Colorado River Water Rights

Summary of water rights perfected before 11/24/1922

  Description Number Depletion List
1 Water Right Applications with Certificate dates Before 11/24/1922 749371,590View
2 Water Rights that are Diligence Rights published in a Proposed Determination or in a Decree with Priority dates Before 11/24/1922 17,300353,394View
3 Ute Settlement (Proposed) 1 105,000  
4 Navajo Settlement (Proposed) 1 81,500  

  Description Number Depletion List
6 Water Rights where further anaylsis is needed to determine if it was perfected before 11/24/1922 but Priority Date is before 11/24/1922 3,099415,211View
7 Grand Total 21,150 1,326,694