001,827.37894.55Nicholas A. Cacalano
71-5004191305150.801.001,828.17895.55Jose V. Garcia
71-151914  264.8052.962,092.97948.51 Western Electrochemical Company
71-391914  1.530.912,094.51949.42Robert B. Zeller
71-3121914  13.5813.242,108.09962.66 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-6501914  1.401.402,109.49964.06 Kerry Holt Farms Inc.
71-7121914  0.890.552,110.37964.61 Escalante Farms Company
71-14351914  1.010.652,111.38965.26State of Utah School and Institutuional Trust Lands Administration
71-35841914  3.902.112,115.28967.37 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
73-921914  0.950.952,116.23968.31 Harmony Land & Livestock Company
71-198191403 7.927.182,124.15975.49Ann T Terry Living Trust
71-1455191404 7.007.002,131.15982.49Gordon and Gloria Bulloch
Ken and Barbara McKnight
Roger and Pat Murie
71-2100191404 7.007.002,138.15989.49Gordon and Gloria Bulloch
Ken and Barbara McKnight
Roger and Pat Murie
71-2541915  1.431.072,139.58990.56Mathew Wood
71-2551915  1.851.492,141.43992.05N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
71-2681915  1.411.292,142.84993.34Lehi Wood
71-6011915  33.0224.832,175.861,018.17Wilma D. Henderson
71-6251915  5.815.692,181.671,023.86Mathew Wood
71-6281915  0.900.542,182.561,024.40Alma LaMont Wood
71-6301915  3.653.562,186.211,027.95Carl Bengt Nelson
Carl B. & Beverly B. Nelson
Paul Winters Nelson
Kerry Lynn Nelson
The Nelson Family Land, LLC
71-7181915  7.457.092,193.661,035.04McRay Wood
71-7281915  6.656.652,200.311,041.69 Escalante Farms Company
71-7541915  2.582.582,202.891,044.27 H. Wayne Holt LC
71-7561915  2.582.582,205.461,046.84Richard B. Park
71-7621915  2.592.592,208.061,049.44Richard B. Park
71-8091915  7.327.322,215.381,056.76 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-8501915  2.592.292,217.971,059.05 H. Wayne Holt LC
71-10761915  4.884.882,222.851,063.93 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-17751915  3.653.562,226.501,067.49Carl B. & Beverly Nelsen
Paul Winters Nelson
Kerry Lynn Nelson
Carl Bengt Nelson
The Nelson Family Land, LLC
71-17761915  3.653.562,230.151,071.04Carl Bengt Nelson
Carl B. and Beverly B. Nelson
Paul Winters Nelson
Kerry Lynn Nelson
The Nelson Family Land, LLC
71-17771915  3.653.562,233.801,074.60Paul Winters Nelson
Kerry Lynn Nelson
Carl Bengt Nelson
Carl B. and Beverly B. Nelson
The Nelson Family Land, LLC
71-24091915  0.450.092,234.251,074.69Jeremy J. and Stacy L. Hunt
71-49221915  28.0028.002,262.251,102.69Terril and Julie Hunt Family Trust
71-252191502 5.053.172,267.301,105.86 Adams Family Trust dated November 21, 2006
71-91191503 0.670.312,267.971,106.17Alma LaMont Wood
71-207191503 0.980.262,268.951,106.44Sabatino Auricchio
71-10191505 5.874.442,274.821,110.87 Escalante Farms Company
71-729191506 12.5410.222,287.361,121.09 Escalante Farms Company
71-2531916  6.896.532,294.251,127.62 Escalante Farms Company
71-3171916  4.774.572,299.021,132.19Lyman E. Sevy
71-3201916  9.839.832,308.851,142.02 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-6331916  1.651.262,310.501,143.28 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-10951916  4.292.672,314.781,145.96 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-17891916  4.244.242,319.031,150.20 Kerry Holt Farms LTD
71-22871916  9.839.832,328.861,160.03 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-43691916  0.400.262,329.261,160.29Gary L. and Gail L. Workman
73-811916  1.150.792,330.411,161.08 Williams Family Trust of the Alex Warren Williams Family Trust
73-25651916  5.605.602,336.011,166.68 LX Livestock, LLC
Williams Family Trust of the Alex Warren Williams Family Trust
71-12191604 0.560.202,336.571,166.88Clark B. Church
Mack G. Jackson
71-1778191604 0.450.092,337.021,166.97Vicki Prout
Steven C. Prout
71-1764191606 0.200.202,337.221,167.17T. Alray and Carol J. Cannon
71-1990191606 0.200.202,337.421,167.37T. Alray and Carol J. Cannon
71-1351917  0.490.492,337.911,167.86Howard W. & Becky C. Jones
71-1671917  17.1310.692,355.041,178.55 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-6261917  0.510.392,355.551,178.94Mathew Wood
71-7431917  0.940.582,356.491,179.52Howard W. & Becky C. Jones
71-14501917  4.674.672,361.151,184.19Rosemary D. Bowman Revocable Trust
Craig V. and Jetta Ann Davie
71-370191707 22.1913.852,383.341,198.03 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-1361918  2.272.272,385.611,200.30Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-1711918  14.5914.232,400.201,214.53 Murphy-Brown LLC
71-2451918  2.211.852,402.421,216.38 Kaybee Ranch LLC
71-2691918  1.631.452,404.041,217.83Lehi & Elsa Wood
71-6271918  0.760.582,404.801,218.40Lehi & Elsa Wood
71-7041918  0.740.282,405.541,218.69Edward Vernon Snow
Stanley Snow
71-7441918  1.310.762,406.851,219.45 Escalante Farms Company
71-7571918  2.592.592,409.441,222.04Bonnie C. Beacham
Janice C. Woods
71-7581918  2.582.582,412.021,224.62 Wayne and Marilyn Holt Revocable Trust
71-7591918  2.311.952,414.331,226.57H. Wayne Holt
71-7601918  1.591.592,415.921,228.16 Wayne and Marilyn Holt Revocable Trust
71-7841918  6.376.372,422.291,234.53 Platt Livestock, LLC
71-8121918  6.485.522,428.771,240.05 Seven V. Cattle
71-8201918  2.592.592,431.361,242.65Wallace K. & Bonnie J. Smith
71-8551918  146.8091.472,578.161,334.12 Escalante Farms Company
71-18231918  8.968.962,587.121,343.08 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-22561918  6.376.372,593.491,349.45 Platt Livestock LLC
71-32201918  1.001.002,594.491,350.45Henry M. Bulloch
State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Admin.
71-33861918  0.560.362,595.051,350.81 Golden California Packing Inc.
71-34391918  1.001.002,596.051,351.81 MBM Land LLC
71-35581918  0.500.312,596.551,352.12 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-36081918  0.490.492,597.051,352.61David L. and Natalie Stout
71-36641918  0.500.102,597.551,352.71Arlo J. Hafen
Melba H. Kessler
Becky L. Murrieta
Lily Mae Snow
71-42531918  1.000.452,598.551,353.16 Pinto Properties, LLC, a Utah limited liability company
73-901918  1.401.042,599.941,354.20 Harmony Land & Livestock Company
71-691191806 11.2011.202,611.141,365.40Joseph R. Webster
71-1456191806 34.0920.602,645.241,386.00Belle Couch
71-141919  1.080.722,646.321,386.72Jeff Baldwin
71-3881919  0.850.532,647.171,387.25Jack B. and Roma Kaye Holt
Jack B. Holt
Joyce E. Holt
Holt Revocable Trust
Samuel G and Jan H Larson Trust
71-6841919  3.962.502,651.131,389.76Bret D Bowler
71-6921919  2.431.702,653.561,391.46George L. and George Kurt Gardner
71-7001919  36.8023.012,690.361,414.47 Escalante Farms Company
71-7031919  0.740.282,691.101,414.75Stanley Snow
Edward Vernon Snow
71-7051919  0.810.452,691.911,415.21G. W. Reed
71-7141919  4.452.652,696.361,417.86Nelson & Owen Thomas
71-7151919  95.5659.552,791.921,477.41The Palmer Family Trust
Jack M. Randall
71-7191919  160.0099.732,951.921,577.14Marvin and Evaline H. Bracken
71-7201919  6.063.862,957.981,581.00Geneva H. Giles
71-19851919  19.4012.272,977.381,593.27Dorithy T. Holt Trust Agreement
71-19861919  36.8022.953,014.181,616.22 Escalante Farms Company
71-19871919  36.8023.013,050.981,639.22 Escalante Farms Company
71-20591919  12.227.633,063.201,646.85 Escalante Farms Company
71-22371919  1.681.683,064.881,648.53Sharon T. Brown
Linda Rae T. Overson
Maxine T. Palmer
Herbert Wesley Twitchell
71-22581919  1.981.613,066.861,650.15Geroge L. Gardner
Geroge Kurt Gardner
71-33321919  17.1510.723,084.011,660.87 Escalante Farms Company
71-36221919  1.000.483,085.011,661.34Wayne Hill
Reed G. Stettler
71-36591919  1.040.653,086.041,661.99Lorin V. and Ferral L. Jones
R. W. Nelson
71-42801919  0.090.063,086.131,662.05Robert and/or Jerri L. Bickel
71-202191901 55.4434.573,141.571,696.62 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-2962191901 0.730.373,142.301,696.99Bryan Peterson
Howard Peterson
71-3256191901 0.600.253,142.901,697.24Dean W. Kellio and Pamela J. Kellio
Vivian M. Vanderwest
71-3624191901 146.0094.383,288.901,791.62 Escalante Farms Company
71-3729191901 1.000.443,289.901,792.06L. Dean Palmer
71-4554191901 1.000.433,290.901,792.49George LaDel and Leah Jane Laub Family Trust
71-810191903012.332.153,293.231,794.64David C. Urie
71-1774191903012.332.153,295.551,796.78Ruth Urie Barrick
71-61920  6.346.103,301.891,802.88 Escalante Farms Company
71-1371920  16.4310.483,318.321,813.36 Escalante Farms Company
71-3081920  11.177.703,329.491,821.06Kerry Holt Farms Ltd
71-3111920  40.7424.443,370.231,845.51 USA Bureau Of Land Management
71-3181920  0.480.303,370.711,845.80Lyman E. Sevy
71-3191920  444.40291.573,815.112,137.37T.W. Jones and Sons Inc
71-6881920  36.8423.063,851.952,160.44 H. Wayne Holt LC
71-8221920  17.4916.713,869.442,177.14 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-8471920  1.601.123,871.042,178.26George L. & LaRee T. Gardner
71-14151920  0.110.113,871.152,178.37Belle Couch
71-22851920  0.480.303,871.632,178.67 Kerry Holt Farms LTD
71-29031920  6.166.163,877.792,184.83Samuel Leigh
71-1537192003 1.230.673,879.012,185.50Nellie May Bruce
Marvin J. Bruce
Robert O. Bruce
Alberta Fay McBride
71-1926192003 1.230.673,880.242,186.18Nellie May and Marvin J. Bruce
Nellie May and Robert O. Bruce
Alberta Fay McBride
71-18192007 0.390.213,880.632,186.39Leo Gott
71-1790192007 0.390.213,881.022,186.60Opal Lacy
71-2161920070125.8724.033,906.902,210.63 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-1046192007012.001.253,908.902,211.88 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-2218192009 2.301.373,911.192,213.24Doris Keltz
71-160192009302.301.373,913.492,214.61Margret E. Endicott Berryman
71-4330192010012.001.213,915.492,215.82William D. and Reba Fulmer
71-1341921  0.490.493,915.972,216.30Howard W. & Becky C. Jones
71-6891921  19.2812.123,935.252,228.42 H. Wayne Holt LC
71-30051921  80.0050.374,015.252,278.79 Escalante Farms Company
71-30911921  6.964.384,022.212,283.18 Escalante Farms Company
71-38031921  3.813.454,026.022,286.63Merle E. Burns
71-133192103 0.670.314,026.692,286.94Howard W. & Becky C. Jones
71-220192103 0.650.294,027.342,287.23George E. Smith
71-1404192104 0.650.294,027.992,287.51Frederick S. Zehm
71-2804192109170.140.144,028.122,287.65E. Vernon and Mary H. Snow
71-1961922  100.0062.374,128.122,350.02 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-3141922  7.007.004,135.122,357.02Gerald C. Wood
71-3471922  5.044.684,140.172,361.70 Newcastle Water Company
71-5861922  7.007.004,147.172,368.70Gerald C. Wood
71-6791922  4.484.304,151.652,373.00 Seven V. Cattle
71-7021922  0.740.284,152.392,373.29Stanley Snow
Edward Vernon Snow
71-14241922  0.970.424,153.362,373.71Shandra A. Powell
71-32191922  10.8710.874,164.232,384.57Howard W. and Becky C. Jones Family Trust
71-306192206 80.0050.004,244.232,434.57Marlo C. & Sherri S. Reber
71-3621192206 80.0051.954,324.232,486.52 Escalante Farms Company
71-611923  11.006.874,335.232,493.39George R. and Clara F. Beckstead
Joseph E. and Evelyn R. Bunker
Frederick and Marion Klotsch
John and Mary Krieger
Robert L. and Rosemary McCalvin
William A. and Elvira M. Nunes
Jeffrey C. Puckett
Virginia H. Walter
71-1971923  0.570.574,335.802,493.96Lane V. Moyle
71-29971923  1.720.904,337.512,494.86Heidi R. Malan
71-31061923  3.001.874,340.512,496.73Earl C. & Ruth L. Marshall
Michael Lee Smith
71-31191923  193.12120.344,533.632,617.07 Escalante Farms Company
71-36471923  6.003.754,539.632,620.82Charletta D. Morris
71-37831923  1.000.434,540.632,621.25 H. Wayne Holt, L.L.C.
71-40841923  2.001.254,542.632,622.50Andrew and Diana Callahan
71-43001923  6.003.744,548.632,626.24 Whitelaw Inc.
71-45121923  1.000.624,549.632,626.86 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-46731923  2.001.314,551.632,628.16Kathryn St. John Gandolfo and Charlotte Kimberly Dohse
71-49141923  1.000.434,552.632,628.60Luis F. and Jessica M. Jimenez
71-50051923  1.500.944,554.132,629.53Lucinda Hess
73-8051923  4.964.964,559.092,634.49 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-579192306290.450.094,559.542,634.58c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-190192307 1.290.934,560.832,635.51 The Gagnon Trust
71-58019231125241.9877.894,802.812,713.41c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-251192312 1.381.024,804.192,714.43 Escalante Farms Company
United States of America
71-4368192312 13.208.414,817.392,722.84 Escalante Farms Company
71-191924  2.621.544,820.012,724.38Donald & Agnes Prout
71-1391924  5.394.284,825.402,728.66Daniel E. & Marilyn Tullis
71-2031924  211.57131.935,036.972,860.59 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-2371924  2.001.255,038.972,861.83Robert W. & Kathryn J. Coulter
Iiona Ence
71-2381924  2.802.805,041.772,864.63 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-2391924  0.450.095,042.222,864.72Charletta D. Morris
71-3671924  160.0099.705,202.222,964.42 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-7461924  5.815.815,208.032,970.23 Jones 1990 Investment Partnership
71-16711924  8.455.335,216.482,975.56 Antique Earth Co.
Norberto R. and Manuela B. Ayala
Osvaldo O. and Monica B. Ayala
Mark A. Carroll
Dennis and Dawna Drake
New Horizons Federal Contract Trust
Harvey M. Glinski
John B. [Jr] and Sandra M. Harrison
Robert W. Hughes
Robert L. [III] and Geraldine E. Lindhorst
Gary S. Menaker
Judy Perry
Martinez-Vallejo Serafin
Richard G. and Judith M. Yeaman
71-18221924  76.0847.665,292.563,023.22Dudley F. Shelley
71-31521924  44.2027.555,336.763,050.77 Escalante Farms Company
71-35961924  0.000.005,336.763,050.77Jack W. and Lola E. Zerkle
71-36251924  0.800.525,337.563,051.29Gary L. and Gail L. Workman
71-36431924  2.001.255,339.563,052.54 Marble Mountain, Inc.
71-39731924  5.503.355,345.063,055.89Cole T. and Sherry Jacobsen
71-41201924  0.510.235,345.563,056.12LaGrand D. & Emma K. Hunt
71-43241924  69.7543.465,415.313,099.58 Whitelaw Inc.
71-47611924  0.450.285,415.763,099.86Matthew and Peggy Fowler
71-48331924  1.000.625,416.763,100.48Jim and Joleen Pearce
71-49411924  0.450.285,417.213,100.77Tim J. & Terry Hart
71-174192403 352.05219.405,769.263,320.17 MikeJohn Land LLC
A Morley and Mary Ellen C Wilson
71-12519241201257.58163.926,026.843,484.09c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-71925  3.081.956,029.923,486.04Jeff Baldwin
71-3101925  3.392.226,033.313,488.26 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-3241925  12.498.456,045.803,496.71Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-6901925  34.3721.516,080.173,518.22 H. Wayne Holt, LC
71-11521925  0.450.096,080.623,518.31A. Morley & Mary Ellen Wilson
71-35711925  4.592.676,085.213,520.98Gerald W. Peterson, Jr.
71-48671925  33.7221.016,118.923,541.99 L & B Farm & Cattle, LP
71-161192504 168.40104.976,287.323,646.96Richard and Michael Burgess
71-3346192504 21.0013.096,308.323,660.05 Bosshardt Farms, L.C., a Utah Limited Liability Company
71-40192507 38.0024.396,346.323,684.44 Escalante Farms Company
71-54192510 0.200.136,346.523,684.57 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-585192510 0.590.596,347.113,685.16Gloria Jean Bulloch
Barbara Ann McKnight
Roger Murie
71-764192510 0.590.596,347.703,685.75Gloria Jean Bulloch
Barbara Ann McKnight
Roger Murie
71-2103192510 0.590.596,348.293,686.33Gloria Jean Bulloch
Barbara Ann McKnight
Roger Murie
71-3412192510 26.7016.716,374.993,703.05Gerald W. Peterson, Jr.
71-3481192510 1.000.596,375.993,703.64David W. & Judith M. Wood
71-3546192510 39.3225.246,415.313,728.88 Escalante Farms Company
71-3550192510 4.004.006,419.313,732.88Wayne and Marilyn Holt Revocable Trust
71-3589192510 1.000.636,420.313,733.51 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3792192510 1.720.896,422.033,734.40Gary L. and Gail L. Workman
71-4255192510 1.000.636,423.033,735.03G. Craig and Barbara A. Jones
71-4483192510 1.000.416,424.033,735.44 SIPOVY, LLC
Peg and Rick Young Family Trust
71-4547192510 5.513.906,429.543,739.34Vernon Snow
Stanley Snow
71-4606192510 0.550.366,430.093,739.70Mitchell White
71-4718192510 3.001.916,433.093,741.61Bret D Bowler
71-4886192510 0.450.096,433.543,741.70Mitchell White
71-162192511 44.5428.356,478.093,770.05 B. P. Wood LLC
Diane Wheeler
Rex B. Wood
Kelly James Wood
Wendy W. Young
71-4487192511 1.000.626,479.093,770.67 KSP Investments L.C.
71-2631926  0.900.726,479.983,771.39N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
71-7531926  100.0062.336,579.983,833.72 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-18241926  0.900.726,580.883,834.44N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
73-4371926  0.020.026,580.903,834.46 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-558192602 95.6059.576,676.503,894.03Brian and Glenna Ehrhart
Massoud and Darlene Farbod
Farhid Farbod
Farhad and Julie C. Farbod
Bruce and Wendy Fleshner
Antonio and Norma Gonzalez
Hamblin Valley LLC
Candace L. MaIntoch
Roman and Tatyana Melamed
Veronika Melamed
Leonid Mesherskiy
James and Gail Pomeroy
Mark Allen Stone
TAJ Trust
Brad A. Wright
71-4345192602 50.000.626,726.503,894.66Gary Lee Gardner
71-4363192602 1.000.376,727.503,895.02Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-4499192602 1.000.436,728.503,895.45Donald E. and Victoria A. Welsch
71-4522192602 1.000.626,729.503,896.08Miss Nina Jean Morales
71-4570192602 0.500.316,730.003,896.39Anthony E. Seger
71-4708192602 2.001.266,732.003,897.65Peggy Canfield Trust
71-4727192602 1.000.626,733.003,898.27James H. Sanders
71-4746192602 1.000.626,734.003,898.89Brian R. Linder and Janet M. Linder
71-4811192602 0.800.506,734.803,899.39Donald Quayle
71-4880192602 0.000.006,734.803,899.39Donald E. and Victoria A. Welsch
71-14619260301200.06124.656,934.854,024.05 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-229192605 80.0049.857,014.854,073.90 Escalante Farms Company
71-309192605 39.0024.307,053.854,098.20 Escalante Farms Company
71-4282192605 360.00235.047,413.854,333.24 Melvin H. Gardner Family Trust
71-109192607 4.002.497,417.854,335.73Duane Ford
Jerry D. and Cecelia Justus
David and Janet Pearl
Louis and Mary Pearl
Harry and Landra Reid
71-31927  160.45100.057,578.304,435.78 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-411927  2.951.977,581.264,437.75George L. & LaRee T. Gardner
71-1591927  0.280.287,581.544,438.03Eugene D. & Joyce Y. Lilley
71-7851927  6.055.697,587.594,443.72 MBM Land, LLC
71-12091927  326.13203.027,913.724,646.75 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-17871927  26.7426.747,940.464,673.49 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-37491927  60.0037.408,000.464,710.89Richard and Michael Burgess
73-1101927  1.401.048,001.854,711.92 Harmony Land & Livestock Company
71-111192704018.805.488,010.654,717.41Rayma Anderson
T. Kelly Dalton
Melvin & Belva Gardner
LeRoy Meek
71-35061927040140.0025.558,050.654,742.96Kirk A Benson Revocable Trust
71-4101192704014.000.008,054.654,742.96 J Starr Ranch Trust
71-48641927040120.0012.468,074.654,755.42 L & B Farm and Cattle
71-4899192704016.003.748,080.654,759.16Howard Todd and Leslie Truman
71-293192705 2.341.858,082.994,761.00Dee Burgess
71-4321927050538.407.688,121.394,768.68 Western Electrochemical Company
71-41621927050511.006.888,132.394,775.57Laura M. Dorr
Theodore Driver
Maria H. Hagen
Hector R. Manjarrez
Gregory T. and Susan S. Nelson
Michael C. and Valerie S. Parmenter
Lance Ratcliff
Sawyers Family Revocable Trust
71-46691927050532.0020.028,164.394,795.58Barbara J. Calise
NCC-1701 L.C.
