Database Tables Download Page

Revised: October 18, 2005

Database tables can be downloaded from the Division of Water Rights. The tables consist of records which contain one or more fields or columns. The records can be formatted in several ways. Select the method which is appropriate for your application from the options in the download application (tab delimited, comma delimited, or fixed length). Please note tables may be large and contain many records. There is no ability to select specific records, or columns. The user is responsible to process desired information from the table using local resources.

Please be patient. The Division's computing resources are limited and downloading tables may strain system resources. Due to time requirements to generate a table to download your browser connection may time out while you are waiting for a table to be created. If you reselect the link for the table during the same day the download page will appear as soon as the table has been created.

Tables from the following databases are available: