1. To begin, enter your application number into the "Water Right, Change, or Exchange Number" field and click the "Get Info" button.
  2. Use the fields below to describe all appurtenant information. (This will be reviewed and may determine the action of the State Engineer regarding your Extension Request.)
  3. Provide a reasonable and serious approximate date when the project will be completed.
  4. To print and mail the form select the "Generate Mail-In Form" button then follow these steps:
    1. Sign the form.
    2. The filing fee for an extension request is $50 if made before 14 years from the Approval Date, and $150 after that. To determine which fee is required, refer to the top of the printed form.
    3. Enclose any additional supporting documentation.
    4. Enclose the appropriate fee (check or money order made out to "Utah Water Rights") with the Extension Request
    5. Mail or hand deliver to the Division of Water Rights, 1594 West North Temple, Suite 220, Salt Lake City, UT 84116.
  5. To submit the extension form online follow these steps:
    1. Fill out all the fields including the Required Fields indicated in red and an asterisk (*)
    2. Supporting documentation may be uploaded, or sent by mail or email, according to the instructions at the bottom of this page.
    3. Select the "File Extension Online" button.
    4. Fill out the Credit Card Information and select the "Submit" button
    5. After the Credit Card transaction is processed you will be able to print documents for your records.
PLEASE NOTE: This form is NOT to be used for title update or address correction.
The Adobe reader is required to print the EXTENSION form. It can be acquired at the following link:
      * Water Right, Change, or Exchange Number:                
* Owner :
* Address :
* Acknowledgement:
I, , assert that, to the best of my knowledge, all information provided herein is true and complete, and that I am the applicant, or
have been granted authority to make this request on behalf of the applicant. I am providing my electronic signature to the included extension application
which is being filed electronically with the Division of Water Rights.
* Applicant or Representative Phone :
* Applicant or Representative Email Address :
* Required
1. Construction completed to date:
2. Work completed since last extension:
3. Reasons why the project has not been completed:
4. Estimated time for completion of project:

Please upload additional documentation (if needed) in PDF format.

You may also send additional documentation by mail to the Salt Lake office (address at bottom of this page), or by email to waterrights@utah.gov.
Additional documentation sent by mail or email must reference the order number that will be given after payment is confirmed.