Bruce Spangrud
71-469319270505170.00106.368,334.394,901.94 City of Enterprise
71-47931927050520.0012.518,354.394,914.45Morley Wilson
71-4822192705052.001.258,356.394,915.70 K.S.P. Investment, LLC
71-48281927050580.0051.858,436.394,967.55 The Steve F. Carstens Trust
71-4874192705052.501.568,438.894,969.12Camden Robinson
David E. and Cynthia E. Snyder
71-4882192705051.000.638,439.894,969.74Troy and Todd Truman
71-4885192705055.303.408,445.194,973.14Morley Wilson
71-43319270520161.32100.928,606.525,074.06 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-43419270529161.32100.928,767.845,174.97 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-43519270612161.32100.928,929.175,275.89 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-43619270620161.76101.329,090.925,377.21 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-294192707 304.00189.499,394.925,566.71 Burgess Farms
71-43719270701161.32100.929,556.255,667.62 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-830192708 9.719.719,565.955,677.33Gerald C. Wood
71-59192709 1.000.629,566.955,677.95Richard C. and Stefanie H. Whitelaw
71-206192709 2.051.089,569.005,679.04Sabatino Auricchio
71-3153192709 44.2027.559,613.205,706.59 Escalante Farms Company
71-3408192709 4.002.529,617.205,709.10Howard E. & Betty Ann Wright
71-3410192709 5.003.159,622.205,712.25Jason P. and Brandi Lee Beckstrand
Francisco J. Guzman
Jade M Lepoma
Javier Parra
Keven A. Ray
Coby Smith
71-3435192709 0.720.269,622.925,712.51Ramon & Aurora M. Ramos
71-3436192709 2.001.269,624.925,713.77Larry Dean Banks
71-3474192709 4.722.879,629.645,716.64Frank R. Micheli
71-3547192709 79.0050.729,708.645,767.35 Escalante Farms Company
71-3619192709 5.003.159,713.645,770.50William H. & Mary N. Sudduth
Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3627192709 1.000.449,714.645,770.94Judith A. Moreo
71-4239192709 1.000.639,715.645,771.57G. Humberto Salcido
71-4406192709 1.000.439,716.645,772.00William G. & Mary E. Raney
71-4821192709 1.000.639,717.645,772.63Eric M. Flo
71-24192710273.753.019,721.395,775.64Wesley C. & Clara Jane Hunt
71-2281928  1.911.559,723.295,777.19Howard W. & Becky C. Jones
71-3261928  2.442.449,725.735,779.62 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-5551928  107.0368.199,832.765,847.81 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-6601928  0.220.049,832.995,847.86Edward L. Bowler
71-27661928  3.312.959,836.295,850.81 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-29651928  59.7638.369,896.055,889.17 Escalante Farms Company
71-748192804 5.563.569,901.615,892.73Henery Day
71-619192805 53.3519.279,954.965,911.99City of Enterprise
71-126192806250.900.189,955.865,912.17c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-2411929  4.402.779,960.265,914.95 Arrington Family Trust
John W. or Afton Fisher
71-2431929  10.506.549,970.765,921.49 Arrington Family Trust
71-5541929  10.649.289,981.405,930.77 B & C Farms Family Partnership, LP
Roger K. Carter and Sue M. Carter
71-37881929  0.450.099,981.855,930.86Pamela Aline and/or Scott Lavell Koller
71-44811929  1.500.939,983.355,931.79 Harker Farms Inc.
71-45501929  17.5010.9010,000.855,942.70 Harker Dairy LLC
71-49681929  4.112.5610,004.965,945.26Chase T. and Dina A. Ence
Altie E.W. Fish
Kelly J. Grady
David G. Ives
Kenneth S. Moore
71-49961929  2.401.5010,007.365,946.75 Whitelaw Inc.
71-50001929  10.506.5410,017.865,953.30 Whitelaw Inc.
71-218192903 5.605.6010,023.465,958.90 K. Gardner Land and Cattle Company, L.C.
71-2491192906235.605.6010,029.065,964.50Grant R. and Fern S. Ellsworth
71-212192907 131.6082.2510,160.666,046.75Donald L. & Janet L. Horsley
71-215192911253.962.6210,164.626,049.36Dean T. & Carol Terry
Dean T Terry Investments LLC
71-1951930  2.021.2810,166.646,050.65Lane V. Moyle
71-5291930  4.204.2010,170.846,054.85 Lary and Dean Carter Ranch Family Partnership, LP
71-7011930  40.0025.1210,210.846,079.96 Escalante Farms Company
71-20151930  105.0165.9410,315.856,145.90 Escalante Farms Company
71-22911930  4.204.2010,320.056,150.10 Lary and Dean Carter Ranch Family Partnership, LP
71-31101930  2.802.8010,322.856,152.90Laurence Heber Staheli and Sandra L. Staheli Trust
73-911930  1.851.1310,324.706,154.03 Harmony Land & Livestock Company
71-130193002100.900.1810,325.606,154.21c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-351930070817.0011.1010,342.606,165.31 Fenton J. and Ilona Terry Trust - dated 4/16/97
71-44731930070840.0024.9910,382.606,190.30Malin, Marilyn, Russell and Tamara Gardner
71-1911931  241.96155.3310,624.566,345.63 Escalante Farms Company
71-2131931  0.560.2010,625.136,345.84Donald L. & Janet L. Horsley
71-2421931  11.607.2310,636.736,353.07 Arrington Family Trust
71-3491931  40.0025.5910,676.736,378.66 L & B Farm & Cattle
71-26341931  241.96155.3310,918.696,533.99 Escalante Farms Company
71-29271931  67.6042.1210,986.296,576.11 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-49971931  11.607.2310,997.896,583.34 Whitelaw Inc.
71-277193103 12.407.7411,010.296,591.08 Escalante Farms Company
71-1894193103 23.0014.3611,033.296,605.44Carolina Acosta
Brian Baker
Elvira Barriere
Comstock Financial, Inc.
Eli Damian
DC Capital Partners, LLC
Jaime and Brenda Grajeda
Luz Esperanza Larreynaga
Henry Lopez
Roberto C. Lopez
New Horizons,
Fredy Maurece Paz
Pedro Reyes
Florencio Mancera Rodriquez
Elvira Sanchez and Emilio Sanchez
Elva Torres
71-5027193103 1.000.6211,034.296,606.07Roberto Lopez
Alma Saucedo
71-20193104 81.7150.9311,116.006,657.00 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-278193106 176.40110.1411,292.406,767.14 Escalante Farms Company
71-110193108 0.730.4511,293.136,767.60Rayma S. Anderson
Melvin & Belva Gardner
71-3700193108 0.000.0011,293.136,767.60 KSCS, LLC, a Utah Limited Liability Company
71-1651932  43.1426.9511,336.276,794.54 B. P. Wood LLC
Diane Wheeler
Rex B. Wood
Kelly James Wood
Wendy W. Young
71-2051932  76.320.0011,412.596,794.54Alma LaMont Wood
71-5571932  320.00199.8511,732.596,994.39 Burgess Farms
71-5601932  16.5610.6811,749.157,005.07 Burgess Farms
71-7631932  2.592.5911,751.757,007.66 H. Wayne Holt LC
71-14451932  0.930.9311,752.687,008.60 Escalante Farms Company
71-43711932  240.00152.5511,992.687,161.15 Escalante Farms Company
71-321193202150.650.2911,993.327,161.43Snow Family LC
71-164193203 43.1426.9512,036.477,188.38 B. P. Wood LLC
Diane Wheeler
Kelly James Wood
Rex B. Wood
Wendy W. Young
71-284193205050.450.0912,036.927,188.47Janet Fajardo
71-304193207010.450.0912,037.377,188.56Frank B. Bridel
71-2501932110133.8623.1112,071.237,211.67Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-438193304 4.472.2812,075.707,213.95 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-1626193304 161.32100.9212,237.037,314.87 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-279193306 133.2083.1712,370.237,398.04 Escalante Farms Company
71-14219330610138.0286.2412,508.257,484.27 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-211193307 0.110.1112,508.367,484.39Donald L. & Janet L. Horsley
71-37193307302.681.9512,511.047,486.34 Jones Boys Ranches LLC
71-664193307301.331.0412,512.387,487.38June W. Simkins
71-1771934  0.450.0912,512.837,487.47 Bosshardt Farms LC
71-1781934  124.8077.5812,637.637,565.04 Bosshardt Farms LC
71-1791934  1.000.4312,638.637,565.48 Bosshardt Farms LC
71-1801934  1.000.4312,639.637,565.91 Bosshardt Farms LC
71-3771934  2.041.2712,641.677,567.18 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-17571934  1.881.5212,643.547,568.70Mary B Taylor
Floyd D. Taylor
71-24721934  1.711.3512,645.257,570.05C. R. Matheson
71-31621934  4.202.6212,649.457,572.67Kerry Holt Farms Ltd
71-33381934  3.003.0012,652.457,575.66 USA Forest Service
71-240193401 6.254.4112,658.707,580.07 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-7071934020533.0020.5812,691.707,600.66Jose Luis Aguilar
Jose L. and Fabian Aguilar
David and Sarai Aguilar
Floyd A. Doyle
Daniel D. Doyle
NDG Investments, LLC
Sharon St John
71-4898193402051.000.6212,692.707,601.28Nelson White
71-4910193402051.000.6212,693.707,601.90A. Morley & Mary Ellen Wilson
71-49241934020517.0010.6012,710.707,612.51Curtis and Annette Graff
Lloyd B. and Theresa Graff
71-49361934020544.0027.4512,754.707,639.95Lloyd B. and Theresa Graff
Curtis and Annette Graff
71-4947193402051.000.6212,755.707,640.58Christopher A. Marlowe
71-4950193402052.001.2512,757.707,641.82Richard Van Wagenen
71-4951193402052.001.2512,759.707,643.07John N. and Janet L. Baker
Donald W. Shirley
71-49891934020516.009.9812,775.707,653.05Curtis and Annette Graff
Lloyd B. and Theresa Graff
71-49901934020520.0012.7512,795.707,665.80Lloyd B. and Theresa Graff
Curtis and Annette Graff
71-82193403017.795.1412,803.497,670.94A. Morley and Mary Ellen C. Wilson
71-3170193403011.210.5812,804.707,671.52T. Todd and Lyndee Hunt
71-3817193403011.000.4412,805.707,671.96Lorraine & Rae Nyce Wittwer
71-4986193403010.000.0012,805.707,671.96 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-182193404 4.833.7512,810.537,675.71 Washington County Board of Education
71-141193407 138.0286.2412,948.557,761.95 Fiddlers Canyon, LLC
71-22981934100148.0115.8912,996.567,777.84City of Enterprise
71-14181935  2.451.3612,999.017,779.20Orvil & Arlyn Hubbard
71-584193506100.000.0012,999.017,779.20 Black Iron LLC
71-315519360303120.0074.8513,119.017,854.04 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-2011936032316.2510.1813,135.267,864.22Frederick Dean Ash
Jay I Barlow
Ken and Connie Felt
Timothy M. J. Ford
Paul J. and A. Gallegos
Monita J. Harbison
Gerald F. Heaton
Terry M. and Bruce D. Jackson
A. Leigh and Keran I. Lake
Nicholas D Lang and Lois C Lang
Clinton B. and Laura Peterson
Graham L. Sweet
John G. Vondrak
71-175419360323211.78132.0913,347.047,996.31 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-185619360323160.00100.1813,507.048,096.49 Burgess Farms
71-3618193603232.001.2513,509.048,097.74Wesley W. Wilkes
71-4005193603230.500.3113,509.548,098.06James L. and Patsy C. Graham
71-43151936032350.5631.5313,560.108,129.58 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-4452193603233.752.3413,563.858,131.92 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-799193604029.585.9713,573.438,137.89Jack E. Moyle
71-3019370102301.00187.9013,874.438,325.79 Escalante Farms Co LTD
71-192419370102307.60191.8914,182.038,517.68 Escalante Farms Co LTD
71-123819370731590.40368.2614,772.438,885.94 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-180219370731130.2481.1814,902.678,967.13 Escalante Farms Company
71-382319370731422.56263.3515,325.239,230.48 Escalante Farms Company
71-60193803070.730.1515,325.969,230.63 Escalante Farms Company
71-18919380716260.00162.6215,585.969,393.24 LHK Farms LLC
71-8251938080112.007.4915,597.969,400.73Humberto Cervantes
James H. Davis and Stephanie Davis
Pecola Ernest
Kenneth B. and Debra Grimes
Wayne A. Leavitt
Nita S. Leavitt
Jeremy A and Stacy J Mallory
Doyle and Dixie and Eva Parker
Jessica Rasmussen
Chris Raver
David W. Starrett
John Walters and Ruth Walters
71-37181938080138.5024.0415,636.469,424.78 Escalante Farms Company
71-3796193808016.003.5115,642.469,428.29Edward and Dixie S. Cottam Family Living Trust
71-3829193808012.001.2515,644.469,429.54Michael A. and Aleida M. Varela Enriquez
Cosme Guerrero
71-3846193808011.000.4515,645.469,429.99Kay W. & Emma B. Mitchell
71-3847193808011.000.4515,646.469,430.44Grant S. & Belva J. Mitchell
71-41131938080120.0012.4815,666.469,442.92Kennith L. & Kaylene Preston
71-4133193808011.000.5615,667.469,443.48Ivan B. Cannon
71-4165193808012.001.1415,669.469,444.62Richard S. and Julie M. Spevak
71-4172193808015.003.1215,674.469,447.74Kirk R. Harrison
71-4173193808013.001.8715,677.469,449.61Kirk R. Harrison
71-4320193808011.000.0015,678.469,449.61A. Lyle and Barbara S. Stringham
71-4358193808011.000.5515,679.469,450.17 Atkin Inc
71-4375193808013.001.8715,682.469,452.04Lloyd J Bundy and Odillia D Bundy
71-4395193808010.750.4915,683.219,452.53Kendrick J. and Susan C. Hafen
71-44411938080123.0014.3615,706.219,466.89 Escalante Farms Company
71-4450193808011.000.6215,707.219,467.51Kirk R. Harrison
71-4507193808012.001.2515,709.219,468.76Jacqualine N. Hansen
71-4814193808012.001.2515,711.219,470.01Edward John and Michelle R. Pettit
71-4861193808010.250.1615,711.469,470.17Kim and Becky Hafen
71-4897193808011.000.6215,712.469,470.79David D. Nelson
71-73019390120440.00274.5416,152.469,745.33 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-3766193901200.470.4716,152.939,745.80 Escalante Farms Company
71-376719390120119.2474.4016,272.179,820.20 Escalante Farms Company
71-3768193901205.003.1216,277.179,823.32 Whitelaw Inc.
71-43511939012072.0044.9316,349.179,868.24Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-4418193901201.000.6216,350.179,868.86 The Steve F. Carstens Trust
71-4424193901202.001.2516,352.179,870.11 The Steve F. Carstens Trust
71-131193911175.995.9916,358.169,876.10 Western Electrochemical Company
71-3553193911173.193.1916,361.359,879.30 Western Electrochemical Company
71-4348193911171.991.9916,363.349,881.28 Western Electrochemical Company
71-3071940041311.2011.2016,374.549,892.48 Twin Oaks Inc.
71-1991940051466.0041.3716,440.549,933.85Ricardo and Maria Arellano
Jeffrey and Kathleen Anne Colman
Leo Alexander De La Torre
Richard Dieleman
FAM Enterprises
Ira Express Inc. FBO Dan T. McKittrick
Ira Express Inc. FBO Lynette McKittrick
Rose M. Gibb
Red E. Gray
Fred Gray
Thomas J. Hughes
Jensen Family Trust
Charlotte M. Kelly
Allan M. Kelly
Lynn P. and Phyllis L. Lull
Robert M. Mathews
New Horizons a Federal Contract Trust
Pedro and Beatriz Paredes
Ivan and Leping Chen Szu
Patricia Thompson
Gregory S. and Maria Thulin Revocable Living Trust
71-32901940051425.4715.8916,466.019,949.74 Castle Valley Greenhouses, LLC
71-3362194005142.001.4716,468.019,951.20Clair S. and Wayne Terry
71-3373194005142.001.3016,470.019,952.51Mitchell and Leslie White
71-34541940051422.0014.0516,492.019,966.56Robert W. & James H. Homer
71-3641194005140.990.4616,492.999,967.01Truman W. & Dora A. Smith
71-366719400514103.7064.6416,596.6910,031.65A Morley and Mary Ellen Wilson
71-376419400514140.0087.3316,736.6910,118.98Stephen A. and Debra C. Christensen
71-428919400514180.00112.2816,916.6910,231.26 Christensen Brothers
71-44541940051453.3333.2616,970.0210,264.52 Miller Family Trust
71-48631940051417.0010.6016,987.0210,275.12 L & B Farm and Cattle
71-4935194005141.000.6316,988.0210,275.75Rick B and Kaye L Holman
Daniel S and Jane E Roberts
71-4967194005141.000.6216,989.0210,276.37Frank Nichols
71-31319400904288.96182.7017,277.9810,459.07 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-7381940091114.0014.0017,291.9810,473.07 Platt Livestock, LLC
71-33119400917155.0096.5817,446.9810,569.65 Escalante Farms Company
71-1858194009171.250.6017,448.2310,570.25Marion W. Beckstrom
71-3419194009171.011.0117,449.2410,571.26Darl L. or Barbara L. Jones
71-357619400917154.0098.8617,603.2410,670.12 Escalante Farms Company
71-163194010181.401.4017,604.6410,671.52 B.P. Wood, LLC
71-36819401123240.00149.6317,844.6410,821.15 T.W. Jones and Sons
71-2761940122682.4051.4517,927.0410,872.59 Escalante Farms Company
71-2943194101013.001.0217,930.0410,873.62Ronald K. & Carol J. Anzalone
Jim Monett
Cindy Oxenrider
71-4816194101010.930.4117,930.9610,874.03Guy L. and Francis Connell
71-200194101028.004.9917,938.9610,879.01 Glinski Family Trust
Wendy Murrill
Delton Y. & Yvonne W. Roundy
Saitta Trudeau Chrysler Jeep Dodge Inc.
Penni Stratton
71-185919410102160.0099.7918,098.9610,978.81 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-30821941010281.0051.2318,179.9611,030.04 CJM Farms, LLC
71-3452194101025.203.2718,185.1611,033.31 Dixie Escalante Rural Electric Association, Inc.
71-3656194101021.000.6218,186.1611,033.93James Fitzgerald
71-36681941010296.6060.2118,282.7611,094.15Paul E. and Linda K. Collins
A. Morley and Mary Ellen Wilson
71-43441941010268.0042.3718,350.7611,136.52 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-4820194101021.000.6318,351.7611,137.15Shawn G. and Sharla R. Hunt
71-4902194101021.000.6218,352.7611,137.77Kurt and Christy Mcewan
71-5781941011641.0825.6818,393.8411,163.45David W. and Michael W. Brown
71-18041941011624.5015.2918,418.3411,178.74 Bouchard Family Trust
Raymond Dean Cannon
David D. and Ann C. Coltrin
Coopersville Land Trust
Maricela Gutierrez
David G. Harrison and Danielle Harrison
Roy S. and Bryn K. Hendricks
Matthew J. Limpert and Jennifer Limpert
Justin A. Lowe and Christy L. Lowe
David L. Maynard
Frank W. and Celestia A. Nichols
D. Scott and Trina Roadhouse
William S. and Joyce G. Robinson
Too Unique Properties LLC
Walking X Livestock LLC
Harry E. and W. Joyce Watson
D. Brent and Bruce R. Williams
Jack Wishna
Jean Woods
71-328319410116256.17159.6318,674.5111,338.37 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-34261941011680.0049.9318,754.5111,388.30John P. & Carol Tullis
James S & Lanita J Tullis Living Trust
71-3677194101162.001.2518,756.5111,389.55Carrol Stinchfield
71-3726194101161.000.4718,757.5111,390.02Mary B. Hamm and Patrick G. Hooper
71-37391941011640.0024.9718,797.5111,414.99 Escalante Farms Company
71-3779194101162.001.2518,799.5111,416.24Ralph & Veronica Shaw
71-3780194101161.000.4318,800.5111,416.67Ralph N. Carson
71-3806194101161.000.4418,801.5111,417.11Lynn R. Elam
71-3819194101162.501.5618,804.0111,418.67Rose P. Melgoza
71-4319194101161.000.4318,805.0111,419.11Vernon D. and Tammy K. Bosshardt
71-4815194101160.530.3218,805.5411,419.42 Connell Family Trust
71-4929194101161.000.6218,806.5411,420.05Johnnie DeMoine Fleming
71-4958194101161.251.2518,807.7911,421.30Mitchell and Gaona Schoppmann
71-15519410130474.85296.1219,282.6411,717.41 Black Iron LLC
71-3221941020440.0024.9519,322.6411,742.36Stephen A. and Debra C. Christensen
71-20001941020480.0049.9019,402.6411,792.26Stephen A. and Debra C. Christensen
71-37581941020440.0026.1219,442.6411,818.38 Speranto Real Estate L.L.C.
71-36219410317396.80255.5219,839.4412,073.90 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-280194103250.570.5719,840.0012,074.47Trusten R. & Clara S. Hart
71-179219410325160.0099.7020,000.0012,174.17 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-187419410325160.0099.7020,160.0012,273.87 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-324419410325320.00199.7320,480.0012,473.60 Escalante Farms Company
71-731941040194.8060.0020,574.8012,533.60Fenton J Terry and Ilona Terry Trust
71-16819410401657.60410.5921,232.4012,944.19 Escalante Farms Company
71-190119410401594.00370.7621,826.4013,314.95 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-190219410401592.40369.8822,418.8013,684.83 Escalante Farms Company
71-19031941040144.9828.0822,463.7813,712.90 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-297519410401138.5787.2522,602.3513,800.15 Escalante Farms Company
71-3111194104011.730.8922,604.0813,801.04 Zions First National Bank
71-3501941040881.2051.9522,685.2813,852.99 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-22619410620342.80213.6123,028.0814,066.60 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-369919410620440.00274.1823,468.0814,340.78 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-68319410828163.20103.2223,631.2814,444.00Fenton J Terry and Ilona Terry Trust
71-42419410903240.00149.5523,871.2814,593.55 Escalante Farms Company
71-181119410903315.20196.4124,186.4814,789.96 Escalante Farms Company
71-71719410920291.78182.8824,478.2614,972.84W. Patrick Acland
Elvert A. and Lillian B. Adcock
Adelle and Ermanno Albertani
Bob G. and Juanita M. Allen
Eliot A. Alper
American Pension Services Inc
Josephine Arthur
George M. and Virginia T. Astrup
William and Susan C. Bailey
Harold J. and Mae L. Baker
Dennis S. Barler
Clifford L. Beaver
Michael E. Beaver
John and Pierina J. Bernazzani
P. Bogart
David B. Bogel
George C. and Beverly J. Bohn
Charles N. and Wilda J. Brewer
Douglas M. and Laura L. Bridges
Paul B. and Ethel E. Bronken
Thelma Brown
Stephen R. and Jesse S. Brown
Sam Bruni
Robert E. and Elizabeth K. Burk
Fredria Camp
Velma I. Campbell
Arthur Jack Cesare
Don D. Chamberlain
Stephen Chou Kwai Chang
Dorothy L. Chang
Lynette Chang
Chenoweth Family Trust
Charlene K. Coffman
William B. and Margaret Compton
Nancy Cork
Johnnie R. and Paula Daily
Frank F. Davenport
William E. and Dennie O. Davis
Harold L. and Catherine J. Davison
David N. Day
Halder DeBecker
Manuel Diaz
Jeffrey B. Dong
Alan B. Dong
Kevin B. Dong
Joel P. and Charlene Driver
Nanette W. Embry
John and Eva J. Epperson
Keith Evans
Thaddeus Faeth
Powers Family Trust
James F. Farmer
Lester C. and Thelma M. Farvour
First Great Horizon Inc.
