Water Right Notifications

Revised: July 14, 2005

The Division of Water Rights has statutory responsibility to notify owners of a water right of actions at the mailing address they have provided the Division. It is important water right owners maintain their current mailing address on agency records so these notices can be delivered. An owner can change their address of record either by sending in a written, signed request or electronically by submitting a request from the pulldown menu displayed on detailed water right listings from this website.

State law allows other parties to become involved with decisions on a water right by filing a protest. As a result protestants are also mailed a copy of correspondence relating to a water right decision.

Other individuals have asked that they be included in any correspondence regarding water rights. While the Division understands there may be compelling reasons to follow activity on a water right, there is no provision in current state law which provides resources for Water Rights to deliver such a service to individuals or groups who are not owners or protestants to an application.

Recently, the Division launched a new service which will (using email) automatically provide notification when new documents are placed on a water right file. This service uses data in the Division's electronic database, requires no additional resources for the agency to provide the notice, and is provided at no cost to the public. This new program is a service, not a duty of the agency and is provided on an as is basis. The user accepts all responsibility related to actions arising out of the use of the service. You will find links to the service on the menu to the left of this page.