Snyderville Basin Presentation

September 10 ,1998

Minutes of the meeting and a list of attendees is available. See the links below to view slides presented at the meeting.

Priority Listing By Sub-Basin Handout


Presentation by Bill Schlotthauer

Slide 01 Sub-basin Characteristics

Slide 02 East Canyon Creek Annual Discharge

Slide 03 Surface Water (stream) characteristics

Slide 04 East Canyon Creek Average Natural Hydrograph

Slide 05 Silver Creek Average Natural Hydrograph

Slide 06 Water Cycle Diagram

Slide 07 Alluvium Areal Extent

Slide 08 Alluvium Characteristics

Slide 09 Bedrock Aquifer Characteristics

Slide 10 Water Level Trends

Slide 11 Representative Well Hydrographs

Slide 12 East Canyon Drainage Water Budget

Slide 13 Silver Creek Drainage Water Budget

Slide 14 Water Quality

Slide 15 Summary


Slides from Frank Ashland's (UGS) presentation on basin geology

Slide 01

Slide 02

Slide 03

Slide 04

Slide 05

Slide 06

Slide 07

Slide 08

Slide 09

Slide 10

Slide 11

Slide 12

Slide 13


Presentation by Jerry Olds

Slide 01 Introduction

Slide 02 Existing Policy

Slide 03 Management Plan Objectives

Slide 04 Issues to be considered

Slide 05 Snyderville Subbasin Map

Slide 06 Withdrawl/Depletion Calculation

Slide 07 Snyderville Basin estimated Potential Withdrawl/D epletions

Slide 08 Water Management Issues

Slide 09 East Canyon Creek Flow Duration Curve

Slide 10 Issues Limiting Potential for Groundwater Withdra wls

Slide 11 Diagram of Groundwater Pumping Impacts

Slide 12 Diversion vs Depletion Mcleod Subbasin

Slide 13 Summary