John J. Fitzgerald
Alice Darlene Folsom
Richard W. and Dorothy W. Forsberg
Frank E. Frisch
Cynthia S. Galloway
Roy and Vera Gimmel
Jose A. and Luisa M. Gonzalez
Johnny C. and Sandra Grimes
Saundra E. Gunther
Richard B. and Christine Hall
Betty Handy
Ellsworth W. and Bertha Harbart
Josephine Harris
Frank Hawkins
Dale R. and Bonnie A. Henry
Roy A. and Ida M. Hightower
Herbert E. and Beatrice L. Jacques
Joe James
Flossie Mae Jaqua
Jack W. and Dorothy B. Job
Richard Joumas
Howard and Lois Kribs
Susan Lee
Lund Development LLC
Lund Development, LLC
George Lutterman
John P. Maas
John H. and Helen E. Maas
Frank and Josie Maas
Rick MacDonald
Brent L. and Ruth A. Manley
Paul A. and Ona Martinez
Lewis W. and Louise McAninch
A. J. and Mary McClain
Grace McFarland
Mark N. McLaughlin
Ronald S. and Linda Mecham
Charles E. Meinke
Gary D. and Janice Millar
John and Shirley Millender
Armando and Phyllis Mirabelli
Minot Mitchell
LaWanna Van Montoya
James R. and Mary D. Morhain
Vera Murphy
Michael K. and Janice Neilson
Elaine H. Nelson
Andrew J. and Margaret J. Ogan
James and Connie Osborne
Janet M. Patterson
Robert Pearson
Kenneth L. Pearson
Albert A. and Gayla J. Pefley
John C. Plehn
Salvatore J. and Sandra Prestipini
Charles R. Reeve
Ryan S. and Chantel Reeve
Charles R. Reeve
Charles R. Reeve
Sydney Suzanne Rowden
Marvin K. and Beverly J. Schubert
Janet M. Scott
Evelyn M. Slaughter
Spanish Trails Resort
Charles A. and Etta May Stierwalt
Darlene Straight
Eugene F. and Edith F. Thornburgh
Stephanie Vanvranken
Don and Janet L. Voeghtly
Lucille W. Volpi
Klaus P. and Elke I. Walchek
Lynn R. and Mabrien Walter
Martha Y. Warner
Stanley R. and Barbara Wheeler
Jerry Whiteman
Wayne O. and Linda D. Whittaker
Warren J. Wickman
Reuben W. Williams
Thomas M. and Jacquolyn H. Williams
John R. Williams
Robert L. and Ty Thi Wilson
C. Gene Winn
Dale C. and Devonna Winn
Roy S. and Mary Witt
Chain S. and Sunee S. Wong
Paula Wood
William L. Woofter
Dorthia L. Worthington
Jesse Keith Wortman
Hershel Woten
Barbara J. Young
71-32731941092020.0012.5024,498.2614,985.33Annethe Ekman
71-3599194109201.000.6224,499.2614,985.96The Marryat Family Trust
71-3743194109202.001.2524,501.2614,987.21Howard E. Wright
71-3769194109202.001.0624,503.2614,988.27William Young
71-4159194109201.000.6224,504.2614,988.89Robert Eugene Ward
71-4160194109200.000.0024,504.2614,988.89Scott Bauman
71-1921941111971.5544.5824,575.8115,033.48 Harker Farms Inc.
71-12221941111924.1015.0224,599.9115,048.50 ACG, LLC
Harker Farms Inc.
Enrique R. and Patricia Padilla
Cirilo C. and Mila Paglinawan
Bruno A. Zepeda
71-425219411119240.00149.5524,839.9115,198.05 Harker Farms Inc.
71-4350194111190.450.0924,840.3615,198.14 Harker Farms Inc.
71-44421941111920.0012.4624,860.3615,210.60 Harker Farms Inc.
71-448019411119191.71119.4625,052.0715,330.06 Harker Farms Inc.
71-4660194111192.001.2525,054.0715,331.31Michael W.C. and Kelly L. Ferguson Moriarty
71-4672194111194.500.9025,058.5715,332.21 Harker Farms Inc.
71-4697194111190.530.6225,059.1115,332.83Sheila R. Jones and Lawrence S. Jones, Jr.
71-49151941111924.5615.3025,083.6715,348.13 Harker Farms Inc.
71-49251941111915.1214.7825,098.7915,362.92 Harker Farms Inc.
71-16619420211249.78155.7025,348.5715,518.61 Escalante Farms LTD.
71-179919420211617.83154.9925,966.4015,673.61 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-190519420211488.00304.2926,454.4015,977.90 Escalante Farms Company
71-19061942021117.0010.6126,471.4015,988.51Norman S. Abdullah
Bradshaw Family Trust November 1
J. Burton & Evelyn H. Burgess
Capone, Inc
Judith P. Francisco
Jeremy and/or Kelly Gardner
Adrian and Renato Gonzalez
Howard Harding
Samuel J. Heaton
Chester W. and Marion Karr
Arvin G. Labrum
Mittleberger Enterprises,
REE Viking Trust
Glen Wilkerson
71-197219420211617.8352.9327,089.2316,041.44 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-199119420211200.000.5327,289.2316,041.97 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-199219420211200.000.5327,489.2316,042.50 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-226619420211640.00398.8028,129.2316,441.30 Escalante Farms Company
71-296019420211473.40294.9928,602.6316,736.29 Staheli Farms
71-32681942021141.0025.6328,643.6316,761.92 Escalante Farms Company
71-3269194202110.500.3128,644.1316,762.23Melvin H. and Belva H. Gardner
71-3292194202112.051.5628,646.1816,763.79E. Vernon and Mary H. Snow
71-3293194202112.041.1728,648.2216,764.961988 Pollock Family Trust
71-3294194202115.003.1328,653.2216,768.09Jeffrey S. Adams
71-3310194202111.720.9328,654.9416,769.01Ormon W. and Fawn G. Mitchell
71-3319194202112.651.6628,657.5916,770.68Melvin and Belva Gardner
71-333119420211101.6063.4228,759.1916,834.09 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-3337194202110.500.3128,759.6916,834.41Scott and Tara Reber
71-34011942021131.8019.8528,791.4916,854.25 Escalante Farms Company
71-34321942021139.0024.3828,830.4916,878.64 Escalante Farms Company
71-34441942021120.0012.9928,850.4916,891.62 Escalante Farms Company
71-3460194202110.720.2928,851.2116,891.92Tammy Hansen
71-34621942021120.0012.9328,871.2116,904.85 Escalante Farms Company
71-3542194202115.004.4528,876.2116,909.30Brent & Bradley Cottam
71-3603194202114.442.3928,880.6516,911.69Jeffery Sorenson
71-366519420211120.0074.8329,000.6516,986.52 Escalante Farms Company
71-3736194202112.001.2729,002.6516,987.79David L. Maynard
Ross Mendenhall
71-374419420211108.0067.4129,110.6517,055.20George L. and LaRee T. Gardner
Dave and Carol Hunter
KM Preston Family Limited Partnership
Mull Revocable Trust
Three KS, LLC
71-3798194202117.004.3629,117.6517,059.57 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-3799194202117.004.3629,124.6517,063.93 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-3813194202111.000.6329,125.6517,064.56Jay R. Roberts
71-3814194202111.500.9429,127.1517,065.50 Ree Viking Trust
71-3815194202111.000.6329,128.1517,066.13 Moenave LLC
71-3839194202111.001.0029,129.1517,067.13 QSE, LC
71-4145194202111.000.6329,130.1517,067.75Chase Matthew and Marleen Christy
71-4151194202110.980.6229,131.1317,068.38Floyd Press and Diana B. Walch
71-4166194202111.000.4429,132.1317,068.81Michael Leo Cutler and Jannice Marie Cutler
71-4175194202111.000.6229,133.1317,069.44Burl & Yula Sue Hunting
71-4176194202110.250.1629,133.3817,069.59Melvin H. & Belva H. Gardner
71-4234194202114.002.1629,137.3817,071.76Edward and Dixie S. Cottam Family Living Trust
71-4235194202112.001.1729,139.3817,072.93James E. and Ida C. Wade
71-42361942021117.0010.7429,156.3817,083.67James E. and Ida C. Wade
71-4238194202115.003.1329,161.3817,086.80Robert and Jerri L. Bickel
71-42411942021110.006.2429,171.3817,093.04Brent and Corrine W. Cottam
71-4242194202111.000.4629,172.3817,093.50James Jones
71-42931942021113.009.1929,185.3817,102.68 E & F Investments
71-4318194202111.000.6329,186.3817,103.31Ray R. and Brenda L. Krans
71-4359194202112.001.2529,188.3817,104.56Marilyn Plouffe and Richard Normand Plouffe
Jared and Julene Street
71-4372194202111.000.6229,189.3817,105.18Richard P. and Lorene Truman
71-4509194202110.500.3129,189.8817,105.50Terry K. Swenson
71-4526194202111.000.6729,190.8817,106.17Craig C. DeHart
71-4595194202111.000.6229,191.8817,106.79F. Wayne and Gerri T. Bunker
71-4602194202110.500.3129,192.3817,107.10Devin M. and Kalynn Simkins
71-4636194202111.000.4529,193.3817,107.55Verl and Nancy Milne
71-4650194202115.003.1229,198.3817,110.67Shawn & Carolyn Lee
71-4694194202110.030.6229,198.4117,111.30Karla A. Anzalone
71-4709194202110.500.3129,198.9117,111.61Travis Graff
71-4714194202110.500.1229,199.4117,111.73 HHT Trust
71-4740194202110.500.1229,199.9117,111.85Casey Mecham and Becky Mecham
71-4748194202111.000.6229,200.9117,112.48Kellie Daugherty
71-4911194202111.000.6229,201.9117,113.10 HHT Trust
71-4913194202111.000.6229,202.9117,113.73Dewayne Lee
71-4916194202112.001.2529,204.9117,114.97Lynn Bryson and Elizabeth Bryson
71-4926194202111.000.6429,205.9117,115.61 Healthy Harvest Farm LLC
71-4937194202111.000.6329,206.9117,116.24Brady and Megan Weaver
71-4949194202111.000.6429,207.9117,116.88Chris A. Anderson
71-4952194202117.004.8929,214.9117,121.77 QSE L.C.
71-4993194202112.001.2329,216.9117,122.99Steve and Lenita Adams
71-5008194202111.500.9429,218.4117,123.93Angela A. and Mikehel J. Murphy
71-50101942021199.5062.1029,317.9117,186.03City of Enterprise
71-5020194202110.500.3129,318.4117,186.34Darrel L. and Marsha I. Anderson
71-126119420219640.00398.8029,958.4117,585.14 Escalante Farms Company
71-185419420219320.00199.4030,278.4117,784.54 Escalante Farms Company
71-1221194203300.000.0030,278.4117,784.54Kent and Lori Brinkerhoff
71-3096194203300.730.2630,279.1417,784.81Eva L. Haydon
71-3156194203300.720.2630,279.8617,785.07John and Lee Raetz
71-4034194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07Jewell Creigh
71-4036194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07William J. & Janet L. Bell
71-4038194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07Roger & Patty Bozarth
71-4040194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07Deborah L. Danielson Revocable Family Trust
71-4043194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07J. I. & Margie L. Conrad
71-4046194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07 Deborah L. Danielson Revocable Family Trust
71-4052194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07Molly R. Geisinger
Molly R. Geisinger
71-4056194203300.000.0030,279.8617,785.07James J. & Laura R. Hopkins
71-4057194203301.550.0030,281.4117,785.07Aaron Fike
71-4058194203300.000.0030,281.4117,785.07William & Dimple Jamison
71-4061194203300.000.0030,281.4117,785.07 Grumpy Hermit, Inc.
71-4063194203300.000.0030,281.4117,785.07John C. & Wanda J. Martin
71-4064194203303.005.1430,284.4117,790.21Shasta Brown
71-4070194203300.000.0030,284.4117,790.21Diane Orgill
71-4072194203300.000.0030,284.4117,790.21Linda Sanders
71-4073194203300.000.0030,284.4117,790.21Leonard & Romana Sloan
71-4074194203300.000.0030,284.4117,790.21Charles L. Stenerson
71-4078194203300.000.0030,284.4117,790.21Beatrice Turnage
71-445119420330105.6065.8530,390.0117,856.05 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-4919194203305.000.0030,395.0117,856.05Vickie Lee Penwell
71-4920194203304.000.0030,399.0117,856.05Linda M. and Michael W. and Gerald L. and Bruce Sloan
71-10819420401314.40196.1130,713.4118,052.16 MikeJohn Land LLC
71-267194204038.098.0930,721.5018,060.25Mathew and Marilyn Wood
71-3172194204030.720.2630,722.2218,060.51Matthew and Marilyn Wood
71-16919420512132.0082.3930,854.2218,142.90 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-307819420512298.40186.2531,152.6218,329.16 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-1249194205292.651.5331,155.2718,330.69Gary L. and Judy L. Biasi
71-85119420616160.0099.8331,315.2718,430.52 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-187519420616160.0099.8331,475.2718,530.35 T. W. Jones and Sons Inc.
71-7761942062212.1011.3831,487.3718,541.73 Platt Livestock LLC
71-190419420911480.00299.6031,967.3718,841.33 Escalante Farms Company
71-38221942091177.2048.1932,044.5718,889.52 Escalante Farms Company
71-4007194209110.750.3832,045.3218,889.90Robert and Jerri L. Bickel
71-41571942091138.4524.0032,083.7718,913.90 Escalante Farms Company
71-3051943022487.2854.3932,171.0518,968.29 Escalante Farms Company
71-38201943022415.629.7432,186.6718,978.03 Escalante Farms Company
71-31519430324585.08364.5832,771.7519,342.60 Escalante Farms Company
71-79819430325120.0074.8532,891.7519,417.45Stephen A. and Debra C. Christensen
71-199919430325120.0074.8533,011.7519,492.30Stephen A. and Debra C. Christensen
71-1279194304050.000.0033,011.7519,492.30 Black Iron LLC
71-15621943051786.0053.7033,097.7519,546.00Antonio Aquino Abrego
Vicenta Alfaro
American Pension Services, Inc.
Maria D. and Janet C. Lozano- Andasol
Alejandro Andasol
Mercedes Andasol
Alfredo Mota Aquirre
Lenink J. Reyes Arteaga
Atlas Plastering, Inc.
Aurora Aguilar-Camman
Juan Badillo
Brian Baker
Harry R. and Sharon Dyer Barrick
Lillian Joy Beauvais
Amaury Beltran
Martin Bolivar
Juan Jose and Guadalupe Bravo
Ramon Campos
Luis R. Carmona
Ted A. and Gloria A. Clinton
Comstock Financial, Inc.
Raul Contreras and Letieia Contreras
Sandra Consuelo Cordon y Cordon
John and Erma Dalton Revocable Living Trust
DC Captial Partners, LLC
Francisco Prado Escalera
Pablo Prado Escalera
Enrique Esparza
Daniel and Miguel Felix
Lilia Figueroa
Karen A. Finke
Maricela Flores
Noe and Ana Lilia Fuentes
Teresa L. Garcia
Jose Ner Garcia-Corado
Rafael Rivera, Gary M. and William J. Butler
Ultiminio and Lucia Gomez
Matilda J. Arteaga Gomez
Eduardo Gonzalez
Jose Guadarrama
Guerrero Guillermo
Eduardo Hernandez-Rodriguez
Guadalupe Antonio Herrera
Hill Family 1998 Trust
Clifford C. and Luella Inman Family Living Trust
Richard H. and Melony S. Jensen
Michael J. and Hilda M. Jordan
Michael John Jordan
Harvey W. and Hilda M. Jordan
Masaichi and Michiko Kakaoka
L & A Enterprises, LLC
Gustavo A. Larreynaga
Jose R. Larreynaga
Jose Z. and Lucio Larreynaga
Pedro and Brenda Mejia- Lopez
Gonzalo Balfren - Perez - Lopez
Sandra Lopez
Juventino and Conception Lopez
Ismael Zelaya and Maria Magdalena
Maria E. Martinez
Valentin Robles Miramontes
Marco Tulio Monge-Orellana
New Horizons, a Federal Contract Trust
Humberto Medina Ortiz
Martin Ortiz
Gloria Yolanda Ortiz-Escobar
Adam Padilla
Enrique R. and Patricia Padilla
Nelson and Digna E. Perez
Ronald M. and Linda J. Pillen
Rosa L Iraheta Ramirez
Isidro Renova
Leiby and Liliana Renteria
Francisco J. and Aurora Garcia Reyes
Newell L. and Annette Richardson
Rito and Romelia Rodriguez
Margarita Ruiz
Maximo and Bertha Salinas
Armando Sanchez
Jesus Serrano
Rogelio Serrano-Ramirez
Juan C. Silva
Sukhminder Singh
Claudia Carolina Zacarias Siquibache
Carlos Soria
Isabel Soria
Juan Soria
Jene and Shelia Spivey
Warren M Steed
Gladis M Velasquez
Patricia Ruth Wallace Living Trust
Arlene Mabel Walters
Ralph A. and Rita Weyer
Rita Weyer
Jon M. and April R. Word
71-31201943051740.0024.9333,137.7519,570.93 Escalante Farms Company
71-323919430517120.0074.9033,257.7519,645.83 Escalante Farms Company
71-3662194305171.000.5933,258.7519,646.41Hal H. and Patricia Tucker
71-3793194305171.000.4533,259.7519,646.87John C. and Patricia A. Pillen
71-4124194305171.000.6233,260.7519,647.49Douglas R. Hocking
Mary R. Johnson
71-4156194305171.000.6233,261.7519,648.12Hal H. and Patricia Tucker
71-4938194305171.000.6233,262.7519,648.74Maribel Riquelme
71-5012194305174.002.5033,266.7519,651.24JoAnne L. Lund
71-5018194305170.500.3133,267.2519,651.55Veronica Cano
71-5026194305170.500.3133,267.7519,651.86John and Erma Dalton Revocable Living Trust
71-2751943062822.0013.7133,289.7519,665.57Normand D. & Barbara Ruth Laub Family Partnership
Larry M. & Lynda E. Laub Family Trust
71-383419430628382.40238.2833,672.1519,903.85 Escalante Farms Company
71-31619430802171.20106.6833,843.3520,010.53 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-244619430802120.0078.3533,963.3520,088.88 Melvin H. Gardner Family Trust
71-2953194308025.715.3733,969.0720,094.26 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-85319430901105.0165.9434,074.0820,160.19 Escalante Farms Company
71-3661943091630.7219.2734,104.8020,179.46 Escalante Farms Company
71-125219430916342.40213.3634,447.2020,392.82 T. W. Jones and Sons Inc.
71-19741943091665.8341.3034,513.0320,434.12 Escalante Farms Company
71-197519430916110.1069.0634,623.1320,503.18 Escalante Farms Company
71-197619430916138.4086.2434,761.5320,589.42 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-197719430916139.2086.9134,900.7320,676.34 Escalante Farms Company
71-197819430916139.2086.9135,039.9320,763.25 Escalante Farms Company
71-3145194309161.501.5035,041.4320,764.75Nicholas and/or Jodie Huntsman
71-31501943091626.5016.5535,067.9320,781.30 Escalante Farms Company
71-3278194309160.800.5035,068.7320,781.79 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-33801943091623.2614.5935,091.9920,796.39 Escalante Farms Company
71-375119430916377.60235.6135,469.5921,031.99 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-4328194309160.080.0535,469.6721,032.04 Lavon Randall Trust
71-4466194309160.510.1535,470.1821,032.19Jeffery S Adams
71-4903194309160.620.6235,470.7921,032.80Gary E. Farnsworth
71-2041943111020.0012.4735,490.7921,045.28 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-186019431110320.00207.8035,810.7921,253.08 Escalante Farms Company
71-310819431110200.00124.6336,010.7921,377.70 Escalante Farms Company
71-33111943111080.0049.8536,090.7921,427.55Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-3801943112347.6029.9736,138.3921,457.52 Escalante Farms Company
71-1229194312170.560.5636,138.9521,458.08 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-123019431217160.0099.7336,298.9521,557.81 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-187219431217108.0067.3036,406.9521,625.11 Escalante Farms Company
71-31121943121744.1228.2336,451.0721,653.35Tracy Kay Andrade
Jared & Sharon Aston
Janet Avance
Glenn and Marion Bott
Glenn Bott
Jonathan Bowman
James G. & Sharon K. Campbell
Clayton D. & Renee R. Corsi
Clarence D. & Gloria P. Corsi
Deer Creek Holdings, LLC
Curtis & Lucky DeMille
Robert L. Jr. & Judy L. Gresham
Joseph Hanley
Wayne T. & Martha L Hurst
Stewart W. & Selinda B. Lamb
Lorraine A. LaPlante Living Trust
Melville L. MacDonald
Laura & Christopher T. Toledo McEwan
Jim Moran
Matthew T. and Lenora C. Naumes
Breck Vern Phillips
Gregory A. Pierce
Daniel J. & Marta L. Quinn
Robert A. & Gloria J. Raiano
Mitchell L. & Patricia L. Rigby
Frederic and Rosa T. Severance
John P. & Patricia J. Smith
Elaine Sproul
Doug & Hollie M. Urie
Derek A. and Harmony M. Walker
71-31491943121732.1614.7136,483.2321,668.05 Escalante Valley Housing
71-35601943121734.7522.1336,517.9821,690.18Andrew E. and Nancy C. Ashbaugh
Michael Leon and Cathy Ann Baldwin
Glenn E. and Marion J. Bott
Dee Charles
Robert C. and Nedra J. Davidson
David W. and James Day
Florence R. Dozar
Richard A. Dronet
Keith Evans
Anthony W. and Nanette R. Grant
Nicholas H Gulli Sr; Nicholas Gulli Jr; Anna Marie Hale; Tracey Lynn Gulli
Judith A. Howenstine
Darrell D. and Georgia Huntsman
Darrell D. Huntsman
Iron Town Property Owners Association
Richard D. and Deborah Lansford
Keith M. and Cathy L. LaPlante
Anthony Charles Johnson and Melissa Ann Johnson
Rex W. Mortensen
New Horizions, a Federal Contract Trust
Nickler Family Trust
Marlinda Parry - Palmer
Dorlene L. Parry
Patrick O. and Michelle S. PeQueen
Ronald C. Peters
Pinto Creek Rancho`s
Charles E. and Cynthia K. Prisbrey
Charles E. and Cynthia K. Prisbrey
Range 16 LLC
Randy J. and Lisa S. Robertson
William Sontag
Layne Sorden
Too Unique Properties LLC
Richard P. and Ruth Lillian Walsh
Donald Williams
Douglas Matlock Wolfe
Leah Wood
71-362319431217254.00164.2036,771.9821,854.38 Escalante Farms Company
71-36701943121792.0057.3736,863.9821,911.75 Escalante Farms Company
71-4357194312172.501.2036,866.4821,912.95Sheldon L. and LaVona G. Dickinson
71-43831943121780.5548.5836,947.0321,961.53 Iron Town Property Owners Association
71-4479194312176.381.3136,953.4121,962.84Stephen R. Brown
71-45581943121719.6112.2536,973.0221,975.10Robert A. and Arleen E. Anderson
71-4622194312170.450.0936,973.4721,975.19Nicholas H. Gulli
71-4698194312170.450.2936,973.9221,975.47William E. & Barbara P. McFarland
71-4711194312170.400.2936,974.3221,975.76Art and Georgia Lynch
71-4753194312170.450.2936,974.7721,976.05Anthony Charles Johnson and Melissa Ann Johnson
71-4780194312170.450.2936,975.2221,976.34Stephan E. and Lenora Downing
71-5881944011040.548.1137,015.7621,984.44c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-5891944011048.519.7037,064.2721,994.15c/o Jack Nelson Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-124819440112331.05206.2937,395.3222,200.43 3H Systems Inc Retirement Trust
James and Stravroula J. Angelopoulos
Nick J. Angelopoulos
Antelope Valley Estates, LLC
Juan Arellano
Hratch Asadourian
Dorothy Bant
Elvira Barriere
Black Iron LLC
Michael and Juana Boucher
Gerard Braun
Gene Brimhall
Vickie Brimhall
Curtis J. Burton
Debra Burton
Scott Wesley Campbell
Robert and Stephanie Carlsen
Charles Carlson
Arturo Carrillo and Efinenia Carrillo
William and Sandra Clark
Oneadie Craig
Dallen R. Williams & Sons
T. Kelly Dalton
Levi DeMille
Hector and Marlise Diaz
Martin L. Dillman
Phillip E. Dornberg
George E. and Dorothy Dreier
Chiyo Duperre
Ronald J. Duplex
F. A. M. Enterprises
Isaac Farrell
Richard Felters
John K. Ferguson
James Franklin
Franklin and McInnis Masonry Incorporated
Gary J. Friesen
George Gatchis
Lorena Herrera Gonzalez
Cervando Gonzalez and Cevando Gonzalez
Fred Gray
Ned O. and Dixie C. Gregerson
David and Christina Harris
Alfred and Edna Hernandez
Elizabeth Jibilian
Albert Jibilian
Theresa Jibilian
Nathan Jones
Ed and Barbara Jory
Barbara Jory
Jovel Enterprise
N. Thomas and Susan M. Kalmes
Virginia LaBarbera
Land Parcel Liquidators Inc.
