This on-line tool is to be used to submit a protest to an application.
It is not to be used by an applicant to respond to filed protests, nor to file a request for reconsideration on an Order of the State Engineer.
1. Please enter the Water Right, Change, or Exchange number related to your Protest.
2. Click the 'Get Info' button to validate the Water Right, Change, or Exchange number you've entered.
3. You must fill out the form completely. Your name, address, phone number and email address are required in order to submit your Protest online.
4. You must also enter the reason(s) for your Protest in the space provided below.
5. Finally, click the button to 'Continue to Payment'.
    The fee to submit a Protest is $15.00. Once payment is confirmed, your payment receipt, and a Protest letter will be generated, which you may print for your records.
    The Protest letter will then be entered on our files and your Protest will be noted.
    Please note that if the Protest Period has ended for the action in question, this will be considered a Late Protest.
6. This process is NOT Complete until payment is confirmed and the Protest letter is generated.
    Your Protest letter, along with your payment receipt, is your evidence of submitting this Protest online.
The Adobe reader is required to print your Protest letter. It can be acquired at the following link:
Water Right, Change, or Exchange Number (one and only one) * :  
Action to be protested :
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Please state your reasons for protesting the above application

Please upload additional documentation (if needed) in PDF format.

You may also send additional documentation by mail to the Salt Lake office (address at bottom of this page), or by email to
Additional documentation sent by mail or email must reference the order number that will be given after payment is confirmed.

 By checking this box, I am providing my electronic signature to the included
water right protest which is being filed electronically with the Division of Water Rights.