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1. The alleged violator is :
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2. If the alleged violator is other than an individual (Example: irrigation company, mutual water company,
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2.2 Office/Title :
3. Did the alleged violation occur or continue to occur during the past 12 months?
3.1. Yes
3.2. No (If "No," the violation is not likely subject to enforcement action.)
4. The alleged violation arises from:
4.1. a person diverting, impounding or using water for which no water right has been established;
4.2. a person diverting, impounding or using water in violation of an existing water right (Example: water is being taken from a
source or used in a manner; amount, time or place ont authorized by the water rights.);
4.2.1. The alleged violator's water right/application number(s), if known, are:
4.3. Other statute or rule:
4.3.1. Specify the relevant statute or rule allegedly violated: 1 
5. When did the alleged violation first occur? Date: 
6. Is the alleged violation continuing to the present date?
6.1.  Yes
6.2.  No. Ended on date: 
7. Provide a narrative description of the alleged violation including any relevant details and pertinent information not
addressed or identified in the foregoing items. Provide copies of any correspondence, records, pictures, etc., related
to the alleged violation.

Avoid information that will identify you as the referrer, as this will become public information.    
1 The following violations are not subject to an enforcement action under § 73-2-25, but are subject to criminal penalties under § 73-2-27.
Any violation observed under these statutes may be referred to the Attorney General's Office or to the local law enforcement authorities.
  1. Damaging or interfering with control or measuring device(s) being used for distribution of water by the State Engineer or interfering
    with a person authorized by the State Engineer to distribute water (§ 73-1-14)
  2. Obstructing a canal, ditch, pipeline, etc. or right-of-way for the operation and maintenance of same (§ 73-1-15);
  3. Interfering with the lawful and official activities of an authorized employee of the Division of Water Rights (§ 73-2-20);
As a matter of administrative policy, the Division of Water Rights will protect your identity. Item #8 of this referral
form will not be placed on the scanned documents of the Division's Internet website and will be classified
as a "protected record" in accord with the Government Records and Management Act (GRAMA). UTAH CODE
ANN. § 63G-2-305 (9). The information on this page will be released only if required by lawful process.
8. You must provide the following information before the Division of Water Rights will investigate this referral: 
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