Administrative Rules

Title R655. Natural Resources, Water Rights.

  1. R655-1.Wells Used for the Discovery and Production of Geothermal Energy in the State of Utah.
  2. R655-3.Reports of Water Rights Conveyance.
  3. R655-4.Water Wells.
  4. R655-5.Maps Submitted to the Division of Water Rights.
  5. R655-6.Administrative Procedures for Informal Proceedings Before the Division of Water Rights.
  6. R655-10.Dam Safety Classifications, Approval Procedures and Independent Reviews.
  7. R655-11.Requirements for the Design, Construction and Abandonment of Dams.
  8. R655-12.Requirements for Operational Dams.
  9. R655-13.Stream Alteration.
  10. R655-14.Administrative Procedures for Enforcement Proceedings Before the Division of Water Rights.
  11. R655-15.Administrative Procedures for Distribution Systems and Water Commissioners.
  12. R655-16.Administrative Procedures for Declaring Beneficial Use Limitations for Supplemental Water Rights.
  13. R655-17.Water Use Data Reporting and Verification.
  14. R655-18.Public Water Supplier 40 Year Water Requirement Plan Standards.