When an area is undergoing an active adjudication, the State Engineer may petition the district court for an Election Order. An election order allows water right owners, after the developement work has been completed, to file a Statement of Water Userís Claim in lieu of Proof of Appropriation or Proof of Change in areas where General Determination proceedings are pending. Division staff will then accept the responsibility to verify that the elements of the Appropriation or Change application has been completed in accordance with the underlying application and prepare a Water Userís Claim for the water user to sign in conjunction with the Election Form.

Prior to allowing an election to be submitted by a water user, the election will be vetted by the Adjudication Program Manager to ensure that a valid election order is in effect within the respective area.

1. Enter the Water Right, Change, or Exchange Number.
2. Click the button to generate the printable form.
3. Finally, Mail the Form or Bring it to the Division of Water Rights.
The Adobe reader is required to print the Election form. It can be acquired at the following link:
Water Right or Change Number: