Active Adjudications

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To file a Water User's Claim, choose a subdivision number below.

Subdivision Name Subdivision Number Map
Navajo Nation Subdivision 09-1 Map
Orem Subdivision 55-3 Map
Lehi Subdivision 55-4 Map
American Fork South Subdivision 55-5 Map
Provo City South Subdivision 55-6 Map
Provo City North Subdivision 55-7 Map
Provo Canyon Subdivision 55-9 Map
Midway Subdivision 55-10 Map
Daniels Creek Subdivision 55-11 Map
Lake Creek Subdivision 55-12 Map
Jordanelle Subdivision 55-13 Map
Francis-Woodland Subdivision 55-14 Map
Upper Provo River Subdivision 55-15 Map
Big Cottonwood Creek Subdivision 57-18 Map
Fort Union Subdivision 57-22 Map
Little Cottonwood Creek Subdivision 57-23 Map
Ash Creek Division 81-3 Map