Johnson Canyon Public Meeting

Revised: May 12, 1999

A second meeting for Johnson Canyon Water Users was held on April 28, 1999. The following information from the meeting is available:

 List of people attending the meeting

Chidester Decree original acreage

Johnson Canyon irrigation segregation history

Information from the first meeting (December 9, 1998) and other documents

Slides from Jared Manning's Presentation

  Slide 01 Title Slide

  Slide 02 Purpose/Scope of Meeting

  Slide 03 General Hydrology

  Slide 04 John Canyon Hydrologic Basin

  Slide 05 Water Budget

  Slide 06 Water Budget for Lamb Point

  Slide 07 Water Rights History  and Evaluation

  Slide 08 Water Right Decree

  Slide 09 Chidester Decree Water Rights

  Slide 10 Chidester-to-Bates Water Rights

  Slide 11 Bates Decree

  Slide 12 Adverse Use Water Rights

  Slide 13 Water Rights after 1945

  Slide 14 Unapproved Water Rights

  Slide 15  Land Use Classification

 Slide 16  Summary

 Slide 17 Johnson Canyon Water Supply and Water Rights

 Slide 18  Water Administration Issues in Johnson Canyon