Publications at Water Rights


The Division of Water Rights publishes and/or cooperates in the publishing of water related technical publications in the state of Utah. The publications can be viewed online or in some cases can be purchased. Select the "View Publications" button to locate a publication and view it online.


Copies of the publications at water rights can be obtained from the Natural Resources Bookstore. The bookstore is located at:

Records and publications of the Division are inventoried. Some have been transferred to State Archives for retention or disposal. Check the State Archives List of Records for Water Rights for information which may be available there.

In it's century-long existence, the Division of Water Rights has played an important role in managing the use and development of Utah's finite waters. Recently, work to document the history of the Division, its policies, people, and influence was begun. This page will provide documents, reports, and other files related to this ongoing project. Much of the credit must go to Kevin Arthofer, author of the majority of these reports.