Jose Z. Larreynaga
Maria J. Larreynaga
Jose Roberto Larreynaga
Lexaco LC
Suzanne Lilly
Karl E. Lind
Lynn and Jane Mosdell, The 1985 Living Trust
Michael K. and Mathew C. Malcomb
John G. and Anita C. Markulis
Betzaida Martino
Elizabeth S. Mascarinas and Rafael M. Mascarinas
Daniel J. and Susan Mayer
Bill McInnis
Candice Mecham
Tom and Gail Mitchell
Modena LLC
Rosa Ayala Munguia
Enrique Herrera Muniz
NDG Investments, LLC
Lawrence and Hadassa Newman
Tan Duy Nguyen
Neil and Vonnie Ann O`Brien
Rose Marie Ordway
Steve Orton
John Orton
Robert and Linda Palmaccio
Shanna Patrick
Keith John Pepin
Martha Peru
Donald K. Peterson
Jay Peterson
Agustin and Rosa Pinedo
Almeda Lynette Porter
Premier Forex Group, LLC
Maribel Puga
Octavio Jesus Raymundo
Iraida Rivera
Rolling Hills Ranch, LLC
Maxim Semyonov
Lisa Serruys
Michael M. and Eunice Y. Shen
John L. and Alice N. Shih
Humberto and Brenda Sigala
Jay N. and Tamara F. Smith
Valarie J. Soloaga
Southern Nevada Contracting
Eugene Stanfill
Elmer Steed
Richard Stoll
Swest Properties LLC
Tommy J. and Barbara Terry
Brand N. and Susan F. Thornton
Troy Hygro Systems
Tubin International, Inc.
Dale Vanslyke
Thomas Velarde
Gary L. Vigoren
Larry Weise
Doris M. Williams
Phillip G. Woelfel
Melissa A. Wright
Donald H. and Gloria K. Yeaman
Renn and Marie Alice Zaphiropoulos
Faye Zebberman
71-136219440112120.0074.8337,515.3222,275.26 Escalante Farms Company
71-187719440112160.0099.7737,675.3222,375.02 Enterprise Farms LLC
71-3629194401121.000.6237,676.3222,375.65David Stoker and Jalane Stoker
71-3630194401121.000.6237,677.3222,376.27Robert E. Hoelscher
71-3631194401121.000.6237,678.3222,376.89Richard Lyn and Deborah Ann Buzzard
71-3632194401121.000.6237,679.3222,377.52 Zimmer Living Trust
71-3633194401121.000.6237,680.3222,378.14 Zions First National Bank
71-3634194401121.000.6237,681.3222,378.76 Dallen R. Williams, Enterprises
71-3635194401121.000.6237,682.3222,379.38Trinh H. & Lien Nguyen
71-3636194401121.000.6237,683.3222,380.01Tan Duy Nguyen
71-3637194401121.000.6237,684.3222,380.63Val I. and Marjorie Fisher
71-3649194401121.000.4437,685.3222,381.07 Lewsader Family Trust
71-3651194401120.000.0037,685.3222,381.07Suzanne Haynes
Glen Parshall
71-3657194401124.002.4937,689.3222,383.56 L & B Farm and Cattle
71-3666194401122.001.2537,691.3222,384.81Jane Khuu
Jane Khuu
Peter Quang Tran
71-3673194401124.002.4937,695.3222,387.30 L & B Farm and Cattle
71-3756194401120.500.1037,695.8222,387.40 Swest Properties LLC
71-3781194401121.000.6337,696.8222,388.03 Lewsader Family Trust
71-4325194401122.001.2537,698.8222,389.27Martin L. Dillman
71-4373194401123.001.8737,701.8222,391.14 Dallen R. Williams & Sons
LaRay Reynolds
Vincent R. & Louise Sears-Miller
71-4393194401122.001.2537,703.8222,392.39Anthony Gorr Long
71-4394194401122.001.2537,705.8222,393.63Jose Elian, Emmanuel, Jose I, Jose A, Noel L. Martinez
Marco Tulio Monge-Orellana
71-4417194401121.000.6237,706.8222,394.26Brandon and Terra Lee Barnes
71-4422194401121.000.4437,707.8222,394.70Robert Gesler
71-4429194401121.000.6237,708.8222,395.32Hayden A. Dunn and Mary E. Dunn
71-4440194401123.001.8737,711.8222,397.19Gene Brimhall
Vickie Brimhall
Jovel Enterprise
71-4520194401120.250.1637,712.0722,397.35Timothy K. and Debora J. Jacobson
71-4580194401123.001.8737,715.0722,399.22James Michael Madison
71-4661194401121.000.6237,716.0722,399.84Michael W.C. and Kelly L. Ferguson Moriarty
71-4667194401121.000.6237,717.0722,400.46Kimberly D. L`Abbe
71-4716194401121.000.6237,718.0722,401.09 Bosshardt Farms LC
71-4813194401121.000.6237,719.0722,401.71Thomas H. and Elvira C. Stutzman
71-4843194401120.500.3137,719.5722,402.02Guy R. and Jessie F. Thomas
71-4848194401122.001.2537,721.5722,403.27Vickie A. Fairris-Ratcliff
Lance B. Ratcliff
Sawyers Family Revocable Trust
71-4855194401122.001.2537,723.5722,404.51Hayden A. and Mary E. Dunn
71-4873194401123.001.8737,726.5722,406.38Malin F. and Marilyn F. Gardner
71-4896194401120.500.3137,727.0722,406.69Wayne Piazza
71-4921194401121.500.9337,728.5722,407.63Rebecca W. Bracken
71-4963194401120.450.2837,729.0222,407.91 Enterprise Farms LLC
71-4969194401121.000.6237,730.0222,408.53Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-4976194401120.500.3137,730.5222,408.84Carlos and Maria Martinez
71-5022194401121.000.6237,731.5222,409.47 Esplin Ranch LC
71-583194401170.000.0037,731.5222,409.47Damon Loll
71-3049194401170.720.2637,732.2422,409.73Virgil C. Neves and Sharon H. Neves
71-3080194401170.720.2637,732.9622,409.99Virgil W. Poulsen
71-337219440117400.00249.2538,132.9622,659.24 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-4248194401170.000.0038,132.9622,659.24Wanda Zion
71-4249194401170.000.0038,132.9622,659.24Ann Racine
71-42911944011726.6816.6238,159.6422,675.86 Whitelaw Inc.
71-43891944011713.328.3038,172.9622,684.16 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4877194401170.000.0038,172.9622,684.16Margaret Koci
71-844194401204.002.5038,176.9622,686.66 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-180319440120119.9674.7538,296.9222,761.41 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-35571944012083.2053.5838,380.1222,814.99 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-49051944012052.0432.4338,432.1622,847.42 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-490619440120182.00113.4038,614.1622,960.82 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-49071944012074.0046.1138,688.1623,006.93 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-117319440221623.97389.5539,312.1223,396.48Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-136119440228211.78132.0939,523.9023,528.57 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-2967194402283.813.0939,527.7223,531.66 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-59019440412278.78173.4339,806.5023,705.09 100% Location LLC
The 2003 B. Trust
Michael R. Accardo
Preston J Alberts
Barry Wayne Alderson
David B. and Betty J. Alger
Catherine A. Allison
Amaranthus LLC
Amaranthus LLC
Ronald W. Anders
Marquita Anderson
Samuel Reese Anderson
Delroy Anderson
Leslie Anderson
Alberto Arellano
Garland W. Ballentine
Shelley Banning
Ronald L. Barney
Rosa Cristina C Castillo - Barrera
Debbie R. Bartlett
Eric C. and Zelma E. Bellmann
Beverly D. Bender
Henry Lee Bermudez
Luis Alberto Orduna Bernal
Alfred Gerald and Darleen Doris Bierl
Blugh Development, LLC
Kenneth M. and Brenda M Boyce
James G. Brewer
Petra Brown
Brown Dirt, Inc.
The Browne Family Trust
Brumm Family Revocable Living Trust
Jay Buck
Bumby Avenue, LLC
Lee Burton
Betty Butler
Christopher Patrick Caines
Evelyn I. Campbell Living Trust
Minerva Bernal Castaneda
James L. and Deanna Chaffee
Myriam Torres de Chaves
Michael S. and Karin D. Cicio
Mary Ellen and Justin Cluer
Kathleen Combelic
Joan A. Comito
Comstock Financial Inc.
Wilbur E. and Marilou Cowan
Mary Jo Morrison and Wesley Crane
Clarence and Ethel Crookshank
Thomas F. and Rosalie J. Cusick
Brenda S Davidson Trust
Danielle Kay Davis
Donald J. De La Cruz
Velma G. Denson
Diamon Group Trust
Dillard 1992 Trust
Vickie Dismukes
Antonio Dominguez
Jane Dunkin
Carl East
Don A. and Tomiko Eiler
Escalante Valley, LLC
Keith Evans
The F. Larry Andrews and Judy A. Andrews Trust
Henry J. and Eva L. Fackeldey
Howard S. and Sherlyn Fackrell
Family Trust Fund
Karen E. Farmer
Luanne Renee Ferrel
Patrick F. Fielding
Charles C. and Donna S. Fitzgerald
Flying A Holdings, LC
Clark G. and Mrs. Lorraine A. Fowler
Carrie L. Francis
The Funston Family Trust
Ralph E. and Dianna M. Fyke
Carlo and Santa Gagliardo
Nancy J. Gilpin
The Gloria Simpson Trust,
Walter M. and Leila N. Graham
Clifford Green and Marcia Green Revocable Living Trust
Darryl R. Gregson
Arturo Serriteno Guzman
Mildred and Merle Hale
Hamblin Valley LLC
Kelly-and-Holly Hansen Trust
Nolan Hatcher
The Hawthorne Irrevocable Trust
Joe and Ruby Ann Hennessey
Maria M. Hernandez
Richard M. and Mildred R. Holland
Reldon Max Holman
Margo Homeier
John Arthur Hopkins
Eldon Ray Hunt
Juan Ibarra and Vianey Ibarra
Julie Irvine Trust Agreement aka Julie Profet Trust Agreement
Damian Jackson
Lotte M. Jacoby
Javiar Jaime
Terri A. Jerome
Robert S. and Terri A. Johnson
JSSS, Inc.
Jasbir S. Judge
George W. and Regina M. Kelly
The Kim Burningham and Cindy Burningham Family Trust
Patsy Kinnaird Kirk
Beverly Ann Kitterman
Robert W. Kuczera
Regina Kunkel
Erich and Teresa Lah
Lamh Runda LLC
Sylvia Ledford
Marci R. Lee and Cheryl A. Lee-Berge
Lamberto Ortiz Cruz and Isabel C. Angulo Leon
Frank and Elaine Lepard
The Liahona Family Operational Trust
Milton C. and Edythe M. Lindt
Bonnie Jean Lockwood
Frank J. Lohwasser
Nicolasa Lopez
Jared and Shelly Lund
Matt Lutterman
George Lutterman
Sue Lyo
Rick and Toni Madrid
Ted A. Mann
Leyva Martin
Antono and Aquilino Martinez
Francisco Reza Martinez
Judith L. Matthews
Ricky J. McAnally
Pauline B. McAnally
Ronnie S. McAnally
Kenneth Kevin McCarthy
John Clayton McDonald
George Leo and Karan Kay McDonald Revocable Trust
Edna M. McGowan
John and Peggy Jo. McLaughlin
Glenn D. McMahan
Dan M. and Julie A. Mertlich
Hoby Metz
Mikita Living Trust
The Milagros Galimba Living Trust
Pamela Minick
Modina LLC
Miss Nina Jean Morales
Terrence K. Morris
Carolyn Joyce Morris
Michael T. and Donna L. Moss
Lorry L. and Sandra M. Mott
Michael Leroy Neill
Rich Nelson
New Horizons, a Federal Contract Trust
William Kyle & Mathew Edward & Ryan Patrick Notley
Betty Ann Oakes Revocable Trust
Neale and Peggy Onstot Trust
Enrique R. and Patricia Padilla
Manuel Payan
Dean Pedersen
Perrah Family Trust dated 2/8/96
John Sy Perri
Susan Peterone
Donna Peterson
Daniel Peterson
The Pia Family Trust
Alvaro, Margarita, and Sergio Pintado
Paul D. and Bonita J. Porter
Potowatamee LLC
Tony Lee Potter
Leona Lindhout Powell
Grace I. Pritchard
Renae J. Putnam
Pyros Family Trust
Heather A. Quillen
Cheryl Ann Quinn Revocable Living Trust
Humberto Quintana and Letssi Quintana
Gregory Raab
Patricia L. Ragland
Kenneth and Karen Rayburn Family Trust
William J. and William J. Reese
The Revocable Living Trust of James and Mavis Albaugh
Delphine M. Rich
Trina A. Richardson
Birgltta Richardson
Orman G. and Patricia I. Robbinson
Timothy W. & Michelle Roberts
Linda Roche
Sean Roche
Treva J. Roper
Maria Del Pilar Ruiz
Robert J. and Una P. Runkle
Bridgette L Saenz
Brady John and Dawnetta Ranae Sagers
Lynn Sanderson
Aminta J. Schoofs
Mary M. Scott
Michael J. Shaw
Susan R. Shaw
Jerry Shine
Glen C. and Jill G. Simkins
Sobha Singh
Susan K. Richard - Smallwood
David B. and Treasia L. Smith
Robert Lee Snider
Robert J. and Mary E. Sprenger
Robert B Squires
Cody and Kelley Staheli
David Bateman and Midge Steed
Sunray Properties Ltd.
Diane Szabo
Curtis A. Takaichi
John L. Tastevin
Janene A. Taylor
Brad and Irene Taylor
Ted and Bonnie Family Trust
The Hauser Family Trust dated April 11, 2001
Edwin Leo and Joyce G. Thomas
Marvin E. Thompson
Herman Tillard
Kipp Tollefsrud and Julie Tollefsrud
Ramon S. Troxel
Rocco Tucci
Ulich Family Revocable Living Trust
Barbara L. and Jeffrey T. Uren
Matthew R. Valantine
Faustino Noe Barb Vasquez
Cynthia Ann Vergera-Guzman
Vikdal Revocable Trust
Jose Villa
Nichole Wadlington
Irven Robert Wagner
Audrey D. Wall
Heinz Ward
Howard Scott and Nita R. Wheeler
Tyson Williams
D. Brent and Bruce R. Williams
Joyce C. Wilson
Zeppenfeld Family Trust
71-59119440412320.00199.5040,126.5023,904.60 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-187819440412320.00199.4740,446.5024,104.06 T. W. Jones and Sons Inc.
71-211319440412277.95173.3040,724.4524,277.36Joyce C. Wilson
100% Location LLC
The 2003 B. Trust
Michael R. Accardo
Preston J Alberts
Barry Wayne Alderson
David B. and Betty J. Alger
Catherine A. Allison
Amaranthus LLC
Ronald W. Anders
Leslie Anderson
Marquita Anderson
Samuel Reese Anderson
Delroy Anderson
Alberto Arellano
Garland W. Ballentine
Shelley Banning
Ronald L. Barney
Rosa Cristina C Castillo - Barrera
Debbie R. Bartlett
Eric C. and Zelma E. Bellmann
Beverly D. Bender
Henry Lee Bermudez
Luis Alberto Orduna Bernal
Alfred Gerald and Darleen Doris Bierl
Blugh Development, LLC
Kenneth M. and Brenda M. Boyce
James G. Brewer
Petra Brown
Brown Dirt, Inc.
The Browne Family Trust
Brumm Family Revocable Living Trust
Jay Buck
Bumby Anenue, LLC
Lee Burton
Betty Butler
Christopher Patrick Caines
Evelyn I. Campbell Living Trust
Minerva Bernal Castaneda
James L. and Deanna Chaffee
Myriam Torres de Chaves
Michael S. and Karin D. Cicio
Mary Ellen and Justin Cluer
Kathleen Combelic
Joan A. Comito
Comstock Financial Inc.
Wilbur E. and Marilou Cowan
Mary Jo Morrison and Wesley Crane
Clarence and Ethel Crookshank
Thomas F. and Rosalie J. Cusick
William G Davidson Trust
Danielle Kay Davis
Donald J. De La Cruz
Velma G Denson
Diamon Group Trust
Dillard 1992 Trust
Vickie Dismukes
Antonio Dominguez
Jane Dunkin
Carl East
Don A. and Tomiko Eiler
Escalante Valley, LLC
Keith Evans
The F. Larry Andrews and Judy A. Andrews Trust
Henry J. and Eva L. Fackeldey
Howard S. and Sherlyn Fackrell
Family Trust Fund
Karen R. Farmer
Luanne Renee Ferrell
Patrick F. Fielding
Charles C. and Donna S. Fitzgerald
Flying A Holdings, LC
Clark G. and Mrs. Lorraine A. Fowler
Carrie L. Francis
The Funston Family Trust
Ralph E. and Dianna M. Fyke
Carlo and Santa Gagliardo
Nancy J. Gilpin
The Gloria Simpson Trust,
Walter M. and Leila N. Graham
Darryl R. Gregson
Arturo Serriteno Guzman
Mildred and Merle Hale
Hamblin Valley LLC
Kelly-and-Holly Hansen Trust
Nolan Hatcher
The Hawthorne Irrevocable Trust
Joe and Ruby Ann Hennessey
Maria M. Hernandez
Richard M. and Mildred R. Holland
Reldon Max Holman
Margo Homeier
John Arthur Hopkins
Eldon Ray Hunt
Juan Ibarra and Vianey Ibarra
Julie Irvine Trust Agreement aka Julie Profet Trust Agreement
Damian Jackson
Lotte M. Jacoby
Javiar Jaime
Terri A. Jerome
Robert S. and Terri A. Johnson
JSSS, Inc.
Jasbir S. Judge
George W. and Regina M Kelly
The Kim Burningham and Cindy Burningham Family Trust
Patsy Kinnaird Kirk
Beverly Ann Kitterman
Robert W. Kuczera
Regina Kunkel
Erich and Teresa Lah
Lamh Runda LLC
Sylvia Ledford
Marci R. Lee and Cheryl A. Lee-Berge
Lamberto Ortiz Cruz and Isabel C. Angulo Leon
Frank and Elaine Lepard
The Liahona Family Operational Trust
Milton C. and Edythe M. Lindt
Bonnie Jean Lockwood
Frank J. Lohwasser
Nicolasa Lopez
George Lutterman
Matt Lutterman
Sue Lyo
Rick and Toni Madrid
Ted A. Mann
Leyva Martin
Antono and Aquilino Martinez
Francisco Reza Martinez
Judith L. Matthews
Pauline B. McAnally
Ronnie S. McAnally
Ricky J. McAnally
Kenneth Kevin McCarthy
George Leo and Karan Kay McDonald Revocable Trust
Edna M McGowan
John and Peggy Jo. McLaughlin
Glenn D. McMahan
Dan M. and Julie A. Mertlich
Hoby Metz
The Mikita Living Trust
The Milagros Galimba Living Trust
Pamela Minick
Modina LLC
Miss Nina Jean Morales
Carolyn Joyce Morris
Terrence K. Morris
Michael T. and Donna L. Moss
Lorry L. and Sandra M. Mott
The Neale and Peggy Onstot Trust
Michael Leroy Neill
Rich Nelson
New Horizons, a Federal Contract Trust
William Kyle & Mathew Edward & Ryan Patrick Notley
Betty Ann Oakes Revocable Trust
Enrique R. and Patricia Padilla
Manuel Payan
The Perrah Family Trust,
John Sy Perri
Susan C. Peterone
Donna Peterson
Daniel Peterson
The Pia Family Trust
Alvaro, Margarita, and Sergio Pintado
Paul D. and Bonita J. Porter
Potowatamee LLC
Tony Lee Potter
Leona Lindhout Powell
Grace I. Pritchard
The Pyros Family Trust
Heather A. Quillen
Cheryl Ann Quinn Revocable Living Trust
Humberto Quintana and Letssi Quintana
Gregory Raab
Patricia L. Ragland
Kenneth and Karen Rayburn Family Trust
William J. and William J. Reese
The Renae J. Putnam Trust
The Revocable Living Trust of James and Mavis Albaugh
Delphine M. Rich
Trina A. Richardson
Birgltta Richardson
Orman G. and Patricia I. Robbinson
Timothy W. and Michelle Roberts
Sean Roche
Linda Roche
Treva J. Roper
Maria Del Pilar Ruiz
Robert J. and Una P. Runkle
Bridgette L Saenz
Brady John and Dawnetta Ranae Sagers
Lynn Sanderson
Aminta J. Schoofs
Mary M. Scott
Susan R. Shaw
Michael J. Shaw
Jerry Shine
Glen C. and Jill G. Simkins
Sobha Singh
Susan K. Richard - Smallwood
David B. and Treasia L. Smith
Robert Lee Snider
Robert J. and Mary E. Sprenger
Robert B Squires
Cody and Kelley Staheli
David Bateman and Midge Steed
William and Cynthia Steele
Sunray Properties, Ltd.
