Occasionally, a water user chooses to withdraw an application submitted to the State Engineer. To withdraw a document, the applicant must send a letter indicating the desire to withdraw the document from the records of the Division of Water Rights. A letter may be generated using the online form provided below:
INSTRUCTIONS for Sending a Letter. A letter must contain the following four elements:
  1. The date of the communication.
  2. Water Right, Change, Exchange and Application Number to which the action pertains.
  3. A statement which indicates the action the applicant is taking, and an acknowledgement that the applicant recognizes the consequences of the action. For instance, if an application to appropriate is withdrawn it no longer has standing in the State Engineer's records.
  4. Signature and printed name of each applicant who is a party to the application which will be affected.
INSTRUCTIONS for Generating a letter using the form provided below:
  1. Enter the Water Right, Change, or Exchange Number.
  2. Click the button to generate the printable form.
  3. Obtain the necessary signatures from all applicants shown on the form.
  4. Finally, Mail or bring the Form to the Division of Water Rights.
  5. The address of the Division of Water Rights is: Utah Division of Water Rights; 1594 West North Temple, Suite 220; P.O. Box 146300; Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6300
Please be aware that the State Engineer's response will always be in writing to the address of record, so it is important that the address listed on the application under consideration be current. We suggest that you verify the address and update it if necessary before submitting a request.
The Adobe reader is required to print the WITHDRAWAL forms. It can be acquired at the following link:
Water Right, Change, or Exchange Number: