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A licensed well driller is authorized to replace an existing well when the owner thereof has received written approval of the State Engineer to do such work.

An existing well may be replaced with a replacement well within a radius of 150 feet from the existing well without the filing of a change application under Section 73-3-3, upon approval first having been obtained from the State Engineer.

Such request for permission to drill a replacement well shall be filed with the State Engineer upon a blank form to be furnished by the State Engineer. No filing fee shall be required for the filing of such a request for permission to drill a replacement well and the State Engineer need give only such notice as, in his judgement, is necessary to protect existing rights and in the event the State Engineer shall determine that it is necessary to publish notice the advertising fee shall be paid in advance by the applicant.

The term "replacement well" as used herein means a new well drilled for the sole purpose of replacing an existing well which is impaired or made useless by structural difficulties and no new right in the use of water accrues. Upon completion of the new well the old well must be abandoned by the applicant in a manner satisfactory to the State Engineer (Section 73-3-28, Utah Code Annotated, 1953.)

Permanent abandonment of a well for the use of these Rules and Regulations means the act of completely filling in said well from the bottom to the top in such a manner and with such materials necessary to prevent the flow of water from within or from without the well casing.

1. Water Right/Change/Exchange Number: Application/Claim Number : Point of Diversion :
2. Owner :
Address :
3. The new well will be
feet North South
feet East West
of the existing well, and will be
inches in diameter
feet deep.
4. The Utah licensed well driller who will perform the work is: (if known)
Name :
5. Explanatory :