Diane Szabo
Curtis A. Takaichi
John L. Tastevin
Janene Taylor
Brad and Irene Taylor
The Ted and Bonnie Family Trust
Edwin Leo and Joyce G. Thomas
Marvin E. Thompson
Herman Tillard
Kipp Tollefsrud and Julie Tollefsrud
Ramon S. Troxel
Rocco Tucci
The Ulich Family Revocable Living Trust
Barbara L. and Jeffrey T. Uren
Matthew R. Valantine
Faustino Noe Barb Vasquez
Cynthia Ann Vergera-Guzman
The Vikdal Revocable Trust
Jose Villa
Nichole Wadlington
Irven Robert Wagner
Audrey D. Wall
Heinz Ward
Howard Scott and Nita R. Wheeler
Tyson Williams
D. Brent and Bruce R. Williams
Joyce C. Wilson
Zeppenfeld Family Trust
71-42631944041248.0029.9540,772.4524,307.31 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-42651944041240.0024.9840,812.4524,332.30Katherine S. Christensen
Stephen A. Christensen
71-4331194404122.001.2540,814.4524,333.54Mary Monical
71-43491944041213.008.1040,827.4524,341.64 Quincy E. Fortier M. D. Trust
71-4360194404121.000.6240,828.4524,342.27Virginia Gonzalez
Marcelino Lara
71-4374194404122.001.2540,830.4524,343.51Angel and Carmen Rivera
71-4391194404124.002.4940,834.4524,346.01 Daniel A. Stadtlander Trust
71-4392194404122.001.2540,836.4524,347.25Joseph Zilfi
71-4401194404128.004.9940,844.4524,352.24 Escalante Farms Company
71-4408194404122.001.2540,846.4524,353.48Ann T Terry Living Trust
71-4459194404123.001.8740,849.4524,355.35Duane and Beverly Carlson
71-4500194404122.001.2540,851.4524,356.60Vince Arlotti
71-4553194404124.502.6540,855.9524,359.25Peggy Canfield Trust
71-4559194404122.001.2540,857.9524,360.50 Janice L. Woods Trust
71-4581194404121.000.6240,858.9524,361.12Clifford Green and Marcia Green Revocable Living Trust
71-4583194404121.000.4440,859.9524,361.57 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-4587194404121.000.6240,860.9524,362.19Robert & Shirley J. Sulentich
71-4627194404123.001.8740,863.9524,364.06Melvin H. & Belva H. Gardner
71-4658194404121.000.6240,864.9524,364.68 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4677194404121.000.6240,865.9524,365.31Joyce Hunt Hughes
71-4682194404122.001.2540,867.9524,366.55Andrew D. and Lynette Checketts
71-4684194404121.000.6240,868.9524,367.17 Pinto Properties, LLC
71-4685194404121.000.6240,869.9524,367.80 Pinto Properties, LLC
71-4686194404120.500.3140,870.4524,368.11 Pinto Properties, LLC
71-4687194404120.500.3140,870.9524,368.42 Pinto Properties, LLC
71-4707194404120.690.4440,871.6524,368.86Peggy Canfield Trust
71-4713194404121.000.4440,872.6524,369.29Robert Kuczera
71-4722194404121.000.6240,873.6524,369.91Edward A. Probert
Scott Tucker
Wade Tucker Jr.
71-4723194404120.000.0040,873.6524,369.91Edward A. Probert
Scott Tucker
Wade Tucker Jr.
71-4732194404129.005.6140,882.6524,375.52 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4733194404121.000.4740,883.6524,376.00Mathew D. Cook and Helen Cook
71-4755194404121.000.6240,884.6524,376.62 Walker Family Trust
71-4766194404121.000.5240,885.6524,377.14Danielle Louise Guillot
71-4767194404120.500.1840,886.1524,377.32Rex H. Gubler
71-4787194404125.003.1440,891.1524,380.47Peggy Canfield Trust
71-4788194404121.000.6240,892.1524,381.09Sherrill Ray Keele
71-4807194404120.000.0040,892.1524,381.09Jake and Laurie Kern
71-4818194404120.000.0040,892.1524,381.09Burke Orton and Brayden Preston
71-4819194404121.000.6240,893.1524,381.71Stephen P. Harker
Jobe R. Harker
Paul Harker
71-4834194404120.500.3140,893.6524,382.02Ronald L. Suttles
71-4852194404120.500.3140,894.1524,382.33Melvin H. & Belva H. Gardner
71-4853194404121.000.6340,895.1524,382.96Peggy Canfield Trust
71-4854194404122.001.2540,897.1524,384.21Jaymes B. Holcomb & Kelly S. Holcomb
71-4866194404122.001.2540,899.1524,385.46 Sulentich Revocable Trust
71-4871194404121.500.5740,900.6524,386.03Cynthia A. Etzler
71-4884194404121.000.0040,901.6524,386.03Earl B. and Nannette Kern
71-4890194404121.000.6240,902.6524,386.65Peggy Canfield Trust
71-4900194404125.003.1240,907.6524,389.77 Federico Buj-Trevizo and Loretta Buj
Leroy L. and Mida Herrera
71-4932194404120.500.3140,908.1524,390.08Richard Harrell
71-4979194404121.000.0040,909.1524,390.08Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-4981194404121.251.2540,910.3924,391.32 Platt Livestock LLC
71-4988194404121.640.6240,912.0324,391.95Tresa Olsen
71-4998194404121.961.0440,913.9924,392.99Walter and Cynthia Cluett
71-5002194404126.003.7440,919.9924,396.73Lee Eagar
71-5003194404124.002.4940,923.9924,399.22 Newcastle Development Inc.
71-81119440413596.80371.8841,520.7924,771.10 Escalante Farms Company
71-82319440413315.50196.7541,836.2924,967.86Mary F. Arrington
Edward J. and Mary Gardner
Ron and Barbara Gardner
Lister Woods
71-1994194404135.245.2441,841.5324,973.09 Escalante Farms Company
71-37251944041324.0015.8341,865.5324,988.92Lloyd B. and Theresa Graff
Curtis and Annette Graff
71-121019440417204.30127.3942,069.8325,116.31 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-443919440417101.300.0042,171.1325,116.31 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-59419440418492.14306.7242,663.2725,423.02 Harker Farms Inc.
71-381819440418120.0074.7842,783.2725,497.80 Harker Farms Inc.
71-59219440419287.20178.9643,070.4725,676.76David A. & Carol Lynne Piper
71-59319440419320.00199.4043,390.4725,876.16 L & B Farm & Cattle, LP
71-94719440516319.00199.1843,709.4726,075.34 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-2942194405161.000.2043,710.4726,075.54 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-775194406021.661.0843,712.1326,076.62 Escalante Farms Company
71-21231944060244.2027.5543,756.3326,104.16 Escalante Farms Company
71-437019440602388.00247.2744,144.3326,351.43 Escalante Farms Company
71-119919440612160.0099.7044,304.3326,451.13Orvel and Sara Bundy Family Trust
71-123319440612318.00198.1544,622.3326,649.29Michael R. and Griselda Gardner
71-141119440612109.8468.2744,732.1726,717.56Marlo Reber and Sherri Reber
71-186219440612201.39125.5144,933.5626,843.07Marlo Reber and Sherri Reber
71-239919440612201.39125.5145,134.9526,968.58Marlo Reber and Sherri Reber
71-33141944061264.0039.8845,198.9527,008.46 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-37541944061280.0050.0045,278.9527,058.46 Brown Farms II
71-4712194406120.600.3745,279.5527,058.84Grant V. Messerly
71-4785194406122.000.0045,281.5527,058.84Michael and Griselda Gardner
71-120019440703410.96256.0245,692.5027,314.86 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-122019440703304.19189.5945,996.6927,504.45 S & B Farms
71-126919440703310.82193.7446,307.5127,698.19 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-136019440703473.20298.0346,780.7127,996.22 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-4435194407030.500.5046,781.2127,996.72 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-4456194407030.450.2846,781.6627,997.00 S & B Farms
71-4752194407030.450.0946,782.1127,997.09 S & B Farms
71-63419440714267.67166.7947,049.7928,163.89 Bosshardt Farms LC
71-3697194407141.311.0147,051.0928,164.90Ronald W. & Glenna N. Nelson
71-3698194407140.030.0247,051.1228,164.92Ronald W. and Glenna N. Nelson
71-4427194407141.000.4447,052.1228,165.35Charles E. Bundy
David S. Bundy
Jolayne Bundy
71-4443194407141.000.6347,053.1228,165.98Jesse and Shauna Williams
71-4533194407142.001.2647,055.1228,167.24Christopher A. Kurek
71-48591944071422.4714.0047,077.6028,181.24 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-487919440714140.0087.2347,217.6028,268.48 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-4965194407140.750.4747,218.3528,268.94John Wade Clifton
71-1250194407208.548.5447,226.8928,277.48J. Melvin Bulloch and Glenna D. Bulloch Living Trust
Hazel B. Bulloch Family Limited Partnership
71-1251194407208.548.5447,235.4328,286.02J. Melvin Bulloch and Glenna D. Bulloch Living Trust
Hazel B. Bulloch Family Limited Partnership
71-123619440725158.8099.0547,394.2328,385.08 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-192519440725158.8099.0547,553.0328,484.13 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-60919440817795.40495.6348,348.4328,979.76 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-61819440817461.60287.6348,810.0329,267.39 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-35621944081740.0024.9348,850.0329,292.32 Unique Properties Incorporated
71-71019440908315.00196.3149,165.0329,488.63 Escalante Farms Company
71-33011944090880.0050.1849,245.0329,538.82 Escalante Farms Company
71-3321194409081.551.2949,246.5829,540.10E. Vernon and Mary H. Snow
71-3322194409081.440.5749,248.0229,540.68Max L. and Clyda P. Torres
71-3358194409080.720.2749,248.7429,540.94Clair S. Terry
71-3371194409084.002.6249,252.7429,543.57 Cloyd James Butterfield Revocable Trust
71-3578194409084.002.5149,256.7429,546.08Charles E. & Jolayne & David S. Bundy
Landon J. Larson and Melissa A. Larson
Lynn R. and Katherine A. Whittaker
71-36501944090840.0024.9449,296.7429,571.02 LHK Farms, LLC
71-3738194409081.000.4749,297.7429,571.49Gary and Jerri Laub
71-4346194409080.500.1249,298.2429,571.61Scott and Norita Sorenson
71-4355194409081.000.6349,299.2429,572.24Russell and Jeanette Skouson
71-4367194409080.450.0949,299.6929,572.33Sandi S. and Donald B. Paxman
71-4594194409080.500.3149,300.1929,572.64James M. Douglas
71-4612194409084.383.1149,304.5729,575.75Arlin S. and Rozell P. Hughes
71-4618194409081.000.6349,305.5729,576.38Daniel Mertlich and Julie A. Mertlich
71-4830194409081.490.0049,307.0729,576.38Wendell Jason Gubler
Laurel Roseann Gubler
Ralph Hafen
Laveryl Porter Living Trust
71-4831194409081.500.9449,308.5729,577.32Melvin H. and Belva H. Gardner
71-4944194409080.500.3149,309.0729,577.64Mike and Bonnie Reilly
71-4970194409081.000.6349,310.0729,578.26Tammy Bell Ence
Elaine Winget
71-11511944091225.0015.6349,335.0729,593.89 Escalante Farms Company
71-19821944091225.0015.6349,360.0729,609.52 Escalante Farms Company
71-19831944091225.0015.5949,385.0729,625.11 Escalante Farms Company
71-19841944091225.0015.6349,410.0729,640.74 Escalante Farms Company
71-177219440918180.00112.1649,590.0729,752.91 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-95019440919320.70200.8349,910.7729,953.74 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-10961944101044.2027.5549,954.9629,981.29 Escalante Farms Company
71-474919441010305.92190.6950,260.8830,171.98 Escalante Farms Company
71-1176194410258.018.0150,268.8930,179.99Gordon and Gloria Bulloch
Kenneth R. and Barbara M. McKnight
Roger and Patricia Murie
71-145319441030247.60154.7550,516.4930,334.74Donald L. & Janet L. Horsley
71-13431944111414.358.9450,530.8430,343.68 Agudo Inc
Rayma Anderson
Howard and Fern Carter
Melvin & Belva Gardner
Robert & Patricia Gutherie
Jackson Construction Company Incorporated
Rocky Mountain Land, LLC
Sterling Trust Company
71-19151944111412.858.0150,543.6930,351.69Rayma Anderson
Howard & Fern Carter
Melvin and Belva Gardner
Gary L. and Delores M. Gilsdorf
Jackson Construction Company
Louis H. Kaboli
Van H. Leavitt
71-3200194411141.720.9250,545.4130,352.60Betty L. Bracken
Joan B. Staheli
71-3243194411144.002.4950,549.4130,355.09Lloyd C. Carter
Robert E. Jr. & Patricia Lynn Harper
Sampson Family Trust
71-3263194411141.000.2050,550.4130,355.29Dean T. Terry
71-32871944111428.0017.4550,578.4130,372.75 Escalante Farms LTD.
71-32881944111480.0049.9850,658.4130,422.73 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-32971944111439.7226.1850,698.1330,448.91Curtis and Annette Graff
Lloyd B. and Theresa Graff
71-3323194411140.750.4750,698.8830,449.38 Jen-R-Car Incorporated
71-336019441114160.0099.8750,858.8830,549.25John P. & Carol Tullis
James S and Lanita J Tullis Living Trust
71-3430194411141.500.5750,860.3830,549.81David & Sharon Graf
71-3442194411141.090.7050,861.4730,550.51Kay Jean Mathews
71-35331944111440.0024.9350,901.4730,575.44 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-3645194411141.001.0050,902.4730,576.44Edward L. and Fenton L. and Margie E. Bowler
71-3816194411141.000.4450,903.4730,576.88Irvin J. & Betty H. Ence
Kay R. & Ellen S. Ence
71-4082194411141.500.9350,904.9730,577.81Robert E. & Joan A. Perry Perry
71-4103194411141.250.8050,906.2230,578.61Larry and Leona Shurtliff
71-4104194411141.500.9350,907.7230,579.54E. Lloyd & M. Kaye Smith
71-4105194411141.500.7950,909.2230,580.33H. Morris and Violet R. Simkins
71-4106194411143.001.8750,912.2230,582.20T.C. Midgley
71-4107194411141.500.9350,913.7230,583.14Yoseph Zarabi
71-4108194411141.500.9750,915.2230,584.11H. Morris and Violet R. Simkins
71-4109194411141.500.9350,916.7230,585.04Robert M. McGarvie
71-4110194411140.750.4750,917.4730,585.51Robert F. Lehigh
71-4132194411143.001.8750,920.4730,587.38Klay Phillips and Beckie Phillips
71-4505194411140.000.0050,920.4730,587.38 VACATED WATER RIGHT NUMBER - SEE NOTES ON FILE
71-45721944111478.0049.7150,998.4730,637.09Dean T. Terry
71-4681194411141.000.6450,999.4730,637.72Brent J. Anderson
Karla A. Anzalone
71-4789194411141.751.0951,001.2230,638.82Charles F Hulet and Fawn Hulet
71-1161194411206.185.8851,007.4130,644.70The Howard W. Jones and Becky C. Jones Family Trust,
71-135619441208415.17260.2351,422.5830,904.93 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-98019441213185.60116.5451,608.1831,021.47Steve R. & Janet H. Staheli
71-90219441214486.70303.7852,094.8831,325.25Richard Bagley
George and LaRee Gardner
Gardner Brothers Drilling, Inc.
Joel R. Nelson and Amy Nelson
71-190719441214512.00319.6852,606.8831,644.93 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-190819441214741.00462.0453,347.8832,106.98 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-4497194412144.002.5053,351.8832,109.47Theron Jensen
71-45251944121421.0013.1953,372.8832,122.66N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
71-4552194412141.000.6253,373.8832,123.29Jerald W. and Mary Alice Hunt
71-4619194412141.000.6253,374.8832,123.91 Gardner Brothers Drilling Inc.
71-4670194412140.500.1253,375.3832,124.03Michael Leon and Cathy Ann Baldwin
71-4676194412141.000.4653,376.3832,124.49Brad and Carol Ruge
71-4679194412141.000.4553,377.3832,124.95Jobe R. Harker
Stephen P. Harker
Paul Harker
71-4757194412144.002.4353,381.3832,127.37Russell C.and Lundee Holmes
71-47961944121480.8050.4553,462.1832,177.82 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-479719441214161.80100.8953,623.9832,278.71 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-4799194412141.000.6253,624.9832,279.34Theodore P. Sandekian
71-4832194412142.001.2553,626.9832,280.59Albert Smith
71-4933194412141.000.4753,627.9832,281.06Larry Shelley
71-50091944121470.5044.0053,698.4832,325.06City of Enterprise
71-10141944121980.000.0053,778.4832,325.06Alma LaMont Wood
71-136619441219240.000.0054,018.4832,325.06Alma LaMont Wood
71-167019441219314.40197.4754,332.8832,522.54 H. Wayne Holt LC
71-115819441222626.80390.5754,959.6832,913.11 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
73-1040194412264.964.9654,964.6332,918.07 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-1186194501022.322.3254,966.9632,920.39 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-9101945010412.8812.8854,979.8432,933.27 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-118119450108499.84312.4455,479.6833,245.71 Black Iron LLC
71-115919450115320.00200.0355,799.6833,445.74 LHK Farms LLC
71-104519450125311.37194.0956,111.0533,639.83 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-18051945012526.8625.0256,137.9133,664.85 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-3574194501252.001.2556,139.9133,666.10Richard Mason and Doni C. Jones
71-37521945012573.8646.0956,213.7733,712.18 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-9141945013018.7018.7056,232.4833,730.89Cedar City District USA Bureau of Land Management
71-915194501301.051.0556,233.5333,731.94 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-916194501304.204.2056,237.7333,736.14 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-3742194501304.422.6556,242.1533,738.79 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-3812194501304.902.9456,247.0533,741.73 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-93619450301512.00319.3656,759.0534,061.09 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-93719450301213.04132.8856,972.0934,193.98 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-93819450301299.00186.4457,271.0934,380.41 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-93919450301264.00164.7357,535.0934,545.14Nancy Bruce
Malin F. and Marilyn F. Gardner
Kathleen Morlan
Tom and Tommie Romeo
Soon Jin Scheffel
71-94019450301478.00297.9558,013.0934,843.09 T. W. Jones and Sons Inc.
71-94119450301487.52303.8958,500.6135,146.98 Escalante Farms Company
71-942194503010.750.4758,501.3635,147.45Bradley Abegglen and JoAnne Abegglen
71-94319450301313.800.0058,815.1635,147.45The Miller Trust
71-94419450301640.00398.8059,455.1635,546.25 Whitelaw Inc.
71-94519450301601.60374.8760,056.7635,921.12 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-94619450301624.00388.8360,680.7636,309.95 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-118719450301464.00289.1361,144.7636,599.08 MIKEJOHN LAND, LLC
71-263319450301266.40166.0061,411.1636,765.08 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-293819450301313.80195.5461,724.9636,960.62 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-2939194503013.091.9761,728.0436,962.59Steven Brent and Pamela Ord Robinson
71-2940194503013.081.9761,731.1336,964.56Malin F. & Marilyn Gardner
71-307219450301597.20372.3862,328.3337,336.94 Charles and Juliette Twitchell Living Trust
71-307419450301298.96186.4862,627.2937,523.41 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-3075194503011.010.6562,628.3037,524.06 Brown Farms II
71-3537194503010.500.1062,628.8037,524.16Robert Holt Farms Inc
71-375019450301162.00101.0862,790.8037,625.25 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-38211945030115.629.7462,806.4237,634.98 Escalante Farms Company
71-4083194503010.750.2962,807.1737,635.27 May Living Trust
71-4316194503012.001.2562,809.1737,636.52Charles W. and Maria F. Twitchell
Charles W. Twitchell
71-4321194503010.750.4762,809.9237,636.99Kent R Abegglen and Joanne H Abegglen
71-4323194503010.750.3962,810.6737,637.38Howard C. and Suzanne West
71-434319450301112.0069.7962,922.6737,707.17 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-4490194503012.401.3862,925.0737,708.55Craig Leo and Cindy Barlocker
71-4567194503013.422.1362,928.4937,710.68 Brown Farms II
71-47941945030182.0051.1563,010.4937,761.83 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-47951945030182.5651.5063,093.0537,813.33 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-482319450301488.00304.0963,581.0538,117.41 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-4971194503011.000.6263,582.0538,118.04Gregory Aldred
71-121919450305400.00249.2563,982.0538,367.29 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-91919450309160.27100.1264,142.3238,467.41Joyce Crowley
Douglas Frank Jones
Jones Boys Ranches LLC
71-19731945030991.5257.2264,233.8438,524.63Janet H. Staheli
71-3171194503091.750.8664,235.5938,525.49Wade and Sharon Randall
71-33551945030916.009.9764,251.5938,535.46George L. and George Kurt Gardner
71-3559194503091.000.4364,252.5938,535.89Donald E. and Wanda F. Dominique
71-3642194503091.000.2664,253.5938,536.16Delmar Clark Jones; Richard D Jones; Clark Lee Jones; Russell W Jones and Cade J Jones
71-3975194503091.000.6264,254.5938,536.78Jeannine H. Holt
71-1344194503121.751.0964,256.3438,537.87Kay Jean Mathews
71-136519450312230.81143.8264,487.1538,681.69 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-362019450312632.72394.2665,119.8739,075.96 Escalante Farms Company
71-4724194503121.000.6265,120.8739,076.58Bryan J. Hamilton
71-4728194503120.960.4165,121.8339,076.99John and Annette Alger
71-4791194503122.001.2565,123.8339,078.23Cloyd James Butterfield Revocable Trust
71-48681945031238.7924.1765,162.6139,102.40 L & B Farm & Cattle, LP
71-4895194503120.610.3865,163.2239,102.78Larry and Leona Shurtliff
71-4946194503120.990.4765,164.2239,103.25Robert William and RaShanna Fox Shurtliff
71-1770194504121.040.6865,165.2539,103.93Russell and Tamara Gardner
Malin F and Marilyn F Gardner
71-327719450412154.0095.9665,319.2539,199.89 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-34381945041220.0012.4665,339.2539,212.35 Escalante Farms Company
71-35321945041226.0016.2065,365.2539,228.56 Escalante Farms Company
71-3653194504122.001.2565,367.2539,229.80Michael Enriquez
71-3669194504124.003.6065,371.2539,233.40Jason D. & Terra W. Barnes
71-42811945041217.0010.4065,388.2539,243.80Edward John and Michelle R. Pettit
71-4304194504121.000.6265,389.2539,244.43 Whitelaw Inc.
71-43051945041226.0016.2065,415.2539,260.63 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-4306194504121.000.6265,416.2539,261.25Arthur W. and Amanda McCarthy
71-4310194504121.000.6265,417.2539,261.88 DALCO, L.C.
71-448219450412182.80113.9165,600.0539,375.78Russell and Tamara Gardner
Malin F and Marilyn F Gardner
71-12251945041791.6257.0965,691.6739,432.87 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-134619450417159.0099.0865,850.6739,531.95 Escalante Farms Company
71-134719450417304.80189.9366,155.4739,721.88 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-1348194504174.002.4966,159.4739,724.37J. Harlan & Connie D. Burns
71-286819450417147.2091.7266,306.6739,816.10 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-3485194504171.000.2066,307.6739,816.30Jeffrey S. Adams
71-414319450417120.0074.7866,427.6739,891.07 Charles and Juliette Twitchell Living Trust
71-175119450426320.00199.4066,747.6740,090.47 Escalante Farms Company
71-1752194504269.005.6166,756.6740,096.08 Bundy Family Revocable Trust
Melvin H. Gardner Family Trust
71-18761945042640.0024.9366,796.6740,121.00 Escalante Farms Company
71-475919450426240.00149.5567,036.6740,270.55Larry M. and Lynda S. Laub Living Trust
71-48041945042620.0012.4667,056.6740,283.02Kerry D. Ence
Irvin J. Ence
Brent H. Ence
71-4894194504261.000.4367,057.6740,283.45Bryce Gubler and Kathleen Gubler Revocable Trust
71-4908194504262.001.2567,059.6740,284.69Steven J. Hansen
71-4912194504261.000.6267,060.6740,285.32Agustin and Hermelinda Rodriguez Lares
71-4917194504260.250.0567,060.9240,285.37 Bundy Family Revocable Trust
71-4980194504264.002.4967,064.9240,287.86Edward and Michelle Pettit
71-5001194504261.000.6267,065.9240,288.48Dennis Larsen Revocable Living Trust
71-93219450529104.9821.0067,170.9040,309.48 Union Pacific Railroad Company
71-1257194505291,300.62810.4568,471.5241,119.93 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-1864194505290.000.0068,471.5241,119.93 Staheli Farms
71-12341945061644.6831.8368,516.2041,151.76 Black Iron LLC
71-1367194506162.802.8068,519.0041,154.56Alan and Carol Carr
71-332019450616192.00119.6768,711.0041,274.24 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-41671945061623.4814.6368,734.4841,288.87 Whitelaw Inc.
71-143319450620283.60176.7269,018.0841,465.59 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-119419450702684.00426.2269,702.0841,891.80 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-119519450702291.80181.8369,993.8842,073.63 Kerry Holt Farms LTD
71-179719450702320.00199.4070,313.8842,273.03 Escalante Farms, LLC
Lyman Wade and Angelene R. Huntsman
71-118219450703408.93257.8270,722.8242,530.85 Hulet Family Living Trust
71-127419450806401.85250.7471,124.6742,781.59 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-12401945081710.006.2371,134.6742,787.83 Dixie Cable Services
71-1352194508175.003.1271,139.6742,790.94Daniel Morgan Adams
Beryl Baptist Church
71-135319450817-0.40-0.2571,139.2742,790.69Benjamine A. Boyd
Mariah H Brewer
Mark A. Carroll
Farrell Family Trust
Dennis W. and Ranae Gould
Guerin, Luciano E.
William P. and Marie C. Harrington
Kristy League
Brian R. and Janet M. Linder
Brian E. Mallory
Bernard Menaker
Gary S. Menaker
Christopher X Pincay
Rodrigo C Sosa
South Central Utah Telephone Association Inc
Pamela J. Sundlie
Paul E. and Gloria Wainscott
71-2654194508173.722.3271,142.9942,793.01 Whitelaw Inc.
71-3353194508173.001.6671,145.9942,794.67 Beryl Baptist Church
71-359219450817300.00186.9471,445.9942,981.61 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-3786194508170.250.0571,446.2442,981.66 South Central Utah Telephone Association Inc.
71-42921945081725.4015.8371,471.6442,997.48 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4356194508170.480.3071,472.1242,997.78 Reliant Testing Laboratory Inc.
71-4382194508171.000.6271,473.1242,998.41 Bushar Family Limited Partnership
71-44091945081716.8010.4771,489.9243,008.87 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4419194508172.001.2571,491.9243,010.12H. John and Karl J. Hafen
71-44261945081718.0011.2271,509.9243,021.34D Brent Williams and Bruce R Williams
A. Morley and Mary Ellen Wilson
71-444819450817160.2099.8271,670.1243,121.16Don L Bond Family Inter Vivos Revocable Trust
Bushar Family Limited Partnership
Whitelaw Inc.
71-4455194508170.500.3171,670.6243,121.47Palma Ann Gioeli
71-4458194508171.000.4371,671.6243,121.91Chris R. and Robert Dale Haught
71-4496194508173.001.7771,674.6243,123.67Bruno M. DeBacker
71-4545194508170.450.2871,675.0743,123.95Von D. & Becky D. Steward
71-4596194508178.004.9971,683.0743,128.94H. Wayne & Marilyn Holt Revocable Trust
71-47261945081710.006.2371,693.0743,135.17Bret D Bowler
71-4824194508170.500.1271,693.5743,135.29Morris W Carter
71-4825194508171.000.3171,694.5743,135.60Brad and Mary Jo Hafen
71-4826194508171.000.6271,695.5743,136.22Ramona Hafen Family Protection Trust
71-4827194508170.500.3171,696.0743,136.54Kendrick J. and Susan C. Hafen
71-4837194508170.500.3171,696.5743,136.85Michael P Moss and Jeanine H Moss
71-4860194508170.500.3171,697.0743,137.16Kim and Becky Hafen
71-4869194508175.003.1271,702.0743,140.28Dennis Frei
71-4875194508174.002.4971,706.0743,142.77 Hall Family Living Trust
71-4876194508176.003.7471,712.0743,146.51 Hall Family Living Trust
71-48831945081715.009.3571,727.0743,155.85Bret D Bowler
71-4891194508170.450.2871,727.5243,156.13Ultiminio Gomez and Lucia Gomez
71-48921945081740.0024.9371,767.5243,181.06L. Warren Cox Living Trust
71-4948194508170.450.2871,767.9743,181.34Chris A. Anderson
71-4983194508171.350.7271,769.3243,182.06Kerry L. Holt and Dee Ann Holt
71-100819450827211.32132.1771,980.6343,314.24 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-1370194508270.450.0971,981.0843,314.33 Escalante Farms Company
71-137219450827823.20512.9672,804.2843,827.28 Escalante Farms Company
71-137419450827478.80298.3573,283.0844,125.63 Escalante Farms Company
71-137519450827288.60179.8373,571.6844,305.47 Escalante Farms Company
71-137819450827231.08143.9973,802.7644,449.46 Escalante Farms Company
71-179819450827240.00149.5574,042.7644,599.01Marlo C. & Sherri S. Reber
71-180019450827401.29250.5474,444.0544,849.55 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-189519450827960.00598.2075,404.0545,447.75 Escalante Farms Company
71-189919450827136.8085.2475,540.8545,532.99 Escalante Farms Company
71-382519450827193.76120.7475,734.6145,653.73 Escalante Farms Company
71-382619450827262.44163.5375,997.0545,817.26 Escalante Farms Company
71-383319450827119.86116.9176,116.9145,934.17 Escalante Farms Company
71-38351945082732.8020.4476,149.7145,954.61 Escalante Farms Company
71-383619450827265.00165.1376,414.7146,119.74 Escalante Farms Company
71-383719450827313.56195.3976,728.2746,315.13 Escalante Farms Company
71-38381945082742.7626.6476,771.0346,341.77 Escalante Farms Company
71-127319450829396.40247.0177,167.4346,588.78 Whitelaw Inc.
71-181019450914228.00142.0777,395.4346,730.85 Escalante Farms Co LTD
71-18141945091492.0057.3477,487.4346,788.19 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-181519450914182.80113.9177,670.2346,902.10 Escalante Farms Company
71-181619450914457.20284.8978,127.4347,186.99 Charles and Juliette Twitchell Living Trust
71-123219450918295.41184.0878,422.8447,371.07 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-183919450918297.92185.6478,720.7647,556.71 Brown Farms II
71-116419450919607.01378.0679,327.7847,934.77 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-116519450919606.57377.9779,934.3448,312.73 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-29361945101925.0015.5879,959.3448,328.31 Escalante Farms Company
71-2974194510190.730.2679,960.0748,328.58Josh L. and John T. Jacobs
71-2998194510191.750.9879,961.8248,329.56Charles W. & Rita Jo Jackson
John E. and JoAnn Skelton
71-2999194510193.001.8779,964.8248,331.43Josh L. and John T. Jacobs
71-3079194510191.000.6279,965.8248,332.05 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3081194510191.720.8879,967.5448,332.93James and Charleen McDonald
71-3099194510192.721.5079,970.2648,334.44 Modina LLC
71-31041945101918.0011.2279,988.2648,345.65 Whitelaw Inc.
71-3105194510192.731.5179,990.9948,347.16Earl S. & Ruth L. Marshall
Michael Lee Smith
71-31071945101972.0044.8780,062.9948,392.03 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-31541945101965.0440.5380,128.0348,432.56 Escalante Farms Company
71-3173194510191.000.4380,129.0348,432.99 Eaglebrook Corporation
71-3174194510190.730.2680,129.7648,433.26Barry and Samantha Carpenter
Samuel Taylor
71-3175194510190.450.0980,130.2148,433.35Perry Lyman Kanosh
Juanita L. Pikyavit
71-3176194510190.730.2680,130.9448,433.61Alan & Alice Hansen
71-3177194510190.730.2680,131.6748,433.87Daryl L. Byerly
71-3178194510193.732.1780,135.3948,436.04George Lutterman
James M. and Christine C. Lutterman, Joint Tenants
71-3179194510190.720.2680,136.1148,436.30Mary Sue Schaeffer Hager
71-3250194510191.720.8880,137.8348,437.18Marvin L. Alexander
71-3258194510192.731.5180,140.5648,438.69Charles E. & Gail D. Parsons
Ruth E. Radford
Jacqueline Fay Reber
71-3259194510197.004.3680,147.5648,443.05Peter Davison
71-3303194510191.720.8880,149.2848,443.93Sherrill Ray Keele
Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-34551945101911.727.1180,161.0048,451.05Dulce Castro
Randy Maldonado
71-3534194510190.720.2780,161.7248,451.31Keith Evans
71-3541194510191.000.2080,162.7248,451.51 Bowler AG LLC
71-3551194510193.692.4980,166.4148,454.00Dana A. and Howard Todd Truman
71-35851945101910.006.2380,176.4148,460.24Sidney Vernon Stroud Jr Revocable Trust under agreement dated 4/25/2007
71-3609194510190.500.1080,176.9148,460.34 Deseret Tire Corporation
71-3610194510190.450.0980,177.3648,460.43Mary K Harker
71-3639194510191.000.3380,178.3648,460.75Brenda S Davidson Trust
William G Davidson Trust
71-3648194510191.560.9780,179.9248,461.72Charletta D. Morris
71-3676194510193.001.4980,182.9248,463.21Jeremiah Wilson and Jason Wells
71-3682194510191.000.6280,183.9248,463.84Frank C. and Dorothea E. Jackson
71-36941945101910.006.0480,193.9248,469.88 Ron Gibson Family Trust
James Ralph C. Taylor
71-3776194510191.000.6280,194.9248,470.50Henry Salcido
71-3782194510193.001.8780,197.9248,472.37 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3809194510192.011.1080,199.9348,473.47Charles Randall
71-3852194510191.000.6280,200.9348,474.09Miguel Angel Vazquez Sandoval
Aracely de Vazquez
71-3858194510191.000.6280,201.9348,474.71Albert Anderson
John Mikitaroff
71-3860194510191.000.6280,202.9348,475.34Cayetano Cardenas
71-3861194510190.500.3180,203.4348,475.65Travis Graff
71-3866194510191.000.6280,204.4348,476.27 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-3867194510192.001.2580,206.4348,477.52Floyd M. & Rose M. Barnes
71-3868194510191.000.6280,207.4348,478.14Kathleen B. Christiansen
71-3869194510194.002.4980,211.4348,480.63 M. A. Graff Family L.C.
71-3879194510192.001.2580,213.4348,481.88Harry Alexander Hill
71-3883194510191.000.6280,214.4348,482.50Peggy Canfield Trust
71-3891194510191.000.4380,215.4348,482.93James D. and Suzanne Cornelius
71-3897194510191.000.6280,216.4348,483.56Gelacio Gutierrez
71-3898194510192.001.2580,218.4348,484.80Jeraldine P. Flynn
Elaine L. Long
Jean M. Shehan
71-3899194510190.850.6580,219.2848,485.46Josh and John Jacobs
71-3900194510194.002.3080,223.2848,487.76Quincy E. Fortier
71-3907194510192.501.5480,225.7848,489.30 Modina LLC
71-3908194510192.001.2580,227.7848,490.55Betty Jean Gripentog
71-3912194510192.001.2580,229.7848,491.79Ronald A. Kurpiel
71-3913194510191.000.6280,230.7848,492.42Marci E. Staudte
71-3914194510193.001.8480,233.7848,494.26Ignacio Rolon Hernandez
Ignacio Jesus and Estevan Rolon
Maripaz Romero-Martinez
71-3917194510192.001.2580,235.7848,495.50Harold C. & Barbara R. Herring
71-3920194510193.001.8780,238.7848,497.37 Flying A Holdings
71-3922194510192.001.2580,240.7848,498.62Shirley W. Jewell and John Raderschadt
71-3925194510192.001.2280,242.7848,499.83Axel R. Oliva Cortez
Marlyn E. Mayorga de Oliva
Preferred Young Group Irrevocable Federal Contract Trust
71-3926194510191.000.6280,243.7848,500.46Josh L Jacobs
71-3930194510192.001.2580,245.7848,501.70 ENZ Management 3, LC
71-3933194510191.000.6280,246.7848,502.33Neil F. & Linda R. MacDonald
71-3940194510191.000.6280,247.7848,502.95James R. Markham
71-3943194510191.000.6280,248.7848,503.57Harriett Monnett
71-3946194510192.001.2580,250.7848,504.82Bryan J. and Kimberly R. Morse
71-3952194510191.000.6280,251.7848,505.44 Meadow Lake Land Company LLC
71-3953194510192.001.2580,253.7848,506.69The Parker Family Trust 2006
71-3956194510193.001.8780,256.7848,508.56Charles H. & Patricia Price
71-3960194510191.000.6280,257.7848,509.18Alvin G. Alexander
71-3962194510190.500.3080,258.2848,509.48 Dalco L.C.
71-3963194510193.001.8780,261.2848,511.35 New Horizons, a Federal Contract Trust
Yuriko Setzer
71-3965194510191.000.6280,262.2848,511.97Wayne and Marilyn Holt Revocable Trust
71-3967194510191.000.6280,263.2848,512.59Alvin G. Alexander
71-3976194510191.000.6280,264.2848,513.22 Grumpy Hermit, Inc.
71-3981194510191.000.6280,265.2848,513.84Stanley Snow
Edward Vernon Snow
71-3983194510191.000.6280,266.2848,514.46 Modina LLC
71-3984194510192.001.2580,268.2848,515.71Josh L. and John T. Jacobs
71-3988194510192.001.2580,270.2848,516.96James and Charleen McDonald
71-3989194510191.000.6280,271.2848,517.58Keith Evans
71-3996194510191.000.6280,272.2848,518.20Mark Alan White
71-4137194510190.500.1280,272.7848,518.32 Karla A. Anzalone Trust
71-4266194510191.000.6280,273.7848,518.95Sheri L. Ferency
Scott Ferency
71-4326194510191.000.5680,274.7848,519.51Richard Brian Warke
71-4329194510190.500.3180,275.2848,519.82Edward Vernon Snow
Stanley Snow
71-4376194510191.000.6280,276.2848,520.44Greg and Elizabeth Canfield
71-4736194510191.000.6280,277.2848,521.06H. John and Dianna H. Hafen
71-4769194510192.001.2580,279.2848,522.31Javier Rosas and Angelica Martinez
Kevin Wasik
71-4810194510190.550.3480,279.8348,522.65Mary K Harker
71-4849194510191.000.6280,280.8348,523.28Craig or Linda N. Ebert
71-4931194510192.001.2580,282.8348,524.52 ENZ Management 3, LC
71-135419451102320.14199.4980,602.9748,724.01 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-333019451102320.00199.4080,922.9748,923.41 Sunray Properties LTD. .
71-123119451123241.02150.1981,163.9949,073.59 Brown Farms II
71-135019451123225.20140.3381,389.1949,213.92Gary L. and Judy L. Biasi
71-135119451123320.03199.4381,709.2249,413.35Marlo C. & Sherri S. Reber
71-37221945112380.0049.8581,789.2249,463.20 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-4087194511261.000.6281,790.2249,463.82Duane B. Johnston
Carol May Rice
Vincent Manuel Rice
71-4089194511260.860.3581,791.0949,464.17Lyle E Drenth and Christina M Drenth
71-4090194511261.000.6281,792.0949,464.79Lynn R. Elam
71-4093194511263.001.8781,795.0949,466.66 Summer Help Enterprises L.C.
71-4095194511261.000.6281,796.0949,467.29Gary and Cathy Cutler
71-4096194511262.001.2581,798.0949,468.53Mehrdad Mohregi
Shoghi & Pari Mohregi
Michael & Camellia Sullivan
71-41181945112610.006.2381,808.0949,474.76Cloyd James Butterfield Revocable Trust
71-4119194511262.001.2581,810.0949,476.01Donetta Benson
Marlin K. Harp
71-4125194511266.003.7481,816.0949,479.75Charles R. Reeve
71-4127194511261.000.6281,817.0949,480.37Paul Etzler
71-4131194511261.000.6281,818.0949,481.00Jennifer Nalani Bush
71-4140194511261.000.6281,819.0949,481.62James P. & Bonnie J. Melancon
71-4152194511262.001.2581,821.0949,482.87Jacob Hamilton
71-4155194511261.000.6281,822.0949,483.49 Christs Church Inc.
71-4171194511261.000.6281,823.0949,484.11 Sparkling Deserts
71-4254194511261.000.6281,824.0949,484.73Kevin R. Wally
71-4332194511261.000.6281,825.0949,485.36Stephen W. and Tamara D. Hartnell
71-4335194511260.500.3181,825.5949,485.67Javier and Maria Ramirez
71-4338194511262.501.5681,828.0949,487.23Julie Irvine
71-4340194511262.001.2581,830.0949,488.47 Esplin Ranch L.C.
71-4342194511262.001.2581,832.0949,489.72 Platt Livestock LLC
71-4347194511262.001.2581,834.0949,490.97Gwendolyn G. Packard
71-4362194511260.500.3181,834.5949,491.28Camden and Marcey Robinson
71-4364194511260.500.3181,835.0949,491.59Richard and Ruth Housley
71-43771945112640.0024.9381,875.0949,516.51The JTS Trust
71-4414194511261.000.6281,876.0949,517.14Robert J. & Julie A. Hudson
71-4415194511260.500.3181,876.5949,517.45Robert Van Bree
71-4420194511261.000.4381,877.5949,517.88Stewart Somerville
71-4421194511261.000.3381,878.5949,518.21Paul Aizley
71-4428194511260.950.4281,879.5449,518.63Michael Withers and Katherine Withers
71-4434194511261.000.6281,880.5449,519.25Kevin Jerrold-Jones and Alison Jerrold-Jones
71-4463194511260.990.4581,881.5349,519.70Polly F. Dorrity
71-4474194511261.000.4381,882.5349,520.13Antonio J. and Melody A. Valdez
71-4484194511264.002.4981,886.5349,522.63 Nogento Properties LLC
71-4488194511261.000.6281,887.5349,523.25Gary L. and Gail L. Workman
71-4513194511263.001.5181,890.5349,524.75Daniel F. and Barbara A. Carlson
71-4519194511260.550.1581,891.0849,524.91Douglas N. Reynolds
71-4523194511261.000.4381,892.0849,525.34Jeffery and Kathy J. Covington
71-4566194511261.000.6281,893.0849,525.96Michael S. and Karin D. Cicio
71-4578194511261.000.4381,894.0849,526.39Bruce A. & Marian C. Niedrauer
71-4603194511261.000.6281,895.0849,527.02Robert Van Bree
71-4634194511261.000.6281,896.0849,527.64George and Brenda Bryan
71-4663194511260.250.0581,896.3349,527.69Leonard D. and Joyce Winder
71-4664194511260.250.0581,896.5849,527.74Gary and Marrie Hafen
71-4665194511260.250.0581,896.8349,527.79Wendell and Peggy Gubler
71-4666194511260.250.0581,897.0849,527.84Laurel Roseann Gubler
71-4668194511261.000.6281,898.0849,528.46Randy D. and Virginia L. Ellis
71-4678194511261.000.6281,899.0849,529.09Ronald James & Crystal Lori Ann Winkelman
71-4689194511260.450.2881,899.5349,529.37Teresa Orozco
71-4706194511260.500.3181,900.0349,529.68Alfonso and Vicky Lopez
71-4719194511262.001.2581,902.0349,530.93Max Cannon and Sherilyn Woods
71-4720194511262.001.1481,904.0349,532.07Charles R. Reeve
71-4730194511260.500.3181,904.5349,532.38Richard Paul and Shawna Halstead
71-4731194511260.500.3181,905.0349,532.69Richard Paul and Shawna Halstead
71-4734194511262.001.2581,907.0349,533.94Mary A. Hansen
Nicholas D. Lappos
71-4735194511261.000.6281,908.0349,534.56Sue C. Lyo
Terrence K. Morris
71-4737194511261.000.6281,909.0349,535.18 Sanderson Family Trust
71-4738194511261.000.6281,910.0349,535.80 Megumi P. Dold Family Trust
71-4739194511261.000.6281,911.0349,536.43Jerry Englehart and Cynthia Englehart
71-4741194511261.000.6281,912.0349,537.05 Lucas Dahlberg and Jeannie Robinson
71-4742194511261.000.6281,913.0349,537.67Megumi P. Dold Family Trust
71-4744194511261.000.6281,914.0349,538.30Thomas J. and Roberta A. McCaffrey
71-4745194511261.000.6281,915.0349,538.92Richard Allen Longley and Laura Ocampo Longley
71-4770194511262.000.8781,917.0349,539.79 Midway Enterprises Inc
71-47711945112616.009.9781,933.0349,549.76 Newcastle Development Corporation
71-4775194511260.250.1681,933.2849,549.91Richard B. and Mary A. Orcutt
71-4781194511260.500.3181,933.7849,550.22Robert Nelson
71-4782194511263.001.8781,936.7849,552.09John and Peggy O. Ellenburg Living Trust
71-4786194511261.000.6281,937.7849,552.72D. Brent Williams and Bruce R. Williams
71-4792194511261.000.4381,938.7849,553.15 REE Viking Trust
71-4835194511261.000.6281,939.7849,553.77 Hughes Family Trust
71-4836194511261.000.6281,940.7849,554.39Michael S. and Karin D. Cicio
71-4840194511260.500.3181,941.2849,554.71Joe and Ruby Ann Hennessey
71-4841194511261.000.6281,942.2849,555.33Thomas A. Freideman
71-5006194511261.000.6281,943.2849,555.95John M. Breidenbaugh
71-123919451213480.00299.1082,423.2849,855.05 Escalante Farms Company
71-125419451213960.00598.2083,383.2850,453.25 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-29611945121333.2320.7183,416.5150,473.96 Escalante Farms Company
71-94919451218106.6766.4783,523.1850,540.43 Escalante Farms Company
71-116919451218280.00174.4883,803.1850,714.90 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-197919451218106.6666.4783,909.8450,781.37 Escalante Farms Company
71-198019451218106.6666.4784,016.5150,847.83 Escalante Farms Company
71-249219451218126.5678.8684,143.0750,926.69 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-3272194512188.004.9984,151.0750,931.68 Whitelaw Inc.
71-32951945121850.0031.1684,201.0750,962.83Malin F. & Marilyn Gardner
71-329619451218100.0062.3184,301.0751,025.15 Escalante Farms Ltd.
71-34131945121850.0010.0084,351.0751,035.15 Newcastle Water Company
71-34661945121820.0012.4684,371.0751,047.61 Escalante Farms Company
71-12031945122120.1012.5284,391.1751,060.13Mark A. Carroll
Salvatore and Gloriajean Caruso
Alexander O. Cato
Stephen M. and Christine L. Childers
John A. and Christine R. Cullen
Lawrence DeMatteo
Murray and Marna D. Dominguez
Ekods, LLC
Enoch City Corporation
Kristin Gooding
Carole Jeffs
Patrick W. and Dana L. Long
NDG Investments, LLC
Douglas A Owen and Connie Owen
Boyd Reidhead
Lino Ruiz Rodriguez
Jon P. and Marie L. Rowe
Dianne L. Vida
71-120419451221288.40179.7184,679.5751,239.84 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-125519451221612.46383.7085,292.0351,623.54 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-126419451221634.80395.5685,926.8352,019.10 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-1657194512211.210.8585,928.0352,019.95 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-3789194512211.000.6285,929.0352,020.57Donald W. Abbott
71-3797194512210.350.2285,929.3852,020.79Gary S. Menaker
71-4117194512212.001.2585,931.3852,022.03Cloyd James Butterfield Revocable Trust
71-42971945122115.009.3585,946.3852,031.38 The Steve F. Carstens Trust
71-4571194512210.450.2885,946.8352,031.66Rodrigo Mejia
71-4701194512211.000.6285,947.8352,032.28Gregory L. and Christine M. Wible
71-4777194512214.002.4985,951.8352,034.78Jewell Creigh
71-4812194512211.200.7585,953.0352,035.52Christopher V. and Reatha I. Conte
71-4844194512219.906.0685,962.9352,041.59T. Alray and Carol L. Cannon
71-4999194512212.001.2585,964.9352,042.83Cloyd James Butterfield Revocable Trust
71-117519460103367.76229.1686,332.6952,271.99David E. Bosshardt and Ginger H. Bosshardt
71-4584194601031.000.6286,333.6952,272.62Phillip Eric and RayeLynn Gardner
71-116019460123208.00129.6186,541.6952,402.23 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-118019460213382.00238.0386,923.6952,640.26 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-118419460213184.00114.6587,107.6952,754.92Frank Bertone
Michael Brophy
Ronald L. Cloud
Timothy S. and Joyce Cory
James Culbertson and Lori Culbertson
Frank B. Davis
John and Peggy O. Ellenburg 1990 Living Trust
Mose and Geraldine A. Falefuafua
Edwin B. and Wynema Hainey
George E. and Jerilyn Holt
J. B. Henry and Joanna Edwards Joint Trust
Phyllis D. Jackson
J. Roderick Jarrett
Frederick M Jessop and Phebe M Jessop
Rodney E. Leavitt Family Trust Agreement
Wayne W. Morse
Charles Norwood
Arnold B. and Elizabeth A. Oblas
Preferred Young Group
Pernal E. and Mary Price
Carmen Reyes and Carlos Reyes
Sterling Trust Company
Pamela Young
71-3088194602131.001.0087,108.6952,755.92Rickey & Denise G. Jones
71-32341946021343.2626.9687,151.9552,782.87 Escalante Farms Company
71-345119460213154.0095.9687,305.9552,878.83 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-37551946021381.6050.8587,387.5552,929.68 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-3840194602132.001.2587,389.5552,930.93Mary C. Copeland
71-438119460213365.14227.5387,754.6953,158.45 Escalante Farms Company
71-4465194602131.000.4587,755.6953,158.91Paul and Susan Cadorette Trust
71-45571946021313.5013.5087,769.1953,172.41City of Enterprise
71-4617194602130.500.1287,769.6953,172.53Nicholas & Jodie Huntsman
71-4750194602131.000.6287,770.6953,173.15Day and Jeannette Altair
71-49041946021316.4010.2287,787.0953,183.37 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-11681946021833.5520.9087,820.6453,204.27N. S. Brandstetter
T. Kelly Dalton
Ronald & Babette Hagar
Robert W. Homer
James H. Homer
Harold & Vivian Huffstutter
Jose Medina
Sunray Properties Ltd
71-29791946021810.006.2387,830.6453,210.50Floyd D. Taylor
Mary B. Taylor
71-31511946021830.0018.6987,860.6453,229.19 Escalante Farms Company
71-4126194602181.000.6287,861.6453,229.82Steve Barney and Susie Barney
71-4240194602182.001.2587,863.6453,231.06G. Humberto Salcido
71-4259194602181.450.9087,865.0953,231.97N. S. Brandstetter
Jose Medina
71-4430194602181.000.6287,866.0953,232.59James R. and Ina F. Copeland
71-119819460219372.12232.2388,238.2253,464.82 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-4729194602211.000.6288,239.2253,465.44Dean Riddle
71-4945194602210.500.3188,239.7253,465.75Glen Cheney Briscoe
71-186519460314400.00249.2588,639.7253,715.00Marlo C. & Sherri S. Reber
71-10891946032175.0046.7388,714.7253,761.74 AI&Mel Properties LLC
Carmela Quiroz - Barrios
Mary Bispo
Rene A Covarrubias
Dalco LC
Tomas DeLeon-Rodriguez
John V. Gally Family Protective Trust
Santos T. Garcia DeLeon
Hansen Industries Inc.
Dawn Marie Hardy
Jose Hernandez
Maria Socorro Jaracuaro
Bradley N and LeAnn Jensen
Alice Lane
Maria L. Magana
Baltazar Magana-Cardenas
Jose Luis Magdaleno
Leyva Martin
Alejandra Martin del Campo P.
Antono and Aquilino Martinez
Jose T Moreno
Mayra Olivares
Bernaba Uribe - Onofre
Madeline Guissel Ortiz
Francisco Javier Pelayo-Cobos
Gloria Peterson
Preferred Young Group, an Irrevocable Federal Contract Trust
Jose del Refugio Salazar Gomez
Jesus Sandoval-Sandoval and Sergio Antonio Salinas
Loretta Whitmore
Marilyn Whitmore
71-18011946032111.6511.2988,726.3753,773.03 NewCastle Water Company
71-18711946032120.0012.4688,746.3753,785.49 EDCOR
71-187319460321178.40111.1788,924.7753,896.65 Escalante Farms Company
71-187919460321240.00149.5589,164.7754,046.20 Escalante Farms Company
71-18801946032161.6038.3889,226.3754,084.59 Escalante Farms Company
71-31901946032180.0049.8589,306.3754,134.44 Enterprise Farms LLC
71-32211946032180.0049.8589,386.3754,184.29 T. W. Jones and Sons Inc.
71-3298194603210.450.0989,386.8254,184.38Laurence H. and Sandra L. Staheli Trust
71-333519460321120.0074.7889,506.8254,259.15 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-33771946032180.0049.8589,586.8254,309.00Steve R. & Janet H. Staheli
71-35941946032140.0024.9389,626.8254,333.94 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-365419460321140.0087.2489,766.8254,421.17 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-425719460321160.0099.7089,926.8254,520.87 LHK Farms LLC
71-115419460327227.88142.2190,154.6954,663.08Eldon A. Bracken
Marvin C. and Evaline Bracken
Marvin C. Bracken
Mary Ross
71-3194194603270.720.2690,155.4154,663.34Marvin C. and Evaline H. Bracken
71-459219460327119.6874.5890,275.1054,737.92 Bracken Family Farms LLC
71-17951946040815.009.3590,290.1054,747.26April J. Ashley
Bonnie P. Catoni
Comstock Financial, Inc.
Sylvia Glez
Thomas A. and Barbara D. Green
IRA Express, Inc.
Tudor, LLC
71-3076194604082.721.5190,292.8254,748.77 Sunray Properties LTD.
71-42611946040878.0048.6090,370.8254,797.37 H. Wayne Holt, LC
71-4295194604082.001.2590,372.8254,798.62Samuel A. and Rhea B. Marvosh
71-4613194604080.500.2190,373.3254,798.82 David W. Zohner and Martha L. Zohner Trust
Elna Z. Jones
Ruth Z. Leavitt
Tonia Z. Smith
Jerry Lemmon Zohner
Dahl Lemmon Zohner
71-4635194604080.500.3190,373.8254,799.13R. Bruce Anderson
Glen M. Graff
Jerome M. Jones
71-4639194604082.001.2590,375.8254,800.38 Iron County
71-4800194604081.000.6290,376.8254,801.00Nilda A. Jenkins
Glorimar L. Kline
71-4901194604081.000.6290,377.8254,801.63 Federico Buj-Trevizo and Loretta Buj
Leroy L. and Mida Herrera
71-135519460409156.0097.2190,533.8254,898.83 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-119719460410331.68207.2390,865.4955,106.07 Black Iron LLC
71-120519460410116.8072.7890,982.2955,178.85 Black Iron LLC
71-1379194604130.450.0990,982.7455,178.94 Escalante Farms Company
71-3832194604130.000.0090,982.7455,178.94 Escalante Farms Company
71-1368194604250.530.1790,983.2855,179.11Timothy J. & Babette M. Hart
71-1167194608151.861.7190,985.1355,180.82N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
71-1263194608154.452.0390,989.5855,182.85Jonathon S. Harker
Martha G. Lopez
Robert B. Nelson
Justin Roy Roberts
71-4582194608150.990.9990,990.5855,183.84Rick Jones
71-4638194608153.103.1090,993.6855,186.94H. Wayne & Marilyn S. Holt Revocable Trust
71-1334194610041.401.4090,995.0855,188.34 B.P. Wood, LLC
71-444719461123136.4082.5291,131.4855,270.87 Green Diamond Ranch
71-1272194703030.450.0991,131.9355,270.96 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4806194703038.685.4191,140.6155,276.36 Whitelaw Inc.
71-117419470304281.74175.5691,422.3455,451.92 Escalante Farms Company
71-31211947030480.0049.8591,502.3455,501.77 Staheli Farms
71-312219470304201.20125.3791,703.5455,627.14David E. Bosshardt and Ginger H. Bosshardt
71-31591947030421.0013.0991,724.5455,640.23 Southwest Empire Corporation
71-3761194703042.001.2591,726.5455,641.48Merrill W. & Joan K. Fisher
71-4365194703048.005.0191,734.5455,646.48Fred E. and Francine Woods
71-2021194704230.000.0091,734.5455,646.48B. R. Cramer
71-1570194707301.090.7391,735.6355,647.21 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-168519471010282.80176.2292,018.4355,823.43Lane Dee Truman
Douglas R. Truman
A. Morley and Mary Ellen C. Wilson
71-1577194711170.360.2392,018.8055,823.66 Bosshardt Farms L.C.
71-15731947112212.6012.6092,031.4055,836.26Henry Wendell Jones Trust
71-1583194712050.450.0992,031.8555,836.35 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-1568194801311.961.9692,033.8155,838.31Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-1627194801310.450.0992,034.2655,838.40Mary B. Gardner
Edward J. Gardner, Jr., Ronald Gardner, Nolan Gardner and Leon Platt
71-33001948013126.4316.4792,060.6955,854.87 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
Singh Living Trust
71-2425194802050.140.1492,060.8355,855.01Frank W. and Celestia A. Nichols
71-3696194803317.486.2892,068.3155,861.29James C. and Ruth Gould
Steven Gary & Renee Bitonio Johnson
Terry & Laura Lee
Frank D. Richardson
Ned & Niloufar Shepherd
71-121119480413640.00398.8092,708.3156,260.09 Escalante Farms Company
71-1593194804269.555.9592,717.8656,266.04 Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-1688194805180.850.3492,718.7156,266.37 Sunray Properties LTD.
71-1601194805250.450.0992,719.1656,266.46Sherwood N. and Winell P. Bracken
71-1630194807270.450.0992,719.6156,266.55Lyman Wade and Angelene R. Huntsman
71-1656194808240.620.2692,720.2356,266.81Dallen R. and Doris M. Williams
71-1689194809280.450.0992,720.6856,266.90Robert B. Zeller
71-15941948100713.925.2892,734.5956,272.18 Staheli Farms L.L.C.
71-1691194810110.450.0992,735.0456,272.27Charles R. Laymon
71-40619481123400.00249.2593,135.0456,521.52 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-1695194901030.950.3393,136.0056,521.84Phyllis D. Wood
71-24031949043064.2938.8993,200.2956,560.73 Black Iron LLC
71-24021949060789.7550.1193,290.0356,610.84 Black Iron LLC
71-141419490822105.5468.9893,395.5756,679.82Marlo C. & Sherri S. Reber
71-42119491101320.00199.4093,715.5756,879.22 Escalante Farms Company
71-1306194911011.540.8293,717.1256,880.04 Harker Farms Inc.
71-16961949120651.9751.6193,769.0956,931.65Mary Sherlene Clove
Laub Properties, LLC
Daniel T. Page
71-3225194912060.720.2793,769.8156,931.92Normand C. & Rue Thella Laub Family Trust
71-35481949120645.8528.7493,815.6556,960.67 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-10101949121914.008.7293,829.6556,969.39M. Jay & Sharon I. Hunt
Tyler E and Summer N Stout
Craig T and Cynthia D Terry
Dirk and Chris Warhurst
71-33821949121931.6019.6993,861.2556,989.08Richard and Michael Burgess
71-3414194912194.002.4993,865.2556,991.57Araceli Arias
Farrell Family Trust
71-439919491219134.4083.7593,999.6557,075.32 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-77419491224371.60231.5594,371.2557,306.87Tammy Bell Ence
Enz Management LC
71-186119491224201.30125.9294,572.5557,432.79 Burgess Farms
71-413619491224178.80111.4194,751.3557,544.21 L & L Laub Family Limited Partnership
71-1697195002090.450.0994,751.8057,544.30Charletta D. Morris
71-90519500214205.90128.5794,957.7057,672.86 Bracken Farms Incorporated
71-47981950021488.0054.8495,045.7057,727.70 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-17519500225259.50161.7095,305.2057,889.40A Morley and Mary Ellen C. Wilson
71-1669195005176.003.7495,311.2057,893.14Bret D. Bowler
Kory D. Drake
Mack Probst
Beuford Sanders
Michael J. and Nancy B. Seely
71-2966195005170.450.0995,311.6557,893.23 McCornick Land, LLC
71-3115195005171.000.2095,312.6557,893.43 McCornick Land, LLC
71-3556195005171.000.2095,313.6557,893.63Robert Holt Farms Inc
71-4680195005171.000.6295,314.6557,894.25Nancy L. Hohlbauch
Kyle E. Mishler
Amanda M. Sanchez-Navarro
71-4881195005171.000.4695,315.6557,894.72Randall and Denice Holt
71-4961195005171.000.4495,316.6557,895.16Travis Jolley
71-20231950061546.709.3495,363.3557,904.50 Iron County School District
71-1702195007122.412.0595,365.7657,906.55Edward J. Gardner
71-1704195007182.451.3495,368.2157,907.89Joseph Ernst Montfleury and Marie Micheline Montfleury
71-1705195008140.450.0995,368.6657,907.98William M. Cooper and Tina M. Cooper
71-179619500908379.60236.5495,748.2658,144.51 Brown Farms II
71-2024195009122.451.3495,750.7158,145.85Wilford Fife
71-8001950092710.876.7795,761.5858,152.62Jack E. Moyle
71-1162195010248.408.4095,769.9858,161.02 Platt Livestock LLC
71-156619501201291.80181.8396,061.7858,342.85 Kerry Holt Farms LTD
71-22519501221117.7673.3896,179.5458,416.23 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-316119501221200.00124.6396,379.5458,540.86Marvin C. and Evaline H. Bracken
Bracken Family Farms LLC
71-80119510109320.00199.4096,699.5458,740.26 Central Iron County Water Conservancy District
71-1700195103150.450.0996,699.9958,740.35Gary L. and Judy L. Biasi
71-1706195103300.900.4096,700.8958,740.75 Escalante Farms, LLC
Green Prairie USD, Inc.
71-1833195104061.350.8496,702.2458,741.59Fenton J Terry and Ilona Terry Trust
71-1707195104309.389.3896,711.6258,750.97 Escalante Farms Company
71-1708195105033.142.7896,714.7658,753.75 Harker Farms Inc.
71-2001195105230.980.9896,715.7458,754.73John C. DeRyke
71-33391951052330.0018.5096,745.7458,773.23 Atkinson Trust
George L. and LaRee T. Gardner
71-33811951052377.8548.8596,823.5958,822.08Malin F. & Marilyn F. Gardner
71-33851951052323.9914.9196,847.5858,836.99Richard Bagley
Creamer Living Trust
Malin F. and Marilyn F. Gardner
Reed and Linda L. Hunt
Larry R. and Leona Shurtliff
71-3400195105231.880.9896,849.4658,837.97William E. and Jeanne L. LaRue
Larry R. and Leona Shurtliff
71-3507195105232.002.0096,851.4658,839.97Jeff G. and Holly M. Goltra
71-3509195105233.003.0096,854.4658,842.96Jeff G. and Holly M. Goltra
71-3520195105230.720.2696,855.1858,843.22Jeff G. and Holly M. Goltra
71-3524195105232.000.8796,857.1858,844.09Russell N. & Debra LaRue Woods Fitzwater
71-3575195105231.000.6296,858.1858,844.71William E. and Jeanne L. LaRue
71-3580195105232.001.1096,860.1858,845.81Rodney Shelton
71-3628195105232.001.1196,862.1858,846.92Ramiro Alvarez
71-3791195105232.001.1096,864.1858,848.02Lilbourne G. & Phyllis L. May
William G. & Toni A. May
71-3830195105232.001.0696,866.1858,849.08William A. Horn
71-3848195105231.000.6296,867.1858,849.70Gerald L. & Pauline Strong
71-3849195105231.000.4396,868.1858,850.13George R. Jameson
Marian J. Oakes
71-4011195105231.000.2296,869.1858,850.35William A. and Lorraine Parks
71-4012195105231.001.0096,870.1858,851.35Michael T. and Jennifer C. Anzalone
71-4013195105233.003.0096,873.1758,854.35 Desert Sage L.L.C.,
71-4014195105231.000.4396,874.1758,854.78 James H. & Evelyn Curry Living Trust
71-4015195105231.991.9996,876.1658,856.77Lance and Leesa Carey
Corrado & Catherine & Leslie & Kaye Carey
Jeffrey and Jodi Fayle
71-4016195105231.001.0096,877.1658,857.77George Dillon
Mary Rhodes
71-4019195105231.010.4496,878.1758,858.21LaGrande D. & Emma K. Hunt
71-4021195105231.001.0096,879.1758,859.21Nick W. & Joanna L. Pilipovich
71-4023195105230.500.1296,879.6758,859.33Kevin and Lisa Price Wilkerson
71-4024195105230.730.7396,880.4058,860.06Michael and Chesa L. Alexis
71-4025195105231.991.9996,882.3958,862.04Minerva Gonzales-Martell
Fabio Minoggio
71-4026195105231.001.0096,883.3958,863.04Gerald L. Rounds
71-4028195105230.950.4096,884.3458,863.45Delynn T. and Margaret S. Lamb
71-4031195105235.002.2796,889.3458,865.71Allen F Schweich and Bonnie Howard Schweich
71-4139195105231.000.2496,890.3458,865.96Joshua Black
71-4146195105231.000.4596,891.3458,866.41Tove Gunn Johnson
71-4284195105231.991.9996,893.3358,868.40Manton T. and Kimberly Gibbs
71-4286195105230.730.3196,894.0658,868.70Eddie A. and Annalee Bunch
71-4287195105231.001.0096,895.0658,869.70Lance and Leesa Carey
Leslie and Kaye Carey
Corrado and Catherine Carey
Jeffrey and Jodi Fayle
71-4354195105231.001.0096,896.0658,870.70Rexann Duncan
71-4467195105231.000.4396,897.0658,871.14Earl V. and Deann Sevy
71-4515195105230.940.4096,898.0058,871.53Larry R. and Leona Shurtliff
71-4532195105230.750.2896,898.7558,871.81Duke Madsen
71-4705195105231.001.0096,899.7558,872.81Mark E. and Jennifer Tichenor
71-4829195105230.500.3196,900.2558,873.12James H. & Evelyn Curry Living Trust
71-4959195105232.001.2596,902.2558,874.37 Walking X Livestock LLC
71-4966195105231.001.0096,903.2558,875.37Douglas B. Blatchford
71-1710195106060.450.0996,903.7058,875.46Earl K. & Elizabeth L. Shoultz
71-73919510612180.00112.1697,083.7058,987.62Richard and Michael Burgess
71-183819510612456.00284.1597,539.7059,271.77 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-3275195106124.004.0097,543.7059,275.77 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-17141951092414.0014.0097,557.7059,289.77Alma Lamont Wood
71-121419511204396.32246.9697,954.0259,536.72 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-76519511211160.0099.7098,114.0259,636.42 Escalante Farms Company
73-1829195201054.204.2098,118.2259,640.62John R. Williams
71-11551952020562.4038.8898,180.6259,679.51Steve R. & Janet H. Staheli
71-183719520205200.00124.6398,380.6259,804.13 Bracken Farms Inc.
71-1885195202218.485.2898,389.1059,809.42A. Morley Wilson
71-121219520307240.00149.5598,629.1059,958.97 Escalante Farms Company
71-382419520307293.00182.5898,922.1060,141.54 Escalante Farms Company
71-1717195203150.450.0998,922.5560,141.63 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-1719195204283.613.2598,926.1660,144.89 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-2025195205230.450.0998,926.6160,144.98Stephen Harker
71-1721195206122.021.3098,928.6360,146.28 H. Wayne Holt LC
Klayton and Sonia Holt
71-1722195207182.451.3498,931.0860,147.61 H. Wayne Holt, LC
71-17231952072816.5216.5298,947.6060,164.13Rosemary D. Bowman Revocable Trust
Craig V. and Jetta Ann Davie
71-1913195211074.434.2598,952.0460,168.39 MikeJohn Land, LLC
71-15319521121160.0099.7099,112.0460,268.09 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-20331952112116.009.9799,128.0460,278.06Samuel L. Andrus
Steven and Irmita Garcia
Griselda Gardner
Juan Hernandez
Filix Hernandez
Tad Martineau
Leslie K. McDermitt
John P. and Teresa Medel
Gary S. Menaker
Christopher C. and Sharon L. Odell
Mark Allen Oswell Revocable Trust
Richard Ransanici
Anthony R Scalzo and Steven J. Scalzo
Sergio and Juan M. Vargas
71-36951952112180.0049.8599,208.0460,327.91 Escalante Farms Company
71-191119530213618.85385.6299,826.8960,713.53Helen Lorene Baldwin
71-192819530213625.25389.42100,452.1461,102.95Helen Lorene Baldwin
71-193819530213160.0032.00100,612.1461,134.95 Western Electrochemical Company
71-1724195302274.674.67100,616.8161,139.61Rosemary G. Bowman Revocable Trust
Craig V. and Jetta Ann Davie
71-1725195303104.934.57100,621.7461,144.18 Bracken Family Farms LLC
71-2413195305050.450.09100,622.1961,144.27E. Stirling Tullis
71-20271953051584.0084.00100,706.1961,228.27Charles F. and Jennie Foster
71-2029195307033.533.17100,709.7261,231.44A. B. and Ruth Larsen
71-1728195307152.451.34100,712.1761,232.78Kurt and Christy Mcewan
71-1730195310060.530.17100,712.7061,232.96William Cooper
71-115319531013198.80123.88100,911.5061,356.83 T. W. Jones and Sons
71-342919531013110.0068.54101,021.5061,425.37 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
Quality Development, L.L.C.
