Recreational Dredging

Revised: April 1, 2013

To address the interest in low impact prospecting in natural streams for precious metals or gemstones, a committee composed of representatives of state and federal agencies, and a citizenís representative, developed the Recreational Dredging Program. The application form, conditions for approval, and list of streams "OPEN" to these activities allow permit holders to conduct low impact prospecting on "OPEN" streams without having to wait for individual review and approval under the current stream channel permitting process cited above.

Streams or equipment not listed on this application form may be requested by filing a Joint Permit Application Form

Approval by this office of this application does not constitute an easement or right-of-way to trespass across, or work upon property or mining claims belonging to others.

This office does not regulate non-mechanized equipment. Please contact the land management agency or landowner for approval.

In addition to a valid permit and in order to continue this program, prior notification must be given to the land management agency before any work is performed. This includes both the BLM and USFS. Failure to do so is in violation of this permit. Please see application for land management agency contact information.

A new permit is required every year. New applications will be available on or around April 1st of every year.

Map of Streams Open to Recreational Dredging

Online Recreational Dredging Permit Application Form

This permit is reviewed annually and reissued every April. To request other streams opened for future permitting, please send an email to Please include stream name, location (with map if possible), reason for request, and contact information. Requests must be submitted by January 31 in order to be circulated and reviewed by the appropriate agencies for the following year.