Spring 2015 AWSE Meeting Presentations, June 8-9, 2015

Revised: June 10, 2015

The following presentations were made by attendees at the June 8-9, 2015 AWSE Spring Meeting at the Utah State Capitol building.

  • Real-Time Water Monitoring, Aaron Hunt, Utah
  • Implementation and Use of the Idaho Department of Water Resources Telemetry Networks, Michelle Richman, Stuart Van Greuningen, Idaho
  • Water Use Reporting in Texas, Kathy Alexander, Texas
  • Utah's Water Use Reporting Program, Boyd Clayton, Utah
  • Automating & Systematizing the Generation of Documents Related to Water Rights, Tim Wallin, Oregon
  • Water Use Changes: Montana, Amy Groen, Montana
  • Use of groundwater modeling to support aquifer management and conjunctive administration in Idaho, Jennifer Sukow, Idaho
  • Use of Response Functions to Administer Water Rights, Michael Sullivan, Colorado
  • Cancelation of Unused Surface Water Rights, Mike Thompson, Nevada
  • Utah's Perspective on Forfeiture and Abandonments, Blake Bingham, Utah
  • Surface Water/Groundwater Issues in Nevada, Rick Felling, Kelvin Hickenbottom, Nevada
  • Integrated Water Management Modeling Framework in Nebraska, Mahesh Pun, Nebraska
  • INSIGHT: A Web Based Tool for Quantification of Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction, Tim Freed, Nebraska
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