71-411619531013200.00124.63101,221.5061,550.00Stephen A. Christensen
71-22141953102426.7426.74101,248.2461,576.74 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-1732195402105.915.55101,254.1561,582.29Phillip and Rayelynn Gardner
71-1733195403030.870.54101,255.0261,582.83 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-4494195403241.401.40101,256.4261,584.23 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-1734195406090.450.09101,256.8761,584.32 Huntsman AG-Services, a Utah Corporation
71-122319540813500.00311.55101,756.8761,895.87 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-381019540813136.8027.36101,893.6761,923.23 Western Electrochemical Company
71-1737195409100.730.30101,894.4161,923.53John Britz
71-4607195410121.010.22101,895.4261,923.75Russell and Wendy Albrecht
71-1740195501103.142.78101,898.5661,926.53 Harker Farms Inc.
71-1741195502159.806.11101,908.3661,932.64 Enterprise Farms L.L.C.
71-1883195502159.806.11101,918.1661,938.74 Enterprise Farms L.L.C.
71-1742195502243.923.92101,922.0861,942.66Thomas Heaton Leigh
Platt Livestock, LLC
71-1743195503280.450.09101,922.5361,942.75Robert B. Zeller
71-1744195504056.196.19101,928.7261,948.94 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-2812195505095.605.60101,934.3261,954.54 USA Bureau of Land Management
71-175319550722406.9987.68102,341.3162,042.23City of Enterprise
71-1747195509170.450.09102,341.7662,042.32Robert B. Nelson
71-1749195510170.450.09102,342.2162,042.41 Escalante Valley Electric Association
71-1680195511288.408.40102,350.6162,050.81 Platt Livestock LLC
71-15619560119278.52173.55102,629.1362,224.36 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-40851956011941.4825.85102,670.6162,250.21 Shawn Reber Farms, LLC
71-2813195603247.007.00102,677.6162,257.21 Richard and Patricia Clark LLC
Robert S. and Donna Jean W.Clark LLC
71-22411956061210.702.14102,688.3162,259.35Robert Holt Farms Inc
71-3732195606120.500.10102,688.8162,259.45Michael Gardner
71-28351956080836.2025.79102,725.0162,285.24 Black Iron LLC
71-2051195609048.518.51102,733.5262,293.75Bonnie Riggs
71-8281956091027.6918.69102,761.2062,312.44 Newcastle Water Company
71-35919560911140.0087.24102,901.2062,399.67 Escalante Farms, LLC
71-437919560911136.8085.24103,038.0062,484.92 Escalante Farms Co LTD
71-1016195610169.206.79103,047.2062,491.70 Escalante Farms Company
71-1569195611061.371.01103,048.5862,492.72David A. and Carol Lynne Piper
71-135719561115167.20104.19103,215.7862,596.90 Escalante Farms Company
71-117819561222400.02249.26103,615.8062,846.17 Whitelaw Inc.
71-29411956122220.0012.46103,635.8062,858.63 State of Utah Department of Transportation
71-3762195612222.001.25103,637.8062,859.88Merrill W. & Joan K. Fisher
71-37771956122278.2648.77103,716.0662,908.64 Escalante Farms Company
71-43871956122281.6050.85103,797.6662,959.49 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-43881956122262.5238.96103,860.1862,998.45 Woods Hay & Cattle, LLC
71-11931956122761.5538.35103,921.7363,036.80 Agua Design Inc.
Albert L. and Mary L. Allen
American Dream Lands L.L.C.
Tamaria Anderson
Troy Richard and Marie Beatty
Diane Blair
Leslie A. Bowler
Jorge Anthony and Nancy Jean Carrasco
Charles and Nellie Churchill
Diamon Group, a Private Irrevocable Trust
Hector H. and Emilza Veronica Donis
John V. Gally Family Protective Trust
Doreen L. Hale
Shellie Jo Hardman
LaMar Leavitt
Gary Lewis
Patrick N. Owens
Mark Peters
Michael Ralph Peters
Boyd Reidhead
John L. Ruzbacki
Margaret H. Schoppe
Al Smith
Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3100195612270.690.24103,922.4263,037.04John & Myrna Burton
71-3101195612273.732.13103,926.1563,039.17Tony Schriver
71-3165195612270.690.24103,926.8463,039.41Scott and Tara Reber
71-3183195612272.001.25103,928.8463,040.66Douglas Lloyd Skifton
71-3199195612271.720.92103,930.5663,041.57Betty L. Bracken
Joan B. Staheli
71-3224195612270.720.26103,931.2863,041.83Robert B. Nelson
71-32281956122712.007.48103,943.2863,049.31 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3232195612271.450.71103,944.7363,050.02John O`Hair
71-3233195612272.271.22103,947.0063,051.24Glen C. & Jill G. Simkins
71-3251195612271.220.57103,948.2263,051.81Von and Becky D. Steward
71-3252195612271.720.88103,949.9463,052.70George D. Acton
71-3253195612271.570.79103,951.5163,053.49Richard C. and Stefanie H. Whitelaw
71-3254195612271.720.88103,953.2363,054.37Jeramie and Paula K. Carlson
71-3255195612270.720.26103,953.9563,054.63Nelson White
71-3257195612271.720.88103,955.6763,055.51 H. Wayne Holt, LC
H. Wayne and Marilyn S. Holt Revocable Trust
71-3261195612273.001.87103,958.6763,057.38 Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-3265195612270.720.26103,959.3963,057.64Walter B. and Mildred J. Whipple
71-3267195612276.003.74103,965.3963,061.37Carolyn Joyce Morris
71-3271195612272.001.25103,967.3963,062.62 Ray Thomas Enterprises Inc.
71-3276195612275.723.37103,973.1163,065.99Clyde W. & Amber D. Davis
71-3286195612270.720.26103,973.8363,066.25Sidney Vernon Stroud, Jr. Revocable Trust
71-3289195612271.720.88103,975.5563,067.13Billy Linder
Myrna M. Traylor
71-3302195612271.730.89103,977.2863,068.02Herbert Carlton & Agnes Elizabeth Buchanan
71-3304195612272.721.50103,980.0063,069.53David B. Betty J. and David K. Alger
71-3305195612270.720.26103,980.7263,069.78Jesse J. Scott
71-3306195612270.720.26103,981.4463,070.04Carol Chisum
Ernest J. and Phyllis A. Eskam
71-3307195612273.722.13103,985.1663,072.17Nichole E. and John C. Wadlington
71-3308195612273.732.13103,988.8963,074.30Gene and Francis K. Schuder
71-3324195612273.221.82103,992.1163,076.12Wendell W. and Martha H. Keck
David Shelley and Rebecca Shelley
71-3333195612271.720.88103,993.8363,077.00Lister E. Woods Revocable Trust
71-3344195612271.000.62103,994.8363,077.62Clint Gardner and Erica Dyson
71-3345195612270.940.43103,995.7863,078.06Beverly L Adair
71-3352195612270.800.31103,996.5863,078.37Scott S. & Darlene C. Sorenson
71-3356195612278.805.48104,005.3863,083.85George L. and George Kurt Gardner
71-33571956122721.2013.21104,026.5863,097.06George L. and George Kurt Gardner
71-3364195612271.000.43104,027.5763,097.49Amuel B. Cox
Clyde R. and Inez F. MacElrath
71-33791956122711.006.85104,038.5763,104.35 Avud Family Trust
George L. & LaRee T. Gardner
Melvin H. Gardner Family Trust
William E. and Connie P. Mull
Joshua and Jennifer J. Probst
Rydel M. and Heather L. Reber
Max R. and Irene Richan
John Frank Ryskowski
Robert and Linda A. Vanacore
Leslie Sue Yocum
71-3384195612270.720.26104,039.2963,104.60Amber D. Davis
71-3407195612270.730.26104,040.0263,104.87Kimberly Ellen Jenson
Bruce Layton Reynolds
71-3434195612272.731.62104,042.7563,106.48Karen Mary Holland
71-3456195612272.731.51104,045.4863,107.99Nefertari Salcido-Flores
Anthony R. Saldana
Andres B. Saldana
Andres B. Saldana
71-3457195612273.732.13104,049.2163,110.13Ervin E. and Clara A. Shaw
71-3458195612271.730.89104,050.9463,111.02Frank H. & Trecia M. Owens
71-3477195612272.721.50104,053.6663,112.52Dorcas Holm and Lynda Geisick
71-3480195612271.000.43104,054.6663,112.95Clyde R. and Inez F., Robert Clyde MacElrath
Scott S. and Darlene C. Sorenson
71-35231956122715.009.35104,069.6663,122.30Sidney Vernon Stroud Jr Revocable Trust under agreement dated 4/25/2007
71-3536195612272.721.50104,072.3863,123.81Enrique and Maria A. Villarreal Family Trust
71-3538195612270.720.26104,073.1063,124.06James L. and Patsy C. Graham
71-3539195612271.720.88104,074.8263,124.94Eric and Rosemary Brinkerhoff
71-3549195612272.001.25104,076.8263,126.19Ludovic Homayoun Kaboli
71-3572195612270.720.26104,077.5463,126.45Henry Salcido
71-3573195612270.720.28104,078.2663,126.73Maria Concepcion Acosta
Oscar Martin Ramirez Garcia
71-3581195612271.720.88104,079.9863,127.61 H. Wayne Holt, LC
71-3587195612271.000.62104,080.9863,128.23 Daniel A. Stadtlander Trust
71-3588195612271.000.43104,081.9863,128.67 Daniel A. Stadtlander Trust
71-3615195612274.732.76104,086.7163,131.42Robert and Shirley J. Sulentich
71-3626195612273.001.87104,089.7163,133.29Jean M. Allen
Wendee Flanigan
71-3679195612272.001.10104,091.7163,134.39Robert A. and Shannon Erickson
71-3683195612272.001.25104,093.7163,135.64Quincy E. Fortier
71-3702195612270.000.00104,093.7163,135.64Frank R. Micheli
71-3728195612271.000.62104,094.7163,136.26Von and Becky D. Steward
71-3731195612273.001.68104,097.7163,137.94Angelica Moody
Candido Romero
71-3737195612275.002.97104,102.7163,140.91Anthony Eagar
71-3759195612272.001.11104,104.7163,142.02 NewCastle Water Company
71-4138195612271.000.62104,105.7163,142.64Jeremy A and Stacy J Mallory
71-4149195612271.000.62104,106.7163,143.26Conrad T. & Sharon Snodgrass
71-4169195612272.001.25104,108.7163,144.51 Escalante Valley LLC
71-4256195612271.000.62104,109.7163,145.13G. Craig and Barbara Jones
71-4260195612274.002.49104,113.7163,147.62John and Ruta Stout
71-4283195612274.002.49104,117.7163,150.12 Big Time Developers, LLC
71-4290195612273.001.97104,120.7163,152.09N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
71-4296195612271.000.62104,121.7163,152.71 The Steve F. Carstens Trust
71-4322195612272.001.06104,123.7163,153.77 L & B Farm & Cattle, LP
71-4380195612271.590.99104,125.3063,154.76Richard C. and Stefanie H. Whitelaw
71-4398195612271.000.62104,126.3063,155.38Bret D. Bowler
Kory D. Drake
Three Ks LLC
71-4400195612271.000.43104,127.3063,155.81George Kurt and Ramona Gardner
71-4405195612271.000.24104,128.3063,156.06Alick J. Mackie
Robert & Dorene Mackie
71-4469195612271.000.62104,129.3063,156.68 Newcastle Water Company
71-4518195612272.001.25104,131.3063,157.92 H. Wayne Holt, LC
71-4531195612270.450.28104,131.7563,158.21Anthony W Seeley
71-4562195612272.001.25104,133.7563,159.45Angelica Moody
Patrick Romero
Candido Romero
71-4569195612270.500.12104,134.2563,159.57Edward DeWitt
71-4637195612276.003.74104,140.2563,163.31H. Wayne & Marilyn S. Holt Revocable Trust
71-4778195612271.000.43104,141.2563,163.74Anita R. Ramos
71-4805195612270.500.31104,141.7563,164.06George L. & LaRee T. Gardner
George L. & LaRee T. Gardner
71-4928195612270.720.45104,142.4763,164.50Johnnie DeMoine Fleming
71-4930195612271.000.62104,143.4763,165.13Rayborn S. and Bonnie S. Stokes
71-4943195612270.500.30104,143.9763,165.43Travis Jolley
71-4956195612271.000.62104,144.9763,166.05Kellie Daugherty
71-4957195612270.500.12104,145.4763,166.17Michael Hardman
71-4975195612271.000.62104,146.4763,166.80Troy Richard and Marie Beatty
71-4978195612271.000.62104,147.4763,167.42Jennifer N., Edward E. and Glenda L. Cook
71-4982195612270.500.12104,147.9763,167.54Lance K. and Ginger K. Vause
71-5007195612271.000.62104,148.9763,168.16Trevor A. Gardner and Heidi Gardner
71-5011195612271.000.62104,149.9763,168.79John Haluzak and Kelli Haluzak
71-80219570117169.30105.50104,319.2763,274.28 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-185719570117156.3097.20104,475.5763,371.49Nora L. Clark
Jamie H. & Emma C. Deatherage
Laurie Knowles
Robert t. & Jacqueline J. Mansker
Richard B. Park
William H. Parker
Kathy Roy
Patricia I. Stumpf
The Gagnon Trust
71-2971195701173.252.03104,478.8263,373.51B. G. & Velda Rogers
Bessie Syphus
71-2977195701170.450.09104,479.2763,373.60Mitchell Tyler and Mayra Jones
71-2983195701170.450.09104,479.7263,373.69John Franklin Locke
Florence Helen Locke
Marie Catherine Locke
71-2984195701170.450.09104,480.1763,373.78Leo Alexander De La Torre
71-2991195701170.450.09104,480.6263,373.87Diane M. McCulloch
71-2996195701170.450.09104,481.0763,373.96 Schoal Creek L.C.
71-3071195701170.730.45104,481.8063,374.42Jean M. Allen
71-3098195701170.450.09104,482.2563,374.51Jean M. Allen
71-3102195701170.450.09104,482.7063,374.60Delbert M. McNeely
71-3147195701170.450.09104,483.1563,374.69Dennis J. Bedolla
71-3198195701170.450.09104,483.6063,374.78 H. Wayne Holt, LC
71-3235195701170.450.09104,484.0563,374.87Robert A. & Helen S. Erickson
71-3246195701170.730.45104,484.7863,375.32Bobby G. & Margaret L. Whitehead
71-3543195701171.180.54104,485.9663,375.87Mike I. & Doris V. Winger
71-3544195701170.730.45104,486.6963,376.32Robert and Augustina Guerra
71-3561195701170.730.45104,487.4263,376.78Robert and Augustina P. Guerra
71-4425195701170.730.45104,488.1563,377.23Dennis Bedolla
71-443819570117138.7086.43104,626.8563,463.66 L & B Farm & Cattle, Limited Partnership
71-4865195701178.858.49104,635.7063,472.15 L & B Farm & Cattle, LP
71-2490195702200.960.24104,636.6563,472.38 Charles and Juliette Twitchell Living Trust
71-2043195705210.650.21104,637.3063,472.60Larry D. & Mary K. Wells
71-1881195706141.280.51104,638.5863,473.11 NewCastle Water Company
71-1882195706141.280.51104,639.8563,473.62 NewCastle Water Company
71-2017195709200.450.09104,640.3063,473.71Daniel and Carla Britt
71-2816195710020.310.09104,640.6263,473.80Arlo J. and Ramona C. Hafen
Ramona Hafen Family Protection Trust
71-2010195801200.450.09104,641.0763,473.89 Kerry Holt Farms, LTD
71-2016195802060.450.09104,641.5263,473.98Layne A. Anderson and Linda K. Anderson
71-2013195802270.560.56104,642.0863,474.54Irene Auld
Maxine A. Smith
71-3363195804140.500.50104,642.5863,475.04 USA Forest Service
USA Forest Service
71-1922195804242.422.06104,645.0063,477.10Kerry Holt Farms Ltd.
71-2014195805071.050.65104,646.0563,477.75Craig and Ellen Clark Trust
71-42621958050718.0011.22104,664.0563,488.96Leslie A. Bowers
Craig and Ellen Clark Trust
71-2818195807097.457.09104,671.5063,496.05Richard B. Park
71-2018195808130.590.59104,672.0963,496.64Frank W. and Celestia A. Nichols
71-1909195808148.004.99104,680.0963,501.63Jeffrey S. Adams
71-4472195808142.452.45104,682.5463,504.08Jeffrey S. Adams
71-20191958081639.377.87104,721.9163,511.95 Escalante Valley Coordinating Council
71-376195810011.871.13104,723.7863,513.08William and Konra Minniear
71-2819195810100.730.37104,724.5163,513.45Ann T Terry Living Trust
71-2012195812092.561.45104,727.0763,514.90Ann W. Domingues
Sunray Properties Ltd.
71-1993195904130.450.09104,727.5263,514.99Marlo C. & Sherri S. Reber
71-2020195908141.630.37104,729.1463,515.36Elsa E Gonzales - Castillo
71-2011195910137.806.33104,736.9463,521.69Donald and Theda Bowler
71-1755196001158.455.08104,745.3963,526.76Robert and Suzanne Bang
Kirby Shawn Reber
71-348219600115240.00149.55104,985.3963,676.31 Enterprise Farms LLC
71-4470196001155.003.12104,990.3963,679.43Rick Jones
71-46421960011551.0031.78105,041.3963,711.21 Whitelaw Inc.
71-4962196001150.400.25105,041.7963,711.46 Enterprise Farms LLC
71-1996196008031.851.49105,043.6463,712.95 S & B Farms
71-1971196009223.702.98105,047.3463,715.93Nyal Vernon and Eileen L. Bosshardt
71-1852196012051.180.82105,048.5263,716.75Dori K. Wintle
71-3317196012051.180.82105,049.7063,717.56Kay Jean Mathews
Loren R Webb and Sharee L Webb
71-3483196012052.071.29105,051.7763,718.85 Brown Farms II
71-3484196012051.791.43105,053.5663,720.29 Brown Farms II
71-28281960122072.4014.48105,125.9663,734.77 State of Utah Department of Transportation
71-2829196102160.560.20105,126.5263,734.97Marvin C. Bracken
Mary Ross
71-1840196104047.007.00105,133.5263,741.97Stanley McKnight
71-1892196104047.007.00105,140.5263,748.97Milton Albrecht
71-2860196109060.450.09105,140.9763,749.06Melvin H. and Belva H. Gardner
71-2867196207256.801.70105,147.7763,750.76Robert M. and Mary M. Apple
Alvin Bowes
Silvia M. Bustamante Separate Property Trust
Ellis L. and Darla L. Evans
Vicki C Fillingane
Garry M. and Laurie Goodsell
Edwin J Jordan
Palladon Ventures
Gary E. and Carol I. Richardson
71-4277196207251,522.75948.86106,670.5264,699.62 Western Electrochemical Company
71-4590196207251.000.71106,671.5264,700.34Bruce H. and Judith Lehman
71-4632196207251.000.45106,672.5264,700.79Carlyle G. and Fonda Marie Johnson
71-4640196207251.000.71106,673.5264,701.50Talkad L. and Kathleen M. Pathi
71-4641196207251.000.71106,674.5264,702.21John and Barbara Shipp
71-4643196207251.000.71106,675.5264,702.93Cindy McReynolds
Alfred Pruett
71-4644196207250.450.32106,675.9764,703.25 Gilbert & Gilbert, L.L.C.
71-4646196207250.900.64106,676.8764,703.89Jeffrey A. Keyes
71-4647196207250.450.32106,677.3264,704.21Jeanette MacDaniels
71-4648196207250.450.32106,677.7764,704.53James W. and Dana L. Darrin Campbell
71-4649196207254.503.21106,682.2764,707.74 GMG, LLC
71-46511962072511.007.84106,693.2764,715.57 Zaphiropoulos 1992 Living Trust
71-4653196207251.000.71106,694.2764,716.29Kathy L Banegas and Alexander Banegas
71-4655196207251.000.71106,695.2764,717.00Beverly Robarts
Aaron Santti
71-4656196207252.700.68106,697.9764,717.67Mark. A. Carroll
Gilbert & Gilbert LLC
Dorinda Morgan
71-4671196207254.002.85106,701.9764,720.52Henry S. and Susan Davis
71-4696196207250.650.46106,702.6264,720.99 Jack L. & Anna M. Doyle
71-4717196207251.000.71106,703.6264,721.70 Crag-Jorgensen L.L.C.
71-4889196207253.602.57106,707.2264,724.26 Gilbert & Gilbert LLC
JWT Investments L.C.
Gary S Menaker
Clyde J. and Adam J Pettigrew
71-4893196207252.251.60106,709.4764,725.87Doug T and Jennifer Kerksiek
Bernard Menaker
71-2872196302017.427.42106,716.8964,733.29J. Melvin Bulloch and Glenna D. Bulloch Living Trust
71-2873196302083.533.17106,720.4264,736.46N Robert and Susan Blake Revocable Living Trust
71-2479196303285.775.77106,726.1964,742.23 Richard and Patricia Clark LLC
Robert S. and Donna Jean Clark LLC
71-2475196401170.450.09106,726.6464,742.32 Gold Butte Ranch, Inc.
71-2923196502031.760.95106,728.4064,743.27 McArthur Family Trust
71-2921196502194.204.20106,732.6064,747.47 Escalante Farms Company
71-2929196509030.450.09106,733.0564,747.56 New Horizons, a Federal Contract Trust
71-2932196509160.900.18106,733.9564,747.74Dennis and Alice Faye Burdett
71-29521966031416.1314.61106,750.0864,762.34Fillmore District USA Bureau of Land Management
71-2955196608052.862.86106,752.9464,765.20Steve L. and Cyndi W. Gilbert
Jacklyn Barrick Sawyers
Jody Sawyers Williams
71-3461197902160.000.00106,752.9464,765.20 Castle Valley Greenhouses LLC
71-375719790216180.000.00106,932.9464,765.20 Speranto Real Estate L.L.C.
71-4115197902160.000.00106,932.9464,765.20 Castle Valley Greenhouses LLC
71-366119830624161.450.00107,094.3864,765.20 B & B Leasing LLC
71-3733198506273,619.900.00110,714.2864,765.20 Miller Trust u/t/d March 31 1987
71-3734198506283,619.900.00114,334.1864,765.20 New Castle Development Inc.
71-4237200708157,963.780.00122,297.9664,765.20Gary F. Miller

Total Records: 1849